ugg boots cleaner See a physician by teleconference at Station Mall

children ugg See a physician by teleconference at Station Mall


The doctors are in and are seeing patients in the new walk in clinic, which opened its doors in the Station Mall in late 2012.

Since this clinic is a bit different I visited it to find out what was happening in the facility close to the new Wal Mart at the west end of the mall. Everything was the same as I had experienced in past visits to the walk in clinics at the hospital or Group Health Centre. I showed my Ontario Health Card and briefly explained the nature of my problem.

After a short time I met Fawzy Beshara, a graduate of Cairo University medical program in Egypt. He has written the exams to become a doctor in Canada and is waiting to do his residency here.

Fawzy screens patients, examines them and takes a full history just as a resident would do to assist a physician.

The doctor arrived onscreen and the consultation began.

The big difference here is that Dr. Nayyar Razvi was in his office in Toronto and I was still in a clinic in Sault Ste. Marie.

Fawzy remains in the room the entire time and is prepared to offer any assistance required to the patient or the doctor. The Toronto physician appears on a large screen monitor in the consultation room and the patient appears on his monitor. The image and sound were crystal clear. It was akin to a face to face conversation as questions were asked and answered in real time.

Patients who might have any fears of being recorded and showing up as a star on the Web can relax.

The consultation is not recorded and the equipment is purchased,
ugg boots cleaner See a physician by teleconference at Station Mall
installed and serviced by companies selected by the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care so there is no chance that your medical issues will be broadcast around the world.

Had I required a prescription, Razvi would have written one for me and I could have had it filled either at the pharmacy at that clinic; or the pharmacy of my choice.

Telemedicine uses telecommunication and information technology to provide clinical health care at a distance. It helps eliminate distance barriers and improve access to medical services that might not be consistently available in some communities.

It reduces the strain on existing clinics and allows access to a doctor for those who may not have one at this time. Anyone with a valid Ontario Health Card is welcome to use the clinic with a few exclusion criteria because the service is provided via the Ontario Telemedicine Network. They are not set up to treat emergency presentations such as severe chest pain or abdominal pain.

On occasion Fawzy has had an ambulance summoned to transport patients to the Sault Area Hospital for treatment. The clinic does neither suturing nor the removal of sutures and does not give injections. The exception here is the flu shot, which is available at the clinic pharmacy.

Narcotic prescriptions or renewals of prescriptions or renewals of any controlled substance are also not handled at the clinic. Pelvic or genital exams are not done at this site. The clinic also prefers not to treat children under the age of four years.

An added bonus is the fact that since the clinic is in the Station Mall you can check in to the clinic, leave your cell phone number,
ugg boots cleaner See a physician by teleconference at Station Mall
shop in the mall and receive a phone call about 10 minutes before it is your turn to see the doctor. And parking is free of charge.

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ugg australia classic short Security Issues And The Internet

With the age of the personal computer upon us, we must be constantly monitoring the activity of children on the Internet. The World Wide Web is filled with an abundance of unsafe sites that children certainly should not have access to. It is rather unfortunate that many parents simply do not have the knowledge about computers with which to implement proper security systems that restrict the Internet content available for the viewing of young children. In not knowing how to restrict the websites that young children can view, parents can be unintentionally putting their kids in harms way.

There are thousands and thousands of predatory adults lurking around in chat rooms and as such children can easily become entangled with some such adverse character. Laws have actually been established suggesting that a lack of restriction, if done knowingly,
chestnut ugg boots size 5 Security Issues And The Internet
could result in fines and/or imprisonment. Thus not only is it important to understand the potential threats on the internet and know how to combat these threats for your children’s sake, it is equally as important for your sake. Along with the treats posed by chat rooms the Internet contains a plethora of other offensive materials that, under no circumstances, should be approved for viewing by young children.

Restricting the content is actually a relatively simple task to accomplish. Having some background knowledge with computers will certainly make the process a much more efficient one though. Basically there are a number of ways to go about monitoring and restricting the content available on the Internet and the more direct of which involves consulting and manually adjusting the level of security via the internet options accessed through a web browser. There you will be presented with a number of options to choose from and the process is clearly outlined. The alternative method involves consulting the settings inside the main hard disk drive and it follows in much the same manner as the pervious technique.
chestnut ugg boots size 5 Security Issues And The Internet

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ugg boots toddler SECURITY ALERT

‘Phishing’ is the criminally fraudulent process of attempting to acquire sensitive information such as usernames, passwords, social security numbers, bank account or credit card details by masquerading as a trustworthy entity in an electronic communication. Phishing is typically carried out by email and it often directs users to enter sensitive information at a fake web site whose look and feel are almost identical to the legitimate one.After you forward the email to us, delete the message. You will not receive a confirmation email after forwarding the information to us. However, the Census Bureau will investigate the information and notify you of its findings.Mail ScamsContact the United States Postal Inspection ServiceIs your survey legitimate?You may further verify if a collection activity is legitimate by calling your regional census office regarding mail surveys, and our National Processing Center for phone surveys. Other questions may be answered through our Are You In a Survey? page.From the U. S. Census Bureau Fraudulent Activity and ScamsThe Census Bureau uses a workforce of trained federal employees to conduct a variety of household and business surveys by telephone,
how to wash ugg boots SECURITY ALERT
in person interviews, through the mail, and in limited cases through the Internet. We understand your personal information is sensitive, and go to great lengths to protect the data we collect. Although we cannot stop or warn against all bogus or false collections of data.’Phishing’ is the criminally fraudulent process of attempting to acquire sensitive information such as usernames, passwords, social security numbers, bank account or credit card details by masquerading as a trustworthy entity in an electronic communication. Phishing is typically carried out by email and it often directs users to enter sensitive information at a fake web site whose look and feel are almost identical to the legitimate one.
how to wash ugg boots SECURITY ALERT

ugg bags sale uk Secrets of Raystown Lake

genuine ugg slippers Secrets of Raystown Lake

HUNTINGDON, HUNTINGDON COUNTY, Pa. It one of the most well known spots in our state, especially here in Central PA, Raystown Lake.

But before it become the big time tourist attraction that it is today, it went through a transition period, whic hleads to some amazing historical secrets beneath the water currents.

Here on the shores of Raystown Lake, If these frigid/frozen waters could talk right now then they would tell you a rich history that they make up. 8,300 acres, 30 miles of flowing water, accompanied with surrounding mountains and landscapes that make the area one of the most visited places in PA for tourists.

But part of this lake rich history is a little tid bit that some may not even be aware of, and it lies beneath these currents.

Years ago, it was just a regular dam in the Raystown section of the Juniata River in Huntingdon County. Although it still had its visitors, it wasn until the early 70 1974 to be exact, when it officially became what it known as today, Raystown Lake.

Tourism in the area would never be the same.

“The original, the Raystown branch of the Juniata River has been dammed for over a century now,” Executive Director of the Huntingdon County Visitors Bureau Matt Price said. “I think 1909 was the first dam on the Raystown branch. It was a hydroelectric dam.

“Privately owned and when that dam was created a lot of cottage development happened along the river and on the backwater of the dam.”

Price like many others that have come to Raystown before have a deep connection to that past.

“There were I think 3 or 4 marinas on the old dam, including Jim Anchorage and Yokum Boathouse were the two biggest,” he said. “I know my grandparents and my Dad grew up on the old dam, kept a boat at Yoakum Boathouse on the old dam.

“It been a popular tourist destination for more than a century, with that old dam.”

Somebody else who did, was Bob Sipes and his family. He along with his wife Janet raise six kids on the waters of Raystown.

Their cottage home in the area of Finks Bridge was a top destination for their friends and family each summer.

“I remember the old cottage was a lot of fun and also we did a lot of fishing,” Sipes said. “The memories, the water skiing,
ugg bags sale uk Secrets of Raystown Lake
and we used to sit at the dock when we bought the new cottage and we sit at the dock and watch the boats go by, but we did have a lot of fun; we fished a lot.”

Great memories of yesterday fast forward to today.

“Yes, it where the gas lines come down, they come right through the ground,” he said “It was out about, oh, three or 400 feet.”

The Sipes cottage like many folks who vacationed or even lived permanently on that stretch of the hold dam today is no more. When that transition from old dam to new happened in the 60 into the early 70 many of the cottages and permanent residences in the area were flood over and in some parts destroyed as part of that project.

That project was developed and carried out by the Army Corps. of Engineers, initiated (as they stated back then) to help with “flood control and improve water quality and recreation among other things.

Thousands of people, like bob and his family were warned of htis impending “controlled flooding” he said sometime between 1970 and 1971, but it still didn make it any easier at the time.

“Well, there was an ad in the paper, and I kept all the ads in the paper and when they passed it and of course the man that would buy the cottages for the state he would wanna come talk to me, and he come in and of course I walk away, because I didn want to sell,” he said.

If you look out there now, would there be anything left of the old cottage underwater?

“Well, I thought there was, but I understand that they just knocked it down,” Sipes said. “It was a cinder block and I really thought it was left down there, but the way I heard today that it wasn maybe no remnants of the Sipes Family old cottage, but the murky waters of Raystown Lake still do hold some amazing reminders of what once stood in the area.

Take a look at some of this incredible video shot back in 2012, some 160 feet below the lake surface taken by diver Rich Shea, the beams you see, Rich says are part of the Old Hawns Bridge.
ugg bags sale uk Secrets of Raystown Lake

ugg style slippers Secretary of the Department of Corrections discusses problems and possible solutions at Lincoln Hills

deckers ugg boots Secretary of the Department of Corrections discusses problems and possible solutions at Lincoln Hills

WAUSAU Earlier this month an inmate assaulted a teacher at the Lincoln Hills School and Youth Prison. Many youth counselors and teachers have reached out to Newswatch12 to express their concerns about staff safety and well being.

Last Wednesday, Jon Litscher, the Secretary of the Department of Corrections, met with staff in Irma to listen to their concerns. Monday, he spoke to Newswatch12 in Wausau.

Assaults, long hours, and claims of an unsafe work environment made some staff members of Lincoln Hills School and Youth Prison angry at the Department of Corrections and management that oversees the facility.

But Litscher believes that the only way to solve issues facing the prison is to come together.

“What we’re trying to build is a total team effort in dealing with these issues and that is our ultimate goal,” said Litscher.

Litscher says that goal is threefold.

“The ultimate goal is to never have a staff member injured, never have staff feel unsecure, always have the offenders, whether they are youth or adults, provided with the skills, the training, and the support in respect to treatment that’s necessary when they return as a productive member of society,” said Litscher.

That goal, he says, is one management AND staff share.

But recently, the goal hasn’t been met. Retirements, a rapid turnover rate and staff who can’t work because they’re injured means long hours for those who can work.

Working long shifts can create an unsafe environment.

“They say after a 16 hour shift you’re not as alert and the time you came in. So by decreasing the number of hours of work, you provide a more alert work force and they apply their training in a way that is normal because they’re alert and aware,” said Litscher.

Currently, 14% of the positions needed to staff the youth prison are unfilled.

“We know we’re going to always have vacancies. That’s the reality of life. It can go back 20 years from the first time I was present in this job in 1999 that we haven’t had vacancies,” said Litscher.

Litscher said they discussed asking retired counselors to come back or creating overtime opportunities for people other than youth counselors, as well as furthering recruitment efforts to solve the problem.

But more than just staffing issues, employees said that the catalyst of some of these problems was the ACLU injunction.

A federal court injunction requires staff to limit to the use of solitary confinement, pepper spray, and restraint. It came after a number of lawsuits brought against the state by inmates and an FBI investigation into prisoner abuse and child neglect.

Staff at the prison say the injunction makes working at Lincoln Hills dangerous.

“I honestly believe you can implement the rules of that injunction with the proper rules that we have with our training and policy such that they can be implemented that they can have a safe and secure environment with the injunction,” said Litscher.

Litscher stressed that the inmate who attacked teacher Pandora Lobacz earlier this month was in a restrictive housing unit and these incidents don’t necessarily happen throughout the prison.

No matter how much progress will be made in implementing changes that will keep staff AND inmates safe, it will all be just that ” progress.

“All of it is a progress towards improvement. Will you ever get to that final improvement? No. You will never get to that final goal. It is a progress approach,” said Litscher.

Litscher said that after each reported assault, the DOC meets to evaluate what happened, why it happened, and what can be changed to prevent future incidents. Litscher will also meet with the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office at the beginning of November to talk about how they prosecute crimes that happen in the prison.

Roger Mosser wanted to comeback to his hometown to share his story.

Mosser started writing as a child.

He wrote his memoir Bar Talk about his childhood memories at his family’s bar and the stories he heard first hand.

He read passages from his book at the Merrill Historical Society Sunday.

Mosser family has ties to The Hub Inn, formerly Mosser’s Bar in Merrill.

“All of these folks [came] to listen to my poetry. The fact that there are even listening to poetry in this world of everything digital, is pretty interesting and fun for me,” said Mosser.
ugg style slippers Secretary of the Department of Corrections discusses problems and possible solutions at Lincoln Hills

girls ugg slippers Secret Service takes alleged stolen Romney tax records sent to Williamson political groups

classic short chestnut uggs Secret Service takes alleged stolen Romney tax records sent to Williamson political groups

Both the Democratic and Republican party offices in Williamson County received a letter and a flash drive last week allegedly containing the stolen tax records of GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney. Secret Service agents confiscated the drives on Wednesday morning.

An anonymous individual or group claims they have gained “all available 1040 tax forms” of the presidential hopeful by accessing computers in the Franklin office of the professional services firm PricewaterhouseCoopers.

An anonymous posting on a text sharing website states that PwC had been hacked. In the past, the same website has been used by hackers who have claimed to have infiltrated computers from companies like Apple.

The hackers asked for $1 million to prevent the information from being made public or to be given the encryption key to make the documents public.

A representative from The City Paper has seen both the letter and the drive, but GOP officials would not allow them to be photographed. Jean Barwick, the county Republican Party executive director, said that an envelope was found at the front door of their headquarters on main street in Franklin on Friday. The envelope was crudely addressed to Republican officials with the name of the party misspelled.

Williamson County Democratic chairman Peter Burr said that they received a similar manila envelope addressed in blue highlighter ink containing the letter “and a 4 gigabyte cruiser thumb drive.”

“We opened it and found a typewritten sheet of paper. I almost threw it out. The only thing missing was a Nigerian prince,” Burr said referencing the popular Internet scam. “It seems like it’s someone looking for some gullible fool, but who knows?”

The Franklin office of PricewaterhouseCoopers directed all inquiries to the company’s New York offices. A spokesman for PricewaterhouseCoopers said that they were unaware of any breech.

“We are aware of the allegations that have been made regarding improper access to our systems,” a spokesman said.

An excerpt from the hacker letter details the alleged theft of the data:

“Romney’s 1040 tax returns were taken from the PWC office 8/25/2012 by gaining access to the third floor via a gentleman working on the 3rd floor of the building. Once on the 3rd floor, the team moved down the stairs to the 2nd floor and setup shop in an empty office room. During the night, suite 260 was entered, and all available 1040 tax forms for Romney were copied. A package was sent to the PWC on suite 260 with a flash drive containing a copy of the 1040 files, plus copies were sent to the Democratic office in the county and copies were sent to the GOP office in the county at the beginning of the week also containing flash drives with copies of Romney’s tax returns before 2010. A scanned signature image for Mitt Romney from the 1040 forms were scanned and included with the packages, taken from earlier 1040 tax forms gathered and stored on the flash drives.”

Romney’s tax records have been a source of contention throughout the presidential race as he has refused to release older returns which would detail the extent of his investments and foreign accounts.

to against a mind.(how apropos’) or should I say Ken?

One does not have to physically “break into” an office and set up in an empty office on the same floor to make a “copy” these days. Nor does a respectable hacker group even have to leave their basements to attain these imaginary files at PWC Franklin. The news report is straight out of the movie “Clockers” from 1995. Sheesh.

How about saving your breath and try getting yourself educated about scanning, encrypting and flash drives. Only kids use flash drives or even allude to them in something like this.

You guys have been had. Plain and simply.

1) I loved Clockers. “Is that some kind of codebreaker?” “It’s not A codebreaker. It’s THE codebreaker.”

2) We never reported that the person/group actually did it. They claimed they did it, posted it on the internet and sent letters and flash drives. It could all be some sort of elaborate hoax. Or it could be real. It was certainly real enough for the Secret Service to investigate it.

3) Our credibility neither rises nor falls with whether our stories are linked by Drudge. Our traffic may, but Matt Drudge doesn’t determine what is or isn’t good journalism. I’m not sure why you are so dogmatic that you are right. I’m only saying that we need to see how this plays out.

In response to your comments, they are incorrect. As an IT professional for one of the world’s largest banks, I can tell you that it is much easier to retrieve electronic documents from inside a company’s network than it is outside. This is because these networks are protected from outside threats by highly protective firewalls. In order to break into these internal networks, first one must break through the highly secure external firewalls and then maneuver into their internal network. It is much easier to retrieve electronic data with internal security access. This is commonly known by every IT professional in the ’21st century.’

With all due respect, you are the one who needs educating and obviously your agenda and arrogance is causing you to make ignorant statements.

Anyone seen Julian? Where is he when truth is needed? Maybe Equador or still holed up in a embassy? Free Assange if you want truth!!
girls ugg slippers Secret Service takes alleged stolen Romney tax records sent to Williamson political groups
!!! “Ye shall know the truth . . “oh well you conservatives know how it goes. . . .

asos ugg boots Secret Service links recent Oakland raids to multistate counterfeit cash scheme

ugg handbags uk sale Secret Service links recent Oakland raids to multistate counterfeit cash scheme

Secret Service has linked the investigation to a previous case, in which a group of East Bay residents traveled the country spending tens of thousands in counterfeit cash reportedly produced by the same source.

The Secret Service estimates that this operation has flooded California with at least $1.25 million in counterfeit cash in each of the past four years.

Investigators would not release many details in the case including the names of suspects citing an order by a federal judge to keep all records sealed until further notice. Police records from around the Bay Area show that it is typical for counterfeit bills to turn up several times a week, which is enough to keep store owners on their toes.

“It seems to go in spurts, and happily there hasn’t been one lately that has impacted us,” Prima Restaurant general manager Jordana Arey said, adding that workers at the Walnut Creek eatery are trained to identify fake bills. This larger counterfeiting ring, however, was using an offset printing method an actual printing press, which requires more technical skill making the bills harder for clerks to identify.

“This method of printing allows mass production of high quality notes in short periods of time,” Secret Service Special Agent Lori Choquette wrote in a 2012 federal affidavit.

As is typical in counterfeit cases, details on this investigation were not made public until years after the arrests had occurred, thanks to a sealing order by a federal judge.

During the six months that federal agents were investigating this group, they were observed crossing state lines twice, at one point reportedly going to Las Vegas with $5,
asos ugg boots Secret Service links recent Oakland raids to multistate counterfeit cash scheme
000 to $10,000 in counterfeit cash. On another occasion, they traveled to Miami Beach, spending counterfeit $100 bills at various businesses as undercover agents sat nearby, watching.

Link pleaded guilty to conspiracy and three counts of passing counterfeit bills, and Johnson and White each pleaded guilty to a single charge of conspiracy, records show. They were all sentenced to terms in federal prison ranging from 14 to 30 months. Their activity was typical of large scale counterfeit operations, which tend to mirror illegal drug rackets in terms of organization and distribution, according to Secret Service Special Agent David Thomas.

“The counterfeit currency cases work very similarly to drug cases; you have contraband that is made or manufactured and distributed out in a similar fashion to a typical drug case,” Thomas said. “Sometimes what happens if you have a large amount of counterfeit currency. It might get distributed out to several groups of people who are not associated with each other,” even if the contraband is coming from a single source.

But agents were still able to link the bills seized from Link, Johnson and White to this new 2016 case because they keep a massive database of all counterfeit bills that have ever been seized. The Secret Service handles nearly all counterfeit cases, and police departments across the country forward seized counterfeit money to the agency.
asos ugg boots Secret Service links recent Oakland raids to multistate counterfeit cash scheme

ugg sale uk online Second suspect charged in New Year

uggs classic tall Second suspect charged in New Year

NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) A second suspect has been charged in relation to the shooting death of Caroline Hendrix, the Oceanair Elementary School teacher shot and killed in Norfolk on New Year Eve.

Teniqu R. Cushman, of the 1300 block of Waterfront Drive in Virginia Beach, appeared briefly in Norfolk general District Court Wednesday morning, Cushman is charged with one count of conspiracy to commit second degree murder. The judge told Cushman she would have to hire an attorney, because she does not qualify for a public defender.

The suspected gunman in the case,
ugg sale uk online Second suspect charged in New Year
70 year old Edward A. Shaw, was arrested back on Jan. 2. The Sevier, Utah, native is charged with one count of second degree murder and one count of use of a firearm in commission of a felony.

Teniqu R. Cushman. Photo courtesy of Norfolk City Jail. on Dec. 31. During that same incident, police say Shaw was shot by a friend of Hendrix, who was trying to help her.

Hendrix was found inside her vehicle with multiple gunshot wounds and later died at the hospital. 9 that he has no family ties in the area and has no prior criminal record.

Shaw was scheduled to be in court again on Jan. 17, but the court appearance was continued. A new court date has not been set.

Cushman is being held at Norfolk City Jail without bond.

In an unrelated case in Virginia Beach earlier this week,
ugg sale uk online Second suspect charged in New Year
Cushman pleaded not guilty to a misdemeanor charge of carrying a concealed.22 caliber handgun. The judge deferred judgment for 12 months until January 2019.

She declined an interview with 10 On Your Side on Tuesday.

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ugg australia australia Second grand jury declines to indict driver in death of 7 Second grand jury declines to indict driver in death of 7

PONTOTOC, Miss. (WTVA) A second grand jury has declined to indict the driver who struck and killed 7 year old Amiya Braxton as she was getting off her school bus in 2016.

Braxton was hit by the driver vehicle on Oct. 4, 2016, on Old Highway 9 in Pontotoc County. Law enforcement said the passing motorist came from behind the bus and veered down the shoulder instead of going into the opposite lane.

A Pontotoc County grand jury didn indict the driver in September 2017. District Attorney John Weddle says a newly empaneled grand jury met last Wednesday, January 3. The grand jury deliberated and declined to indict the driver.

Weddle says the case was represented due to additional statements received by his office;
ugg australia australia Second grand jury declines to indict driver in death of 7
one of which provided additional material testimony.

is the second grand jury to consider both indictments for both manslaughter and Nathan Law, Weddle stated

Nathan Law requires motorists to stop at least 10 feet from a school bus when loading or offloading children.

Last Wednesday, the Braxton family held a news conference inside the Pontotoc County courthouse stating they had more than 2,600 petition signatures calling for Weddle re present the case to a grand jury again.

such as this are heartbreaking. Our prayers are continually with the Braxton family in the loss of Amiya, Weddle stated. members of the grand juries that considered this case did so carefully with the greatest amount of concern. The correct legal process has been followed and we must respect their decision.
ugg australia australia Second grand jury declines to indict driver in death of 7

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ugg spray Seborrheic Dermatitis

Then the doctor prescribed me with a cream that I needed to use to control it. I found out the size of the tube the cream came in and how much it cost.Needless to say, I was no longer relieved.I could handle treating this condition on a recurring basis.But relying on a doctor’s prescription was something else altogether.If I was going to have the condition, I wanted as much freedom that I could get with it.After concluding how I felt about it I decided to research the subject a little further to find out what Seborrheic Dermatitis was. And to see if there was a way to live with the condition using over the counter medicine.What is Seborrheic Dermatitis exactly?Seborrheic Dermatitis, also known as “facial dandruff”, is said to be a common inherited skin disorder. Found more often in men than in women. It is a chronic occurrence of inflamed skin believed to be caused by the build up of a yeast like organism in the sebaceous glands. The yeast like organism is known as Pityrosporum Ovale.Common symptoms of Seborrheic Dermatitis are redness, itchiness, flaking, greasiness and/or scaliness.The areas that are most commonly affected by Seborrheic Dermatitis are the scalp, eyebrows, eyelids,
ugg boots with buttons Seborrheic Dermatitis
sides of the nose, the flesh behind the ears, mouth region, mid chest area.Other less commonly infected areas are the armpits, breasts, naval, buttocks, and groin.I was only experiencing it on my face.The areas that were affected on my face were: my eyelids, eyebrow region, the sides of my nose,
ugg boots with buttons Seborrheic Dermatitis
and the sides of my mouth.Once I understood the cause of Seborrheic Dermatitis I then dedicated my time to finding an over the counter remedy.It took me hours before I ran across a very valuable website. One that would give me the exact information that I needed.The name of the site was American Family Physician:Treatment of Seborrheic DermatitisHad it not been for this very site I would have never thought to control the inflammation on my face by simply washing my face with dandruff shampoo everyday.It was the missing ingredient that I was looking for.I knew I needed one product to take care of the inflammation and another product to take care of the itchiness and flaking.What I had already been aware of was that hydrocortisone and aloe vera could take care of the itching and flaking.