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Planning your day with the best costume thing today. If you ask most women today, they will honestly tell you their beauty secrets. They do not believe in dressing or wearing very luxurious or fashionable thing to make them look elegant and decent things. Accessories, bags, shoes, women today are using all have their own characteristics and charm. To talk about boots, the town where we have the best. Snow boots way from the Australian continent throughout the world and quickly get the name and fame. Australian natives of the land has been a favorite boots, now the world’s people ugg bailey button everywhere. Australia to wear these boots a long year ago, they recognized the entire planet. These boots are very durable. They remember that extreme temperatures, some places may stay in a special way design. They

are made out of sheepskin, and for those who need warmth and extreme

temperature comfortable, and offers a variety of types. Popular color is sea green, chestnut,
office ugg slippers Planning your day with the best costume thing today
black and gray.

UGG boot around the world have been feeling. People of any age and profession are increasingly hooked on these from the land down under style of sheepskin boot. Historically, UGG sheepskin boots worn first, from the harsh weather of the shepherd. However,

it believes that these units are made of rubber soled boots fur lining

the forefront of fashion, because of the war pilots at high altitudes,

and the surfers wear these boots to keep their feet warm with snow

boots, warm their feet to the ocean after a cold swim. Admittedly, UGG boot style casual comfort and ultimate review in the style of people around the world hidden passion.

These boots are designed for those with a typical kind of bike, have a look. Steel buckle depicting ugg bailey button fancy stylized look and shape of these boots. They also have cut the skin lining spirit. With the EVA soles, which make up a complete fashion statement. It also has rich oil and metal UGG badge complete with lining. Shades of black and toast provided, it is loved by many people. Approved

and accepted, this shoe has style and comfort of the other shoes in the

market to win the top designers from around the world. This pair of boots on the best part is,
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they quickly grab your attention. Women,

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Curated By Ruth Hegarty Leave a Comment

How can you achieve your goals without a plan? Most people know what they want but have no plan to achieve it except by sheer hard work. Your yearly plan should be reviewed daily and reset as your achievements are met. Successful people make lists constantly. It enables them to stay on top of priorities and remain flexible to changing priorities. This should be done for both personal and business goals.

Problems will sometimes occur. A good plan anticipates potential problems and seeks out solutions. Good time management enables you to measure progress towards your goals because that which you can measure, you can control.

a. Increases conscious and subconscious awareness.

b. You notice more people, resources, information and opportunities that are available to achieve your goal. (Don reinvent the wheel, use the help available to you.)

c. Only written goals tend to be met. Keep track of the steps in your plan with To Do lists, vision statements, etc.

a. Enables brain to visualize goal and start seeing it as real.

b. Rather than will, state goals in the present tense so they pull you forward.

c. What more powerful? will work toward increasing profits or operate with an X% profit POSITIVELY

b. The mind focuses on what you think about.

Using a sports analogy such as golf,
navy ugg boots uk Planning Goal Setting
if you think not going to hit the ball in the water, guess where the ball goes? In the water! It best to picture that hole in one!

KEY: Focus on where you want to go or what you want to do. (Outcome Based Thinking)

a. Clarity attracts. Ambiguous goals produce diluted results.

b. There must be a compelling reason for this goal.

c. Don say, want to be happy or have more money. (If you find a dollar on the ground you suddenly have more money is that what you really want?)

d. Get specific what does more money or happiness look like for you?

a. It human nature to put things off we get comfortable or busy or let fear seep in.

b. Most people work best with a deadline.

c. Give yourself a reasonable timeline.



a. Needs to cause you to stretch, grow and get out of your comfort zone.

b. Must also have some degree of believability. (Don expect to lost 40 lbs in a week.)

Plan your day each morning or the night before and set daily priorities. Review your progress at the end of the day. As a certified Law of Attraction Coach, Ruth teaches women to unleash their powerful creator. She hosts the popular Art of Joyful Living Radio Show. Listen every Tuesday by visiting Art of Joyful Living .

To learn more about Ruth group or one on one coaching programs and to get her free Confidence Building e book for women, please visit her website at Leap of Confidence.
navy ugg boots uk Planning Goal Setting

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1979 was a year to remember. It was when the first ever piece of EU nature legislation was adopted, the Wild Birds Directive. Then came the Habitats Directive in 1992, and together the “Nature Directives” were born, underpinning nature protection in Europe. Cole asked

“What is wrong with the conception of sea areas managed with particular objectives as priorities? . It has long been accepted that the use of land must be planned and its management controlled with human welfare as the dominant interest; why is it so difficult to accept this view when considering the sea?”

Cole worried that human conflicts in the sea were harming marine resources, especially fisheries. At the time, marine spatial planning (MSP) was developing in conservation areas such as the Great Barrier Reef, and he wondered how it could be expanded to include all activities and areas.

MSP was then forgotten for a while, but has just come back with a bang and is being seen as the key to unlock economic growth in Europe, so much so that it now has a Directive of its own (the “”). Why all the sudden interest? Two words: offshore wind. The development of offshore renewable energy in the last 15 years has been a game changer for MSP in Europe. Several EU countries have used MSP to find areas for wind energy, and more recently wave and tidal energy.

This is great news, but it also comes at a time when the Nature Directives are under attack and in danger of being opened and weakened, threatening the way in which protected sites are designated and managed in Europe. Some people have claimed that the Nature Directives are hindering economic “Blue Growth”, a favourite Brussels buzzword. But it’s important to remember that the background for both MSP and the Nature Directives are shared, arising from the need to stop further environmental decline, by protecting the best sites and managing the rest carefully, to help allow marine ecosystems to recover.

This is somewhat of a contradiction to the EU’s vision of using MSP to drive economic growth first and foremost. That is, if properly implemented, both the Nature Directives and MSP can improve environmental quality and investment certainty at the same time. The truth is that the Nature Directives are not a burden to human activity or renewables development. When the UK questioned this in 2012 they discovered “implementation of the Directives is working well, allowing both development of key infrastructure and ensuring that a high level of environmental protection is maintained.” Delays or costs in sustainable development come not from the existence of the Nature Directives, but precisely the opposite! It is because they have not yet been fully implemented in the marine area, even after 36 years in the case of the Birds Directive.

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And you could say the same about MSP. Cole described. In theory at least, MSP can support the Directives in restoring the environment, by reducing the impacts on wildlife that this human conflict causes. By considering the environment when allocating areas for renewables, developers have more certainty that their projects will succeed, while a clear set of protected areas with proper management measures means that activities know exactly what they can and can’t do in these areas.

Evidence is a key tool to unlock this potential. For example, work we have done here at the RSPB is showing how seabirds are interacting with wind farm areas during the breeding season. We know more about interactions between activities and the environment than ever, and we can use this information to be more careful about where activities should or shouldn’t take place.

As we move into a new generation, we must channel the original aims of both MSP and the Nature Directives, to safeguard the ecosystem as a basis to encourage sustainable use. Consideration of the ecosystem does not have to limit development, and can in fact proactively encourage it in the right places.
ugg slippers discount Planning for our seas

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The Studio X Global Network will add a location in Johannesburg, South Africa: Studio X Johannesburg.

Launched in 2008 by the Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation, Studio X is a global network of laboratories for exploring the future of the built environment. With locations in the downtown cores of Amman, Beijing, Istanbul, New York, Mumbai, Rio de Janeiro, Tokyo and now Johannesburg it is the first truly global network for a new kind of conversation about the most urgent issues facing our shared world. Studio X Johannesburg will be its newest node.

“It started as an experiment, with a pilot project in downtown New York City in 2008. Today, the Studio X network spans the globe with eight high impact laboratories, and continues to evolve as the flow of exciting ideas and people between them triggers new conversations and projects.” says Mark Wigley, Dean of GSAPP. “It is an honor to be here to celebrate our dream of the university of the future becoming a reality. With the node in Johannesburg, Studio X is finally complete.” GSAPP faculty and students have been active in South Africa for many years, most recently through the Global Africa Lab [GAL], a research lab that explores the urban topologies of the African continent and its diaspora. With the launch of Studio X Johannesburg, Columbia University will further deepen its longstanding relationship with South Africa and foster new collaborations with partners from across the African continent.

Mpho Matsipa, Director of the Studio X Johannesburg, aims to create a creative public platform that will explore alternative imaginaries of the city, with particular focus on the future of global connection, productive collaboration and exchange. “In the face of the official narratives of apocalyptic urbanization and crisis within African cities” Matsipa says, “Studio X Johannesburg will cultivate encounters amongst researchers, urbanists, theorists, filmmakers, artists, activists, architects and policy makers, to explore and give expression to the creative and emergent urban visions and practices of the future, while also paying careful attention to power asymmetries and the ethics of engagement and exchange within the city and beyond.”

Professor Safwan M. Masri, Executive Vice President for Global Centers and Global Development, and Dean Mark Wigley will lead a delegation from Columbia University consisting of Mario Gooden, co Director Global Africa Lab; Giuseppe Lignano, Adjunct Assistant Professor and co founder of the architectural design studio LOT EK; Malwina Lys Dobradin, Director, Global Network Special Projects; Mokena Makeka, Adjunct Assistant Professor, founder and principal of Makeka Design Lab; Marina Otero, Director, Global Network Programming; Jacqueline Sitterle, Chief of Staff, Office of Global Initiatives, Columbia University; Ada Tolla, Adjunct Assistant Professor and co founder of the architectural design studio LOT EK; Mabel Wilson, Nancy and George E. Rupp Professor at GSAPP, Chair of the Studio X Steering Committee, and co Director Global Africa Lab; among others.
ugg clogs Planning and Preservation to Launch Studio

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NEW YORK Plaids are having a fashion moment as retailers and designers play with the classic pattern. But the apparel and footwear industries are sharing the love: Fresh takes on plaid have made headway in housewares and home decor, too.

great thing about plaid is that you can take it in so many different directions, said Kristen Chalupa, a kitchen and tabletop product manager for Crate Barrel.

Her company went for nostalgia but also took a more modern approach in recent offerings, with updated plaids in table linens and such kitchen items as an oven mitt, pot holder, apron and dishtowel in a matching pattern of bright red, green, yellow and blue.

A wide plaid with a metallic shimmer was on sale there in Christmas wrapping paper, a plaid throw in Christmas red and green was called and Crate Barrel also built a crosshatched plaid into the handcrafted iron wire front of a mid century influenced fireplace screen.

Target went for plaid in a variety of ways, including a limited edition collaboration with sportswear designer Adam Lippes in mostly apparel and accessories, playing on the classic buffalo design. The retailer also offered some unlikely items such as special issue Chapstick sets of three lip balms and plaid decorated bottles of Listerine mouthwash in yellow, green and blue.

has been a defining element of style for every generation, said Amy Goetz, a Target spokeswoman. it across different categories allows our guests to experience that element of surprise as they browse throughout the entire store. classic and contemporary plaids are plentiful throughout the retail universe in couches, curtains and bedding, but also for Christmas tree ornaments, in deer shapes of orange and black on throw pillows, and in non traditional color schemes that include soft pinks.

Ugg Australia sells a calming glacier plaid in soft wool, in blue, white and light tan with fringe at one hem just down from a decorative three button closure.

Pinterest is awash with ways to decorate a home using plaid, including wallpaper in red to anchor a cozy, book filled study, and building a plaid design in contemporary bathroom or kitchen wall tile.

The design need not scream rustic, country or all things Scotland.

Other sightings of creative uses for plaid:

n Isaac Mizrahi: The designer sells on QVC, and recently sold out of a ceramic, pedestal cake plate with a set of matching plates in bold preppy designs of green and blue.

n Tervis: A springy plaid called poppy was used on double wall Fiesta plastic wrap tumblers in two sizes: 16 and 24 ounces. A set of highball glasses at Fitz and Floyd were designed in a contemporary, minimalist take on plaid.

n Ralph Lauren: Plaid is alive and well for apparel and for the home at Ralph Lauren. A red tartan was used for a porcelain cup and saucer set trimmed in gold, along with dinnerware in the same pattern. A rustic plaid of red, black and gray inspired by a vintage Ralph Lauren blanket was carried over to napkins and placemats in woven linen. The company also put a similar vintage inspired plaid in wool on a picture frame.

n Wiliams Sonoma: Tartan was also paired here, but in chrome, for picture frames in red and blue. The traditional plaid also adorns everything from mugs and tabletop runners to pillow covers and a Christmas stocking. One modern take on plaid is a hand woven, hair on cowhide pillow cover in broad red and black stripes against a white background.
ugg clog Plaid enters home decor

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Christmas is less than a week away. There’s still time to get that gift you need delivered to your home before this Sunday. Shipping Deadline FedEx Dec. 25 UPS Dec. 23 USPS Dec. 23 2016 Free Shipping Shipping Deadlines for Major Online Retailers Store Free Shipping Last Day for Christmas Shipping 6pm Over $50 Dec. 22 Abercrombie Fitch Over $50 Dec. 22 Ace Hardware Varies by weight Dec. 21 Adorama Free expedited on select items Dec. 22 Advance Auto Parts Over $75 Dec. 21 Allen Edmonds Free standard Dec. 22 Amazon Over $35 (no minimum for Prime members) Dec. 23 American Girl TBA Dec. 21 American Eagle Outfitters Select items Dec. 21 Apple Store Free two day Dec. 23 Ashley Stewart Over $125 Dec. 19 AT Wireless Free express shipping Dec. 22 Babies R Us Over $19 Dec. 21 Backcountry Over $50 Dec. 23 Banana Republic Over $50 Dec. 22 Barneys New York Free ground Dec. 20 Bealls Over $50 Dec. 16 Bed Bath Beyond Over $29 Dec. 22 Belk Free standard Dec. 22 Best Buy Free standard Dec. 21 Bloomingdale’s Free until Dec 21 Dec. 22 Blue Nile Free FedEx Dec. 23 Bose Free during promotions Dec. 22 Bowflex Home Gyms Select products Varies by product Cabela’s Over $49 Dec. 22 Cole Haan Free ground Dec. 22 Collections Etc. Free on select orders Dec. 20 Columbia Sportswear. Over $75 until Dec. 15 Dec. 20 Costco Select items Check locally Crate and Barrel Over $49 until Dec. 13 Dec. 22 Dell Free standard Dec. 23 Dillard’s TBA Dec. 22 Disney Store TBA Dec 21 eBay Varies by seller Varies by seller Eddie Bauer Over $49 Dec. 21 Express Over $50 Dec. 22 Finish Line Over $50 and select items Dec. 21 Foot Locker Over $75 and select items Dec. 23 Free People free standard Dec. 22 Fry’s Free next day local Dec. 22 GameStop Over $35 Dec. 22 Gander Mountain Free standard Dec. 22 Gap Over $50 Dec. 22 Guess Over $99 Dec. 22 GiftsForYouNow Over $50 Varies by product GiftTree Select items Varies by product A Gift Inside Select items Varies by product Gourmet Gift Baskets Select items Varies by product Guitar Center Over $25 Dec. 22 H Over $40 Dec. 22 Haband Free until Dec. 10 Dec 19 Harbor Freight Tools $6.99 flat rate for most orders Dec. 20 Home Depot Over $45 Dec. 22 (varies by product) IKEA TBA Varies by product and area code JCPenney Over $49 Dec. 22 Jimmy Jazz Over $125 Dec. 21 Kmart Over $49 Dec. 21 Kohl’s Over $50 Dec. 21 Lids Free ground Dec. 22 Lowe’s Over $49 Dec. 22 Macy’s Varies by promotion Dec. 24 Microsoft Store Free standard Dec 22 Neiman Marcus Free standard Dec. 21 Newegg Select items Dec. 22 Nordstrom Free standard Dec. 23 Office Depot OfficeMax Over $35 Dec. 22 Old Navy Over $50 Dec. 22 Omaha Steaks Select items Varies by location OtterBox Free standard Dec. 22 Patagonia Free USPS Dec. 22 Personal Creations Over $49 (varies by promotion) Varies by product Petco Free standard Dec. 21 PetSmart Free standard Dec 21 Pottery Barn Select items Dec. 22 RadioShack Over $19 Dec. 22 REEDS Jewelers Free standard Dec. 22 if in stock and no sizing needed REI Over $50 Dec. 21 Sam’s Club Select items Dec. 21 Samsung Free (varies by promotion) Dec. 21 Sears Over $49 Dec. 22 Shutterfly Over $39 Dec. 18 (varies by product) Stein Mart Over $75 Dec. 22 Target Free standard Dec. 23 The North Face Free three day Dec. 22 Toys R Us Over $19 Dec. 21 UGG Australia Free standard Varies by area code Ulta Over $35 Dec. 20 Verizon Free overnight shipping on devices, free ground on accessories Dec. 23 Victoria’s Secret Over $65 until Dec. 15 Dec. 23 Walmart Over $50 Dec. 21 West Elm Over $49 Dec. 23 Williams Sonoma Free standard until Dec. 21 Dec. 23 World Market Over $100 Dec. 22 (excludes furniture and rugs) Zappos Free standard Dec. 22
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Brunch: It’s what’s for Sunday, whether that means endless cups of coffee in a cozy booth in winter or savoring a summer weekend Sunday Funday style. Friday, Saturday and Sunday. This Back Cove casual dining spot serves up slightly elevated versions of classic brunch dishes, including a brioche French toast with caramelized bananas and toasted pecan butter, a creamy herb scramble with candied bacon, brisket Benedict and pulled pork hash. Saturday and Sunday. Tucked away just off the beaten path, Artemisia is an inviting cafe with its own twist on brunch dishes, including a pesto breakfast sandwich, a California omelet with avocado, kielbasa hash and French toast coated with cinnamon graham crust. Just off the peninsula, this Cajun food haven serves gumbo, red beans and rice and a host of omelets, including The Mudbug Madness (crawfish, cheddar and homemade salsa). daily. The cafe formerly known as Bintliff’s, where locals go for omelets and benedicts, but also for dark chocolate waffles and seafood bisque. Saturday. This neighborhood bistro serves a classic breakfast plate, homemade biscuits and brunch cocktails, including a blood orange mimosa. Saturday and Sunday. The menu features hearty egg dishes, sandwiches and pub fare that pairs well with beer or with $3 Bloody Marys. Catch the Irish music sessions on Sundays. Sunday and Monday. Go for the signature “bread and butter,” an elevated salmon bagel sandwich, the breakfast burger with kimchi and miso mayo or the crudo that helped land chef Chris Gould’s restaurant a spot on Bon Appetit magazine’s list of the 10 Best New Restaurants in America 2014. The ever changing menu also includes sweet stuff, such as a Boston cream doughnut and a cinnamon roll. Saturday and Sunday. Harding Lee Smith’s Italian restaurant offers an “abbondanza” of options at brunch, from fried to order donuts and Italian French toast to pizza, pasta and paninis. Sunday. This 60s style supperclub is known for martinis and Sinatra tunes, but it’s brunch menu also pays tribute to old school classics. Pair bananas Foster waffles, lobster thermidor benedict or a grilled meatloaf sandwich with a souped up bloody Mary garnished with sweet and spicy meatballs and a sour pickle. Saturday and Sunday. Dutch’s serves breakfast every day, but on the weekends, it runs into lunchtime and they call it brunch. Sandwich selections range from The Double Down, a classic meat, egg and cheese combo but with twice as much of it, to the Spicy Chicken Biscuit, with comes with avocado mash. There’s ham and cheesy grits, a breakfast burrito and plenty of pastries for the choosing. Sunday. Brunch menu includes duck confit hash, a ham and cheese sticky bun, a bevy of house cocktails and a daily doughnut.

Staff photo by Derek DavisEventide Oyster Co. Sunday and Monday. Restaurant folks can also take advantage of a changing menu that always includes oysters, chowder, crudo and its signature brown butter lobster roll.
ugg slippers size 4 places to eat it in Portland

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ugg australia cheap Pittsfield Breaking News

Saturday February 25, 2012 NEW YORK A two point gain was enough to push the S 500 index to its highest level since June 2008, three months before the collapse of Lehman Brothers and the darkest days of the financial crisis.

The S 500 index closed at 1,365.74, beating its 2011 closing high by two points.

For the second day this week, the Dow Jones industrial average nudged above 13,000 then pulled back. It rose 29 points in the morning but wavered in the afternoon. The Dow dropped 1.74 points to close at 12,982.95. American Express was the leading stock among the 30 that make up the average, gaining 1.2 percent.

It was a similar story on Tuesday, when the Dow flitted above 13,000 three times but ended the day lower. The average hasn closed above 13,000 since May 19, 2008.

What will it take for the Dow to close above 13,000 and stay there? Mark Lamkin, CEO of Lamkin Wealth Management in Louisville, Ky., said it would require a surprising news event, like a huge merger or an economic report that blows past expectations.

“It needs some type of surprise, a bombshell,” Lamkin said. “We had a pretty good run over the past four months. Now it going to take something great to keep it above 13,
bailey button chestnut uggs Pittsfield Breaking News

The two economic reports out Friday didn make the cut.

A consumer sentiment index taken by the University of Michigan and Reuters edged up in February to its highest level in a year. And the Commerce Department reported that sales of new homes dipped slightly in January, but the figure still topped economists estimates. It also said sales in the final three months of 2011 were higher than previously reported.

“The numbers are just OK,” Lamkin said. “They weren bad, but they weren great, either.”

In other trading, the Nasdaq composite index rose 6.77 points to 2,963.75.

Oil prices hit a nine month high of $109.77 a barrel.

The euro added a penny against the dollar, hitting $1.346, its highest since Dec. 5. Greece made a formal offer to creditors to swap their Greek government bonds for new ones, another step toward knocking $142 billion off its debts. The swap is part of a deal to prevent Greece from defaulting on a debt payment due next month.

Stock indexes have been climbing since November as European officials redoubled their efforts to contain the region debt crisis and the European Central Bank extended cheap loans to troubled banks. The S 500 index has gained 8.6 percent to start 2012, better than its long term annual average gain.

In contrast to the volatile trading of late last year, the market gains have been small but steady. To Lamkin, the lack of large swings looks ominous. The world is still full of dangers, he said. Lamkin tells his clients that the top risks are another flare up in the European debt crisis and a war between Israel and Iran.

“When the next big thing happens, and it will, you going to see a pullback,” he said. “I think we due.”

Among stocks making big moves:

n Sprint Nextel Corp. lost 2 percent. The country largest cable company, Comcast, filed a suit against Sprint Nextel, alleging that it was violating Comcast patents.

n Gap fell 4 percent. The clothing retailer reported a 40 percent plunge in quarterly profit after the market closed Thursday. Gap said higher costs and deep discounts weighed on its revenue.

n Deckers Outdoor Corp. sank 14 percent after the maker of Ugg boots and Teva footwear said higher costs will lead to lower profits for the quarter and full year.

n Kenneth Cole Production Inc. soared 18 percent to $15.49 on news that Kenneth Cole is offering to buy the rest of the company. Cole currently holds about 47 percent of the company and has offered would give stockholders $15 per share,
bailey button chestnut uggs Pittsfield Breaking News
a 15 percent premium to the company Thursday closing price.

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NHL, the NHL Shield, the word mark and image of the Stanley Cup, Center Ice name and logo, NHL Conference logos and NHL Winter Classic name are registered trademarks and Vintage Hockey word mark and logo, Live Every Shift, Hot Off the Ice, Game On, The Game Lives Where You Do, NHL Power Play, NHL Winter Classic logo, NHL Heritage Classic name and logo, NHL Stadium Series name and logo, NHL All Star Game logo, NHL Face Off name and logo, NHL GameCenter, NHL GameCenter LIVE, NHL Network name and logo, NHL Mobile name and logo,
ugg baby shoes Pittsburgh Penguins Rain Boots
NHL Radio, NHL Awards name and logo, NHL Draft name and logo, Hockey Fights Cancer, Because It’s The Cup, The Biggest Assist Happens Off The Ice, NHL Green name and logo, NHL All Access Vancouver name and logo, NHL Auctions, NHL Ice Time, Ice Time Any Time, Ice Tracker, NHL Vault, Hockey Is For Everyone, and Questions Will Become Answers are trademarks of the National Hockey League. NHL 2018. All NHL team jerseys customized with NHL players’ names and numbers are officially licensed by the NHL and the NHLPA. Use coupon code ITPAYS. Discount cannot be combined with any other coupon, group offer, discount or sale. Not valid on prior purchases of gift cards. Offer may be terminated at any time. The Zamboni word mark and configuration of the Zamboni ice resurfacing machine are registered trademarks of Frank J. Zamboni Co., Inc. Frank J. Zamboni Co., Inc. 2018.
ugg baby shoes Pittsburgh Penguins Rain Boots

uggs bailey Pitch Perfect star talks ice cream

chocolate brown ugg boots Pitch Perfect star talks ice cream

You’ll recognize John Michael Higgins as Chuck Pierce in NBC’s Good News, the misogynistic announcer in the Pitch Perfect saga, Scott Donlan in Best in Show and countless roles in other movies and TV shows.

Higgins (who is hilarious by the way) stopped by the WRAL TV studios during a quick Raleigh visit to talk with us about ice cream, his kids and what he would do if he wasn’t an actor. Was he joking or being serious? We don’t really know, but here’s what he had to say.

JMH: I am a devoted mint chip [ice cream] person. Ice cream is a staple in my diet. Actually, it’s my whole diet at this point. I have ice cream every day, and when I walked into this building the first thing I did was meet some nice people and shake their hands and then I looked to see where the free ice cream may or may not be. I am always looking for free ice cream.

WRAL: We just heard a question for Nick Saban, the University of Alabama coach who just won the national championship, about his favorite PB combination, which is either grape and strawberry. He likes both he wouldn’t pick a jelly.

JMH: He wouldn’t pick a jelly!? What kind of a man is he that he won’t pick a jelly? I would like to say marmalade [would be my favorite] because it’s a little more adult. Then there’s the whole jelly versus jam thing. I think jelly is usually for someone who is under 12, and then there’s jam, which is jelly for people over 12. I prefer strawberry, because I have to make a PB every morning for my son. I always eat the first one I make.

JMH: Yes, an actor’s life is a good one for that, because you find yourself with surprising amounts of time during the day. When I am shooting a show or something, those hours can be kind of brutal. I look forward to the weekend [just like everyone].

WRAL: I bet your son loves video games. Are you gaming with him?

JMH: No, I am very bad at it. But his games look like movies you can be fooled for a second that [the illustrations] are real actors. This is important, because I am a real actor, and I am about to be replaced by non real actors. It’s really going to happen tomorrow. I am going to be replaced by fake actors, which is such a redundancy. They are as good as me, they have no pores and they never have a bad day.

JMH: I know, I know, they cast me for that reason. I am credible as a news anchor and I don’t know why. My character was once described on “Great News” as an empty suit with B+ hair, and I feel like, to some extent, that describes me when I put on a suit. I think my hair is almost an A , it’s not bad for a guy for my age. I am 114 today.

By the way, anchors don’t wear pants below the news desk. You aren’t getting a lot down there if anything at all. Maybe some Uggs. I certainly do that on our set on Great News. I’m always half naked. Remember it next time you watch.

WRAL: We are learning so much about you.

JMH: One of these facts will be true, I haven’t decided which one yet.

WRAL: Tell us about what’s happening on Great News.

JMH: We have a few shows left on this season, Tina Fey, our executive producer, will show up in these next three episodes, and my guy, Chuck Pierce, gets into tremendous amounts of trouble. Strangely, the cast had a hard time getting through this scene where Chuck learns that he fired. It’s strange if you do these characters enough you kind of get to know them. They become in a funny way more than the actors playing them. Chuck Pierce is very real to us on the set as are all the other characters. When he loses his job, the writing is really funny, but everyone at lunch said it made them very sad. You’re surprised to find yourself attached to him because he is such a goofball.
uggs bailey Pitch Perfect star talks ice cream