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According to the World Bank, women reinvest on average 90% of their total income directly into their families with visible benefits not only for their children, but also for the wider communities in which they live. Despite being a proven economic accelerator, women around the world continue to experience a number of struggles: from unequal pay to lack of land and property. They are also subject to a number of human rights abuses ranging from female genital mutilation to sexual violence and exploitation.

A Call to Action Ending ‘Sextortion’ in the Digital Age

Throughout the world, those in power extort vulnerable women and girls by demanding sex, rather than money. Sextortion is a pervasive yet under reported form of corruption involving sexual exploitation: judges demanding sex in exchange for visas or favorable custody decisions, landlords threatening to evict tenants unless they have sex with them and supervisors making job security contingent on sex. Today the crime has become digital and cyber sextortion is rapidly on the rise.

This report calls for the recognition of this growing sex crime and for the adoption of appropriate legal measures to combat sextortion in the United States. It provides pathways for prosecutors to use existing statutes to bring perpetrators to justice, and suggests practical amendments to these statutes to ensure that no predator escapes punishment.

Ending Child Marriage in the US, One State at a Time

While most US states set 18 as the minimum age for marriage, exceptions in every jurisdiction exist which allow children younger to wed, typically with parental consent or judicial approval. As a result of such legal loopholes, nearly a quarter of a million children as young as 12 were married in in the US between 2000 and 2010, according to estimates by Unchained At Last, a US non profit dedicated to ending child and forced marriage in the country.

Through a connection by TrustLaw, international law firm White Case developed a set of legal memorandum which provided the backbone for Unchained at Last’s campaign to pass legislation that would ban child marriage in the US.

Tackling acid violence and ensuring justice for survivors

Acid violence is one of the most brutal forms of violence and there are several thousand attacks across the world every year. One of the biggest challenges for NGOs and advocacy groups lobbying for better legal structures to combat acid violence has been the lack of data and information on the efficacy of the laws, the manner in which courts have interpreted the laws and delivered judgments.

This comparative study seeks to address this gap by analysing data from four different jurisdictions in the hope that it will serve as an advocacy tool for any organisation/individual committed to supporting the cause of the victims of acid violence.

Know Your Rights Guide to Street Harassment

Street harassment is one of the most pervasive forms of gender based violence and one of the least legislated. According toresearchby Stop Street Harrassment,80 90% of women have been harassed in public. The streets we walk on every day remain one of the final frontiers in affirming basic civil rights.

This ‘Know Your Rights’ guide identifies relevant laws related to street harassment and outlines the legal recourse available to victims in 36 jurisdictions.

Legal Reform and Compensation for Rape Victims in China

Rape is one of the most common crimes in China, yet under Chinese law, victims are often unable to make a claim for mental suffering resulting from rape. A further loophole in the law has caused many perpetrators to claim that they are guilty of prostitution with an under age girl rather than rape in order to avoid capital punishment.

This report looks at laws and regulations in 8 jurisdictions that provide psychological damage compensation for rape victims and under age prostitutes. The findings have been used to advocate for the reforming of China’s rape law and the reclassification of the crime of ‘sex with under age prostitutes’ into rape.
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