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12 urged “names of toxic dust victims must be at WTC too.” Why don’t you practice what you preach? Every year on Sept. 11, the Daily News prints every name of the victims who perished in the attack. Kudos for that; please don’t ever stop! But you never publish a list of heroes who gave of themselves so selflessly working on the Pile for weeks and months, and who became sick and died because of it.

Every year I look for my friend’s name, but it is never there. His name was John McNamara. He was an FDNY employee, assigned to Ladder No. 122 in Park Slope, Brooklyn, then a Ladder No. 123 in Crown Heights. I got to know John when we worked together at Federal Express in Park Slope. John left to become a firefighter because he wanted to be of service and help to people. He would still be alive today if he’d stayed at FedEx.

John left behind a beautiful (inside and outside) wife, Jennifer, and a toddler son, Jack, who is growing into a fine man. Too bad John isn’t here to see it; too bad Jack missed out on having a father to help him grow up.

John McNamara should never be forgotten, nor should all the other heroes who gave their lives in the years after the attacks. If the Daily News truly believes that these heroes’ names should also be listed on a memorial at the World Trade Center, then it should no longer ignore them on Sept. 11. Please print all the names of these heroes, as well as those of the victims and heroes who died on that horrible day. 8): This has been bothering me for 16 years. My then 18 year old daughter, a freshman at St. Peters College in Jersey City, watched from their windows as the Twin Towers burned and fell. My daughter and another student, whose mother worked in the towers, and others very early the next morning went over on boats to bring supplies to the very grateful firemen,
cheap ugg boots online free shipping telethons and NYPD lawsuits
police and other first responders working on the Pile. She was there for about six hours covered in dust, and in order to breathe repeatedly removed her white mask, which was also covered in dust. If I had known she was going there I would have told her not to because of what she would see. I told her to throw away the clothes and shoes she wore that day. To this day she has been having medical problems that doctors can’t seem to diagnose. Mr. President: You make it very difficult to continue to respect you. When you call George Stephanopoulos “Little George” that to me is insulting. I am reminded that during your campaign you had a nickname for each of your opponents. Mr. Trump, please try to refrain from the name calling. You are the President; you should not carry yourself at such a low level. I have not heard you call Vladimir Putin little, even though he is not as tall as you are. Geneva Hunter

Wallingford, Conn.: I just found out why No. 45 has such a fascination with the Ku Klux Klan, besides the fact that he needs their votes. In May 1927, 1,000 members of the Klan demonstrated in Queens. There were seven people arrested and their names appeared in an article on the front page of the paper. One of those names was Fred Trump. Sound familiar? Yes, that’s 45’s father. Now Trump has professed many times how much he admired his father. So doesn’t it make sense that if his father told him all about the Klan he would be enamored of them? Trump has denied his father was arrested at a Klan rally but all you have to do to verify his father’s involvement in the incident is to check it out in the Library of Congress. The Library of Congress does not contain fake news! About all those monuments being torn down, I have a suggestion: How about we tear down all the Trump Towers around the world, because they’re just monuments to 45’s ego and they offend me terribly. Barbara Boucher

Brooklyn: This is just a tragedy, end of story, period (“Cop faces suit,” Sept. 18). Mildred Galarza wants this lawsuit to promote a policy change? No, she wants it for free money in her pocket. If you want policy change, then why sue for money? Let me guess this is the only way for them to understand! As for Sanford Rubenstein, this guy would bring a ham sandwich to court if he could get a dollar out of it. He wants all officers to be trained in Tasers even though they don’t use them. Why? Easy: So they also could be named in a lawsuit and be held liable. The City of New York and especially the NYPD are looked at as free money,
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a cash cow. Start backing the police in the streets when they do their job and defending them in the court room when charlatans like Rubenstein bring forth nonsense cases for a payout. These frivolous lawsuits cost all taxpayers. Daniel De Witt

amazon uggs Telephone Pole Fire Leads Authorities to ‘Massive’ Marijuana Grow Operation in Placentia

ugg boots for children Telephone Pole Fire Leads Authorities to ‘Massive’ Marijuana Grow Operation in Placentia

Investigators discovered a large scale marijuana grow operation after responding to a fire in Placentia Sunday afternoon.

Marijuana plants are seen inside an illegal grow operation in Placentia on Oct. 15, 2017.

Fire crews extinguished the blaze, which left area residents temporarily without power.

Southern California Edison employees traced the cause of the fire to a power surge coming from a nearby business.

“When we approached the closed business, we were met with the strong smell of growing marijuana”, Placentia Police Detective Beau Wagoner stated in the news release.

Police found a “massive marijuana grow,
amazon uggs Telephone Pole Fire Leads Authorities to 'Massive' Marijuana Grow Operation in Placentia
” with thousands of plants inside the business, according to the news release.

“Initially we thought it was 2,000 but now we’re up to 3,400,” Sgt. Bryce Angel said. “It’s one of the bigger ones I can remember,
amazon uggs Telephone Pole Fire Leads Authorities to 'Massive' Marijuana Grow Operation in Placentia
and we’ve had quite a few over the years.”

Officials estimate the value of the plants to be worth several millions and stated that marijuana cultivation businesses are not permitted in the City of Placentia.

Investigators are working to determine who ran the operation.

Anyone with information was asked to call the Police Department at 714) 993 8146. Those who wish to remain anonymous can call Orange County Crime Stoppers at 855 TIP OCCS.

purple ugg boots uk Tejashwi taunts Modi over death of 45 soldiers in 30 days

ugg boot sales Tejashwi taunts Modi over death of 45 soldiers in 30 days

Patna, Feb 14 In a jibe at Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Bihar Leader of Opposition and RJD leader Tejashwi Yadav on Wednesday said that demonetisation has “hit terrorism so hard that our 45 brave soldiers were martyred in last 30 days”.

“Modiji ki notebandi ne aatankavad ki aisi kamar todi ki vigat ek maah mein hamare 45 bahadur sainik shahid ho chuke hai (The noteban by Modi has broken the back of terrorism so badly that we lost 45 brave soldiers in just the last 30 days),” Tejashwi Yadav said in a tweet.

Bhagwat, on last Sunday, in Bihar Muzaffarpur district said the army will take six months to fully get ready to fight but the RSS has the capacity to form an army within three days to fight against the enemy on the border.

The Rashtriya Janata Dal leader also attacked JD U supremo and Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar for “neglecting two brave soldiers from Bihar” who were killed in a Kashmir attack.

“Neither were their bodies received by a Minister nor did any Minister attend their last rites,” he said.
purple ugg boots uk Tejashwi taunts Modi over death of 45 soldiers in 30 days

ugg bailey bomber Tehama gunman fired guns with impunity

ugg bags sale Tehama gunman fired guns with impunity

In March, a Tehama County judge ordered Kevin Janson Neal to stay away from neighbors and turn in his firearms.

But that edict, part of a temporary restraining order sought by his neighbor, did not keep Neal away from his weapons. Residents said that in recent months they heard him shooting off guns at his home with impunity.

Then, on Tuesday, he went on a rampage across his rural community of Rancho Tehama, killing 5 people, wounding 10 and shooting up a local elementary school.

Since January, Johnston said, his department had responded to multiple calls from Rancho Tehama residents that Neal was shooting, and one woman told the Times she summoned officers a week ago after hearing screaming, followed by gunfire, from the general vicinity of his house.

The order for Neal to turn in his weapons was automatically entered into the state’s criminal records system to put officers on alert. Proof of service records show a Sheriff’s Department employee delivered the court order to the home of Neal, according to the order. Court records show that he turned in one gun in February and claimed he didn’t own any more.

The Sheriff’s Department had handled a criminal case against Neal involving a neighbor whom he allegedly stabbed in the abdomen in January, and those charges remained pending.

She alleged that Neal harassed her and guests, and she complained of his “use of firearms.”

Without naming her, sheriff’s officials have confirmed that the woman seeking the protective order was among Neal’s first victims.

She gave her address as 6955 Bobcat Lane in Rancho Tehama, and Neal’s as 6970 on the same road.

In her restraining order request, Poland,
ugg bailey bomber Tehama gunman fired guns with impunity
33, said he had “verbally abused every house member (including child) and has assaulted two house members in face, and stabbed another house member.”

She said the harassment occurred “on a daily basis.”

“He attacked me and my mother in law stabbing me with a knife and beating her and myself,” she wrote. In her handwritten complaint, she said he “threatened with a gun and shot gun off, used a knife to stab and hold against will. Shot a gun with intent to scare or harm.”

She described being stabbed with a seven inch knife, “also punched in the face, another house member was punched in face, and thrown down to the ground.”

Daniel Webster, director of the Johns Hopkins Center for Gun Policy and Research, said this week’s rampage underscores the idea that the standards for who can possess guns are only as effective as a jurisdiction’s commitment to enforcing them. A critical next step, Webster said, would have been to get a search warrant.

Court records show Neal also faced multiple felony charges, including accusations of second degree robbery, assault with a deadly weapon, negligent firing of a firearm, battery and false imprisonment by violence.

The criminal complaint alleges that on Jan. 31, he stole property from Poland’s mother in law and assaulted Poland with a knife. No details of the incident are in the court file, but it does contain another protective order that also required Neal to surrender any firearms.

Attorney Leo Barone said he was hired by Neal after his arrest in January. He said he stopped representing Neal a few months back.
ugg bailey bomber Tehama gunman fired guns with impunity

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ugg slippers ebay Teens step in with shoes for kids

Lazaro Alvarado, back right in blue shirt, from John Jay High School, helps elementary students Aries Marsh, Adrian Marsh, and Oscar Cruz Tuesday Dec. 18, 2012 pick out shoes. Jay High School students, who raised about $7,000 for the giveaway, helped students pick out $25 worth of toys and a pair of shoes costing up to $25Lazaro Alvarado, back right in blue shirt, from John Jay High School, helps elementary students Aries Marsh, Adrian Marsh, and Oscar Cruz Tuesday Dec. 18, 2012 pick out shoes. Jay High School students, whomore

Photo: William Luther, San Antonio Express News

Lazaro Alvarado, back left, from John Jay High School, helps elementary students Adrian Marsh, from left, Aries Marsh, and Oscar Cruz, Tuesday Dec. 18, 2012, pick out toys. 18, 2012, pick out toys. Jay High School students, who raisedmore

Photo: William Luther, San Antonio Express News

Lazaro Alvarado, facing camera, from John Jay High School, helps elementary students Oscar Cruz, from left, Adrian Marsh, and Aries Marsh Tuesday Dec. 18, 2012, pick out toys. 18, 2012, pick out toys. Jay High School students, whomore

Photo: William Luther, San Antonio Express News

of the students who raised the money were in their shoes when they were younger, Buchholtz said. now, these elementary school kids may end up following in the older students’ footsteps at Jay, doing the same to pay it forward.

Teachers and students said the charity drive reminds all of the importance of community.

not a person at Jay who doesn’t know about this today, said , 15, a member of the high school’s student council.

helps us remember what the needs are out there, as some of these kids come from single parent homes with limited money, and that many of us take things for granted, he said.

On Tuesday, students flooded the aisles of the stores with enough enthusiastic fervor to rival shoppers on Black Friday.

Regino and other students organized and hauled large black trash bags bulging with the outlines of shoe and toy boxes back to school buses for children to take home.

After their shopping excursion, Mary Hull students Arnulfo and , ages 7 and 10, respectively, sat outside the Big Lots as , 18, a Jay senior, watched them marvel at their purchases.
uk ugg sale Teens step in with shoes for kids

baby uggs Teens in Chardon Township fatal crash identified

buy ugg slippers uk Teens in Chardon Township fatal crash identified

June 6 at Route 44 and Hosford Road in Chardon Township.

An Ohio Highway Patrol news release stated that the westbound, black, 2010 Toyota failed to stop at the intersection and was hit on its passenger side by a white, 2004 Sterling commercial truck driven south along Route 44 by 46 year old Sean Gates, an Erie, Pennsylvania, resident.

The Toyota driver, 17 year old Chardon resident Jackson Condon, suffered critical injuries and was taken from the scene by medical helicopter to MetroHealth Medical Center in Cleveland. The OHP, in its news release,
baby uggs Teens in Chardon Township fatal crash identified
described his injuries as life threatening.

The Toyota passenger 18 year old Middlefield resident Dominic Ricci was taken by rescue squad to TriPoint Medical Center in Concord Township and pronounced dead on arrival, the OHP stated.

First responders, including crews from the Chardon, Hambden Township and Munson Township fire departments, were on scene following the crash, along with Geauga County Sheriff Office deputies, OHP troopers, Ohio Department of Transportation and Ohio Motor Carrier Enforcement personnel.

The OHP news release stated that everyone involved in the crash was wearing a seat belt and that neither alcohol nor drugs appear to factor into the crash, which remains under investigation.

In a statement released on the afternoon of June 6, Chardon Schools officials expressed their sorrow about the tragic incident and informed the community about the availability of grief counselors in its wake.
baby uggs Teens in Chardon Township fatal crash identified

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cheap ugg boots sale uk Teens hurling eggs hit 7

The baby and his 27 year old mother were trick or treating on Nostrand Ave. near Fulton St. on Tuesday when a group of teens started hurling eggs and fruit at them, cops said.One of the eggs hit the infant in his forehead, leaving a small bruise, the mom told police. Outraged, the mom confronted the teens who threw more fruit and eggs.The teens then began throwing punches, striking the baby’s mother in the face as they ran off with her backpack, which contained an iPhone 7 and a pair of shoes, according to police.Diocese of Brooklyn sex abuse claim hotline criticized by lawyerOfficers later apprehended the teens two boys and a girl between 13 and 15, a 16 year old girl and an 18 year old woman cops said. The older teens, Destiny Williams, 18, and Vanaysia Buggs, 16, were charged with robbery, assault and acting in a manner injurious to a child. The younger suspects were charged as juveniles. Their arraignments were pending.About 20 minutes after the that attack,
tall ugg boots on sale Teens hurling eggs hit 7
motorist Keith Richard, 50, plowed his Dodge minivan into 17 year old Christopher Miraba on 23rd St. and Jackson Ave. in Long Island City after accusing Christopher and his friends of hitting him with eggs. “One for one!” Richard allegedly screamed moments before he hopped the sidewalk and began chasing down Christopher’s group.As Richard chased the teens, Christopher split off, witnesses said. “(Richard) made a U turn and ran him over,” said a witness who identified himself as Frank.A man in a “V for Vendetta” mask wielding a baseball bat robbed a German tourist of his camera on Fulton St. in Brownsville. (ARMEND NIMANI/AFP/Getty Images)”Then he backed up and ran him over again. The kid was in real bad shape. He was bleeding from his head and his leg was twisted up real bad.”Brooklyn woman who ran over husband with car will not be chargedChristopher wound up pinned against a traffic stanchion at the southeast corner of Jackson Ave., police sources said. Richard drove about a half block away, abandoned his minivan and was arrested as he made his escape, according to the sources.”There was no denying it was intentional,” Frank said. “This was absolute evil.”Medics took Christopher to Elmhurst Hospital Center, where he is expected to survive but has a series of surgeries ahead of him, doctors told police.Cops charged Richard with reckless endangerment, leaving the scene of an accident, vehicular assault and reckless driving. His arraignment was pending.
tall ugg boots on sale Teens hurling eggs hit 7

pink ugg Teens drawn to new e

jimmy choo uggs Teens drawn to new e

If you have never heard of a Juul, ask a teenager what it is. A Juul is a new e cigarette device that fits in the palm of your hand. In videos all over social media, more teenagers are using this new vaping device at school.

“They can be at home, at school, at any place, plug it in, and no one would know.” said Dr. Mila Vascones Gatski, a substance abuse counselor at Arlington Schools.

Dr. Vascones Gatski said, It has a cool factor kids are attracted to it. It very easy to conceal. It doesn give much of a smell, so parents can detect it.”

Last year, she confiscated one e cigarette in six months. This year, it two per week, and most are Juul.

Like many e cigarettes, nicotine pods for Juul come in a catchy flavors like creme brulee and mango.

One pod is equivalent to smoking about one pack of cigarettes.

Doctor John Spangler, Professor of Family and Community Medicine, Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center, cautions that the long term effects of vaping are not known.

“Since nicotine alters the way the brain develops, we are concerned about adolescents and even young adults, using these products while there brain is still forming,” he explained.

On their website the makers of Juul say they are committed to combating underage use of their product. The company says its goal is to provide adult smokers an alternative to traditional cigarettes.
pink ugg Teens drawn to new e

ugg brown boots Teens boasting of discounted ‘hauls’ boost Plato’s Closet sales

black ugg Teens boasting of discounted ‘hauls’ boost Plato’s Closet sales

The sluggish economy has been good to Plato’s Closet. After all, what teen doesn’t like a $175 pair of super hot jeans for $60? Or a $70 pair of Uggs boots for $10?

The fashion resale chain is opening more stores, expanding others and generally enjoying healthy results as teens and twenty somethings adjust to the economy just like their parents and buy discount clothes, used or not.

Winmark Corp., which also operates the resale shops Once Upon A Child, Music Go Round, and Play It Again Sports, last year opened 52 new Plato’s stores, bringing the grand total to more than 300.

By comparison, Hollister has just more than 500 stores, and their same store sales fell 8 percent in January.

The seven Tampa Bay Plato’s stores are growing volume at more than 10 percent for several years. There’s a new location in Wesley Chapel. And this April, the tiny location on Kennedy Avenue will move to a bigger space in Britton Plaza the hub for discount shopping smack in the middle of an affluent enclave.

How Plato’s will survive as the economy improves and consumers have more money to spend on new clothes is an open question. But Plato’s has one key not so secret tactic: Hire fashion savvy teens to run the stores.

Here’s a FAQ of sorts about the company and its strategies:

A: Most items are about 70 percent off the price at the mall. Some items have steeper discounts, while things like highly fashionable jeans sell for about 50 percent off. Some examples:

A $175 pair of True Religion jeans would cost $60 at Plato’s Closet.

$50 $60 pair of American Eagle jeans would cost $16.

$24 $29 tank top from Hollister would cost $6 $8.

Each location sells about 2,000 items a week on average three times that during back to school and holiday seasons.

Alyna Baker stocked up at the Wesley Chapel location, buying warm clothes before a trip to New York City: A $10 pair of Uggs boots that retail for $70 in the mall, plus a “Totally sweet Cocoa coat for $12 that sells for $50 in the mall.”

Q: How do they pick what to buy?

A: Plato’s hires teens who know fashion. When people come in with bags of clothes to sell, teen buyers can spot a genuine pair of True Religion jeans or Ed Hardy t shirt. A company software program then categorizes each item by brand name, type, color and size and calculates how that kind of item sold recently, producing a dollar figure the store pays the seller.

Plato’s won’t buy anything damaged, dirty or unpopular.

A: Generally about half what they re sell the item for. Teen friends Aubree Linsmeier and Jennifer Petty received more than $20 for some Hollister pants,
ugg brown boots Teens boasting of discounted 'hauls' boost Plato's Closet sales
t shirts and Victoria Secret “Pink” shorts. “We’ll turn around and spend it again here,” Aubree said.

Q: How new is the stuff on the racks?

A: Items must have appeared in national malls within the last 18 months. Even if a $500 leather jacket is in perfect condition, if mall stores stopped selling that specific item 19 months ago, Plato’s won’t buy it.

About one in 20 items still have the store tag on because people received them as gifts, or it’s after the 90 day return window at most mall stores. Sellers must wash or dry clean any item before selling.

Q: How current are the styles?

A: That short time window for accepting merchandise matches the teen mindset, said Laura Hunt, founder and stylist of St. Petersburg based Freeway Fashions.

Teens hawkishly study TV shows like Laguna Beach, The Hills or Glee for new fashions, and make their own home made “haul” videos to show off items they bring home from the store, Hunt said. “Those haul videos are the first thing my two daughters watch when they can,” she said. “And they’ll go to places like Plato’s or thrift stores and find ways to put those together.”

Like their parents, teens now have a realistic attitude about the economy, layoffs and personal budgets, and there’s a new sense of pride in frugality that plays to Plato’s strategy. “It’s almost better for them now to say to their friends ‘Look what I got for $5 instead of $50 at the mall,'” Hunt said.

A: No. Plato’s pays cash for clothes, then sells for their own profit.

Q: The down economy must help, right?

A: Yep. “The franchisees have definitely had a good run, and this economy has helped them out,” said Steve Murphy, president of franchising for parent company Winmark. “A lot more new customers are budget conscious and see value in good, fashionable used clothing. But once we get them in the store,
ugg brown boots Teens boasting of discounted 'hauls' boost Plato's Closet sales
we tend to keep them as customers. They feel smarter.”

uggs australia Teenager who didn’t want to be a dad beats 16

ugg boots online shop Teenager who didn’t want to be a dad beats 16

Teenager who didn’t want to be a dad beats 16 month old daughter into coma on Father’s DayDoctors have admitted little Nylaha Lewis’ chances of survival are low after her dad cracked her skull leaving her with bleeding on the brain

Dale W Eisinger11:17, 20 JUN 2017Updated12:04, 20 JUN 2017Doctors don’t know if Nylaha Lewis will survive the next 24 hours (Image: abc7)

A teenager who didn’t want to be a father beat his 16 month old daughter into a coma on Father’s Day and now doctors say her chances of surviving the next 24 hours are extremely low.

Shaquan Taylor, 18, cracked daughter Nylaha Lewis’ skull and gave her a black eye during the horrific attack.

Little Nylaha has bleeding on the brain, multiple skull fractures and bruising on her face, legs and other parts of her body

The young girl, who is being treated at Maimonides Medical Center, needed a blood transfusion, reports the New York Daily News .

Nylaha’s condition is said to be critical, with doctors unsure whether she will survive the next few days.

The incident occurred on Sunday at Taylor’s home in Coney Island, New York.

Neighbours said they heard the child crying after Taylor claimed she had fallen off the bed while he was watching her.

He then messaged Nylaha’s mother, Tammy Lewis, and told her that there was a problem and she needed to come and pick her daughter up.

When Miss Lewis, 17, arrived she tried to call emergency services but ABC 7 News reported that Taylor beat her too before running out of the apartment.

Taylor hid nearby but was later apprehended by police.

Police charged him early Monday with felony assault and acting in a manner injurious to a child younger than 17. He was also charged with beating Lewis.

Taylor denied beating his daughter, first claiming she fell off the bed, according to the New York Daily News. Then he said she fell off the toilet, but doctors told police the girl’s injuries were not consistent with a fall.

Court caseSchoolboy is ‘beaten by Pakistani men for dating a girl from their family who told him “Don’t mess with our blood”‘The Bengali student was taken prisoner by the Pakistani girl’s uncle, before her father, brother and cousin all joined in the attack, a court heard
uggs australia Teenager who didn't want to be a dad beats 16