uggs in sale Three celebrities on how they lost weight

lynnea ugg boots Three celebrities on how they lost weight

Change, it is said, is the only constant. And the same is true of those dancing digits on the weighing scales that alter every now and then. But these changes, especially ones that reflects an increase in weight, becomes extra glaring for those who hog the limelight. For, looking shapely is top priority in the showbiz.

But, let also not forget that stars too are human and are prone to going out of shape. In fact, they have to work extra hard to get into shape.

We turn the spotlight on three such celebs who are familiar faces on TV and radio and have found themselves on the wrong side of the weighing scales, but have bounced back to being fit by adopting a healthy lifestyle.

Get back in shape (It easier than you think!): Sidharth Bhardwaj

Otherwise fit TV star Sidharth Bhardwaj gave in to an erratic lifestyle. But when he decided to pull back, it took some solid determination to get his body back

meant late nights, partying, drinking, bad food and sleep patterns. I love the idea of making everyone dance to my music, but that backfired. I was very unhappy. Sidharth weighed 90 kilos and his height was 5 and when girls started calling him it really hurt. He waited for an acting role to motivate himself to work out, but realised that unless he changed the way he looked, he never be offered a role.

Erratic lifestyle made Sidharth look like this (left), but he fought it all with determination

Light at the end of tunnel

Finally, Salman Khan, with whom Sidharth had done Bigg Boss, reprimanded him. gave up bad company and started refusing DJ ing gigs. Next, he began training. I was unable to do even four or five chin ups, he winces. brain starts to play weird games. It says okay, you done it for so long, you can have one wild night, drink and eat whatever you want

It took Sidharth four months to pull himself together. Today, 15 kilos lighter and all muscle, he feels a feather. I was reading a lot and talking to people about fitness; trying to find new ways of cooking. Eating raw vegetables and soup doesn work. learnt to cook healthy but scrumptious oil free, low salt meals and cut out sweets, aerated drinks, canned juices and alcohol. you can stop yourself from slipping. Though at times I crave butter chicken and pizza! new diet regimen includes lemon in warm water first thing in the morning, followed by black coffee and a banana before heading to the gym. For breakfast, it four or five egg whites with one slice of brown bread and protein shake. Lunch includes fish, brown rice, veggies, greens and mushrooms. For the evening it five or six boiled egg whites. Dinner is a salad called Hercules that includes kale, spinach, broccoli, mushrooms, sun dried tomatoes, tuna and baked fish. Now, Sidharth is ready to shoot a film in November.

Jokes about weight? Not funny!: Bharti Singh

India most famous comedienne Bharti Singh lost 10kgs and the ability to poke fun at her size

Bharti Singh lost 10 kgs and went from being 92kgs to 82kgs (Make up by Vishnu and Nitin; Hair by Noorjehan)

Hopping from one set to another, comedienne Bharti Singh keeps her energy and humour intact. can get tiring standing on stilettoes, I prefer flats, she says, kicking off her heels. The comedienne believes that if she was born fat and has remained that way, then that must be God plan for her.

Blessed to be fat

As a kid, Bharti was ridiculed for her size. Even her mother nagged her to lose weight have to marry, Bharti, she would say. But Bharti biggest problem was that she couldn fit into stylish clothes. XXL readymade dresses hadn hit the market; there were no plus sizes, she says. had to buy men T shirts and jeans. I used to curse God for having made me fat. later, participating in The Great Indian Laughter Challenge, Bharti thanked God for her size. bhi motaape ki baat hoti thi (They spoke about being fat here too). But I won the second position, she says. I joined TV, I started taking digs at myself; that is what people started loving me for. I realised that my fatness was actually God gift, and I better respect that. green

For dance reality TV series Nach Baliye, Bharti rehearsed almost six hours a day. The result: she lost 10 kilos. don want to become sookdi (super slim). I neither go to a gym, nor do I have a dietician. Her Baliye (partner) Harsh gave her good advice. told me to have green tea after every meal. People are commenting that I am losing weight. jokes as a defence mechanism?

I do make jokes about myself like to bhaada bhi double lagata hai (rickshaw fare will be double for me) But I do this only on TV, saamne se koi bolke toh dekhe (no one dare say this to my face). However, today, definition of motapa (fat) has changed from moti (hey fatty) to cute and bubbly!

No diet patterns

She bindaas with her diet. a Punjaban who eats parathas and omelette. I shoot till late and have dinner at 5am. I have lunch at 2pm, that why my health suffers sometimes. prefers homemade food, but will settle for Maggi or bread omelette or Subway. No salads please! need to eat roti, sabzi, dal. She wants to join a gym to stay fit. She recommends a medical check up before taking up a weight loss plan.

How to go from fatso to sex bomb: RJ Malishka

Mumbai RJ Malishka lost 21kgs to emerge from her radio studio and land a role in a movie!

RJ Malishka went down from 76 kgs to the current 55 kgs

When Malishka began her weight loss journey, it was because she wanted to fit into size clothes. And then there was the dance reality contest Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa (2014). love dancing. While rehearsing, I started losing weight. Madhuri Dixit said, don put on weight From 76 kilos, she reduced to 55 kilos. right now I 62, and want to get to 58 kilos. I don want to be skinny.

Her size never bothered her it wasn part of my existence and my job. But I would be lying if I say it wouldn affect me when my mom came after me.

She always hated the gym, and loved food. Now she follows her regimen se not missing her pilates, walking with weights on her ankles and zipping her mouth. cried in the dressing room when I fitted in smaller clothes, she says.
uggs in sale Three celebrities on how they lost weight