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Seven months after winning a silver medal at the Sochi Olympics, Kaetlyn Osmond figure skating career hung in the balance.

While training at the West Edmonton Mall Ice Palace in 2014, Osmond crashed and broke her leg. In the heat of the agony at Misericordia Hospital that night, she swore retirement from competitive skating before her 19th birthday.

sounds coming out of me didn even sound human, she recalled of the screaming pain. was in complete shock at the hospital and thought that I was not going to put myself through this anymore. frustration from a series of minor injuries reached a boiling point. The broken leg was the last straw.

was physically, mentally and emotionally a low point, said Ravi Walia, who began coaching Osmond when she moved to Sherwood Park at age 11. didn believe she could come back. the trauma from two surgeries and a year of recovery looming large for Osmond, Walia held out hope that passion could trump fright.

since she was young, she loved to compete. She was so excited to get out there it was unusual. She could not wait until they called her name, Walia said. has always been the perfect blend of an athlete and an artist. first crossover

Still doubtful that she could regain her elite form, Osmond willed her way back onto the ice within seven weeks.

was the biggest thing for me, she said. was scared to be on skates, scared to fall and scared to be on the ice with other people. competitive juices gradually replenished, but the process of healing a broken leg is a massive undertaking for a figure skater with no guarantee of success.

really had to learn how to skate all over again, Walia said. where the love of skating came in. It required a lot of patience. going back to the basics, Osmond aimed to regain her old form and surpass it. Reinforcing foundational skills such as jumping, turning and spinning, strengthened both her technicals and consistency.

Osmond returned to competition one year after the injury in the fall of 2015, but there were setbacks.

She fell five times in one performance at Skate Canada International, and was left off Canada world competition team for the 2015 16 season.

remember being astonished that she continued to push through, figure skating analyst Pj Kwong recalled from the shocking Skate Canada performance. did not opt for easier jumps, saying she would not have been satisfied to just coast. I love that she didn back off, that is what a champion does. her stride

Since fighting her way back onto Team Canada in 2016, Osmond has regained her elite form and carved herself a path to Pyeongchang. Her jumps are once again among the highest and fastest in the world, and recent results prove it.

In the past two seasons, Osmond has claimed gold and silver at the Canadian Championships. gold and silver at Skate Canada and a silver at Worlds.

biggest thing is my maturity, she said of her evolution from 2014. a stronger skater, more elegant and attitude is a big one. The way you portray yourself changes the whole program. Olympic figure skating program begins on Feb. 9, and though Kwong said the competition often has its share of oddballs and surprises, Osmond has a serious shot at the podium.

from being a gifted skater, she has outstanding temperament, she said. came through always is that she like a breath of fresh air who totally loves what she does. When it comes down to ability and gifts, Kaetlyn has them in spades.
uggs on sale uk The long journey back