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It hard to imagine a world in which Bo Horvat and Sven Baertschi both being out long term wasn a death sentence.

There was a time when they were the lighthouses in the fog of depression in Vancouver.

Tenderly guiding fans through the swamp of sorrows, occasionally losing a horse here and there, sure, but telling fans that everything would be all right.

They would give you hugs and tell you it wasn your fault, breaking down years of suppression in a single moment.

Yet here we are, Horvat and Baertschi both injured, and people can barely remember who they were at this point, such is the power of Brock

Yeah, yeah, he the guy who fixed my car last week, right? yeah, no, I know that place,
ugg kids uk Thomas Vanek and Sam Gagner
I ate there last week! I gave it a 2 star Yelp review because they didn refill my water. a Brock Boeser world and we just living in it.

Brock latest escapade?

Teaming up with veterans Tommy Gun and Sam Gagner and absolutely crushing the Chicago Blackhawks like they were ringers on a division 12 beer league team.

They were like someone cousins who were in town for the day so they showed up at your hockey game and just slammed the other team, signing in under different names so they could play.

look I don want to be that guy, but that blonde white dude with the stunning smile that got four points doesn look like a Quan Li. for their part, looked like they wanted nothing to do with Brock, Vanek, and Gagner.

Like Jon Jennings stuck between Dan Murphy and Travis Lulay, the Chicago Blackhawks looked like they wanted to be anywhere else but Vancouver.

Sure, Chicago held a distinct edge in puck possession, but they never truly looked dangerous.

They caused the Canucks trouble trying to get the puck out of their zone, but Chicago just couldn do much with their chances.

It was a far cry from the 2011 days, when these two titans would trade blow for blow.

And give credit to Markstrom, he played a solid game. He was particularly good when the Blackhawks got repeated powerplays in the second period.
ugg kids uk Thomas Vanek and Sam Gagner