bailey uggs Thomas a shock casualty in Classic

over the knee uggs Thomas a shock casualty in Classic

GRANT Thomas may have celebrated his birthday on Friday, but yesterday he was left to drown his sorrows after he was eliminated in his opening heat at the Hayden Winter Longboard Classic at Maroochydore.

The three time event winner was a shock casualty on day one after finishing third in his open nine foot heat behind Luke Potter and Troy Brown.

Josh Berrigan was the most impressive surfer in the open field with a two wave total of 14.7,
bailey uggs Thomas a shock casualty in Classic
while Bowie Pollard and Patrick O also registered heat victories.

The writing may have been on the wall when rocked up to the event wearing a pair of ugg boots and a full length wetsuit.

There were no such problems for Noosa former Australian longboard champion Monique Keane who won her opening heat yesterday.

All eyes will be on the stand up paddleboard semis today when Damien Coulter and his 11 year old son Cody clash in the same heat.

Cody was one of the standouts yesterday and on the back of that performance would fancy his chances of upstaging his old man.

Contest director Ryan Down said while the swell was small, it was surfable with a couple of good sets coming through each heat.

The event will continue today,
bailey uggs Thomas a shock casualty in Classic
with finals set down for tomorrow afternoon.

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