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For the first time in more than a decade the American Heart Association is changing the guidelines for high blood pressure. adults may be at a higher risk for heart disease and stroke.

Tens of millions more Americans will soon be learning they have hypertension. The American Heart Association and American College of Cardiology are now defining a top reading of 130 or more, or a bottom reading of 80 or more, as high blood pressure. The old definition of high was 140 over 90.

of them just need to know they are at high risk, but they can manage that problem on their own,” said Dr.

Under the new guidelines,120 or less is still normal blood pressure, but up to 129 is considered elevated and at 130 begin different stages of high blood pressure,
ugg boots toddler New blood pressure guidelines
and an increasing risk of heart attack and stroke.

Although 14 percent more people will be diagnosed with high blood pressure, only a small portion will take home prescriptions.

Dr. Whelton explained, “preventing getting hypertension is much better than treating hypertension. It good to treat it when it there, but it is way better to prevent it.”

This change is expected to have the biggest impact on men and women under 45. Doctors say that age group would have to exercise more, have a better diet, particularly one low in sodium, restrict alcohol intake and lower stress.
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She has earlier worked with Y New York.

Rediffusion Y has appointed Ulka Chauhan as vice president, new business development and strategic planning. She has worked on various brands such as Burger King, AT Colgate Palmolive, and Sony. She also set up Dekraal Country Lodge, a boutique hotel in the Winelands of Stellenbosch, South Africa. Recently, Chauhan developed and managed Vanilla Kids, an online shop retailing clothing and accessories for kids, in Zurich.

She is a qualified associate in Applied Science, Advertising and Marketing Communications from the Fashion Institute of Technology, New York.

Commenting on her appointment, Wadia, says, “With over 15 years of experience, (Ulka) Chauhan brings the right mix of talent, experience, and enthusiasm we seek to inject into our talent pool. She will bring further positive changes to our think tank.”

Chauhan, who is quite upbeat about her appointment, says, “What I liked most about working at Y New York was the dynamic work environment. The Mumbai office is equally abuzz and I look forward to the exciting times ahead with (Dhunji) Wadia and the team.”
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Anyone who owns a boat would need to start paying insurance for it if a certain bill at the state capitol becomes law.”It’s very important, I mean if something should occur, and accidents can occur, vessels sink, and we wouldn’t want to be liable for that,” said boat over, Robert Scheetz.Another boat owner, Clarence Booth adds, “It happens from time to time, and it should be just like your car, you have insurance.”The boat owners we spoke with each have plans that give them at least half a million dollars in coverage when you dock at state harbors, it’s a requirement.”Many boat owners who have their boats on their racks, or they park them on the streets, or at their storage facilities, they may not have insurance,” said Senator Will Espero.Espero is sponsoring a bill that would require all boat owners to get covered, no matter where they store their vessel.”You can get super coverage on your vehicle or you can get minimal coverage and I’m hoping it will be the same with boats as well,” Espero adds.The bill passed Ways and Means and the Committee on Water and Land Friday.According to the legislation, the state has spent more than $2,000,000 to address grounded and abandoned vessels over the past 15 years.The boat owners we spoke with said they don’t think the state should foot the bill for uninsured boats.While some hope the bill stays alive, others want it dead.Those who oppose paying for insurance on their boats say it’s unfair to Mandate such coverage especially on smaller motorboats. Some believe the bill targets Lower income families.Meanwhile the Department of Land and Natural Resources strongly supports the measure.A school wide evacuation at Highlands Intermediate kept students locked in classrooms for nearly three hours Tuesday after police said faculty discovered two suspicious suitcases near the campus library.Tuesday Evening ForecastTuesday Evening ForecastK 9 Veterans Day at Schofield Barracks Pt. 3K 9 Veterans Day at Schofield Barracks Pt. 3Today is National K 9 Veterans Day.Today is National K 9 Veterans Day.K 9 Veterans Day at Schofield Barracks Pt. 2K 9 Veterans Day at Schofield Barracks Pt. 2Today is National K 9 Veterans Day.Today is National K 9 Veterans Day.K 9 Veterans Day at Schofield Barracks Pt. 1K 9 Veterans Day at Schofield Barracks Pt. 1Island News Reporter Mackenzie Stasko stopped by the 520th Military Working Dog Detachment at Schofield Barracks for National K 9 Veterans Day.Island News Reporter Mackenzie Stasko stopped by the 520th Military Working Dog Detachment at Schofield Barracks for National K 9 Veterans Day.Rescue dog turned therapy dogRescue dog turned therapy dogMorning Shakas to a therapy dog who was rescued just two years ago.
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Australian F 18 fighter jets destined for 4 Wing Cold Lake to supplement Canada aging CF 18 fighter fleet will require upgrades to their ejection seats and external aircraft lighting before they can take to the skies with the Royal Canadian Air Force.

Additionally the 18 Hornets, which first entered service in Australia in the late 1980s, will undergo aircraft structure modifications to address known fatigue issues similar to a program that was implemented to remedy similar issues with the CF 18s.

Canada CF 18 numbers have dropped by more than half to 76 aircraft from a peak of 138 but the Liberal government in June last year announced plans to buy 88 new fighter aircraft in a project that could cost as much as $19 billion.

Two Royal Australian Air Force FA 18 Hornets.

The Australian jets are required as a stop gap measure because of the timing between receiving the new planes and retirement of the older planes.

The CF 18s have most recently been used as part of Operation Reassurance in eastern Europe. They were also deployed as part of the Middle East Stabilization Force in Iraq and Syria where they conducted 1,378 sorties and were involved in 251 airstrikes on ISIL targets.

aircraft will be retired when either their safe structural life has expired or they are no longer required given the delivery of the permanent fleet,
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said Department of National Defence spokesperson Jessica Lamirande.

is anticipated that the supplemental aircraft will be in service for several years, sufficient to ensure the capability gap is filled until the transition to the permanent CF 18 replacement that commences in the second half of the 2020s is complete.

Postmedia has previously reported that the CF 18s had been scheduled to be removed from service around 2025 but that timeline has been extended to 2032.

As negotiation between Australian and Canadian governments are ongoing, exact details of the deal and how much it will cost to modify the Hornets have yet to be finalized, she said.

Defence officials are still reviewing infrastructure and personnel requirements required to accommodate additional aircraft to Canada busiest fighter base in northern Alberta,
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Lamirande said.

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facebook twitter google+ emailAudi Sport’s SUV offensive is to gather pace with the RS Q8 due to challenge the BMW X6 M at the 100,000 price point. Audi Sport, the division responsible for the Audi’s hot RS models, is planning to grow its range further beyond the familiar sports cars, saloons and coupes with an expanded line up of RS SUVs. Heading the range will the RS Q8, a flagship performance version of the Q8 luxury SUV priced around the 100,000 mark.Audi Sport boss Stephan Winkelmann told Auto Express: “Today we have a product line up which we are working on which will be expanded in more prestige segments and bodystyles which are sellable around the world, SUVs.” Best SUVs to buy nowHe wouldn’t confirm which models are on the way, but suggested that a version of the new Q8 range topper, seen in our exclusive image, is the first model we’ll see. “The Q7 is now in a phase of its lifecycle which, in my opinion, to be profitable is too late to step in,” said Winkelmann. “But a lot of markets are demanding bigger cars.”The Audi Q8 Sport Concept displayed at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show hinted at what the car will be like, combining high performance with top of the line luxury for Audi’s wealthiest customers. It will feature the same platform as the upcoming Lamborghini Urus, and possibly the same turbo V8. It’s sure to use petrol power, in any case, as Winkelman added: “Diesel is not compatible with a world car; there are countries where you cannot sell the diesel.
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ugg baby slippers New Amherstburg high school to be built in Centennial Park

With General Amherst at the centre of the town for more than a century, there was some symmetry in Amherstburg council decision Monday to sell a portion of Centennial Park for the site of a new high school to replace it.

The new 819 student public school will be an amalgamation of General Amherst and Western secondary schools. The $24.3 million facility is scheduled to be open for September 2020.

Greater Essex County District School Board trustees last week approved the $2.4 million purchase of the required 15 acres of the park total 27 acres of land. Western and General Amherst will be declared surplus to the board needs.

great news for the town, said Amherstburg Mayor Aldo DiCarlo. about as central as it can get in the town.

have significant population growth with seniors coming to the town, but you want a mix, and to attract younger families you need schools. said the deal wasn a land swap involving the current site of General Amherst, but he declined to reveal the value of the sale. The other potential site considered was the Libro Centre.

The footprint of the school will be located at Centennial Park southern end where the tennis courts, a ball diamond, batting cage and outdoor pool are now located. A portion of the football field will also be used.

tennis courts and ball diamond and any other recreational activities affected will be relocated to the Libro Centre, DiCarlo said.

The next step for the board is the design phase, which will take 12 months. Construction should begin in about a year from now. Thompson Architects Ltd. has been chosen to lead the project.

One of the factors swaying the board decision to opt for Centennial Park was the location, offering many students the opportunity to still walk to school.

central location was a big factor in choosing this site, said Erin Kelly, the public board director of education.

a nice piece of property with a proximity to downtown. We have about the same number students bussed as we do now (280 pupils).

would had to bus a substantial number more to the other site. That another cost. added that the board had done extensive consultations with the municipality and surveyed residents about what they wanted to see in the school.

excited because it the location that was preferred, Kelly said. listened to the community input.

was a real pleasure to work with the town to make this happen. is particularly pleased that the vocational concept used at Western will be folded into the new school for those students.

a high school is excellent but adding new students from Western is like hitting the jackpot, DiCarlo said.

an absolute draw for the town. I know families have moved here because their kids are going to go to Western. LeClair, vice chair of the board of trustees, said the board can now design the programming the community would like to see in the school.

going to try as much as we can to maintain the programming and educational supports already at Western, LeClair said.

looking at machine shop, cosmetology, automotive, wood shop I like to see robotics if that possible.

think it going to result in enhanced opportunities for both Western and General Amherst students. said the new high school will be the anchor in a community hub concept the town envisions around Centennial Park.

Town officials are currently negotiating to buy neighbouring St. Bernard Catholic elementary school from the Windsor Essex Catholic School Board for use as a community centre.

want to add programming for our growing seniors population, and one of the things we like to do is integrate the young and the old, DiCarlo said. think this location can benefit everyone. for what the future holds for the current General Amherst site, DiCarlo said not much talk has taken place on that topic among town officials.

A baseball diamond at Amherstburg’s Centennial Park, more than half of which town council Monday night approved selling to the public school board for a new high school.
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“The Broadway version is the one with the female Peter Pan; Tinkerbell is not a character, just a light, so she’s an image on our stage,” she said. “So it’s very different from the Disney version of Peter Pan; it’s the original 1929 version.”

Despite the differences, it’s still basically the same story, McCormick said.

“It’s the story of the Darling family that meets a mythical young man . named Peter Pan, who comes into their home and entices the Darling children to come away with him to Neverland,” she said. “They go to Neverland and meet the Lost Boys. There are pirates and the Brave Girls . They meet them all in Neverland, and they go on quite the adventures, and then they come back home.”

Kamryn Murray portrays Wendy Darling. Wendy is hard to describe, Murray said.

“She’s very sweet, and I guess she’s mature,” she said. “She wants to be a mother, and she’s just that kind of little girl who always dreams of having a family.”

Murray said Wendy acts older than she actually is.

Elle Renaud portrays the title character Peter Pan.

She said her character is immature and the exact opposite of Wendy.

“I always want to be a little boy and always live with the lost boys and just have a good time,” she said. “I never,
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ever want to grow up.”

Throughout the musical, Wendy and Peter inadvertently help each other change, Renaud and Murray said. The Peter Pan character, Renaud said, acquires some maturity.

“My character develops a lot,” she said. “Peter becomes a father of the Lost Boys once Wendy comes, and Wendy matures me a little bit more. We’re still like little boys and girls, but at the same time the Darling family . teaches me how to kind of be a father.”

Murray said Wendy learns how to relax and enjoy life.

“I feel like she’s the same person . but I kind of think Peter helps her have a little more fun and stuff,” Murray said.

It’s a fun story to present, McCormick said.

“This is a classic fairy tale, and I think . it’s just kind of fun to bring that whole story to life and let the audience be part of it,” she said.

The fairy tale aspect is what Murray enjoys about the musical.

“I like how it’s very fun to play because it’s sort of like a fairy tale,” she said. “I like how it’s very silly yet serious.”

Matthew Hennessey, who plays Captain Hook, agrees.

“It’s one of those more classical, whimsical tales lots of people know it,” he said. “I just like the idea of being a kid again,
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and I hope (the audience) get the idea of what it feels like to be a kid again.”

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Some stars are really good at using their own inherent charm to get attention naturally (see most “Vanderpump Rules” cast members and then compare them to that Miami Girl who came on the show in Season 3 to accuse Tom Sandoval of cheating on Ariana. MG was so hurt over him lying about the HOURS he spent with her that she flew across the country to express this to him in person because that’s normal then wowed us all with her awkward attempts to make it seem like this was all about principle and had nothing to do with her wanting to be on TV).

Best All Around Roommate: Candace because I truly enjoyed it when she fearlessly stormed up to those three scary bro necks at the bar after Gus told her that the “farmer in the hat” was the one who called him the word that rhymes with “maggot” and then, when she realized she had a legit Huey, Dewey and Louie situation on her hands (that Gus’ description hardly narrowed things down for her), she was basically like “You are all farmers in hats so just tell me which one of y’all I need to nose to nose scream at.”

Worst All Around Roommate: Nilsa. This isn’t even about the unicorn pajamas. She is the worst because that pizza WAS FROZEN. I swear, the way she was carrying on I thought she had farmed the veggies, made hand pulled mozzarella using milk from her yard cow, sang “That’s Amore!” while tossing dough and catching it behind her back, built a wood fire oven by hand using only YouTube videos to guide her, carefully watched the pizza as it cooked so it would be perfectly charred and chewy, and then, when all was said and done, accidentally burned herself because she was so excited to cut a special slice for Kayla Jo, who then took a single bite and gave it to Jeremiah to dispose of. THAT would have been the only scenario that would have justified the fit Nilsa threw about it.

Somewhat Redeemed Roommate: Gus and, yes, it’s because he cried about his domestically violent upbringing. But also because he was called the word that rhymes with “maggot” and he handled it really well. He displayed his man strength to the dumb farmer who called him that and showed that he was physically prepared for any potential throw down. Then he rationally decided it wasn’t worth going to jail over. Then he was very clear with viewers that this word is never acceptable. So, while I’m not forgetting that he thinks $150 in food should have been enough to convince Nilsa to do it with him, I’m moving on from it. Nilsa’s on her own now.

Roommate Who Acts Like He’s Rehearsing for a Bit Role on “Riverdale”: Um, Jeremiah. Obviously. I know Nilsa thinks he’s a homeschooled freak but I’m not really sure this crew is proving the benefits of traditional schooling over homeschooling. Jeremiah was the only roommate who didn’t get involved in that dollar draft night fight and if I had to pick a nametag to wear for the rest of this season, it would be “Person who did not get into a brawl at dollar draft night with rednecks because they called Nilsa ‘Princess’ and told her to leave.”

Roommate Who Knows When to Cut Bait: Kayla Jo. I know she’s not an actual roommate and that Nilsa, Kirk and Aimee would certainly call her a “barnacle” and a “freeloader.” But I’m rewarding her for knowing that after you repeatedly remind two people who are smoking one of whom openly despises you and the other of whom thinks “feminine” is pronounced “fenmanym” that smoking is going to make them unappealing hag faces, you should immediately ask to have a cab called for you so you can go home. Smartest thing you’ve ever done, Hermione.

Proof of My Terrifying Minister and Brothel Scenario: When Kortni said “AMEN!” (as she was drunkenly making a sandwich in the kitchen and listening to Nilsa make a very good point about how she can’t win when it comes to her looks because people will point out what they see as flaws either way), she said the word in a way that made it seem as if she were at an outdoor concert, drunk on moonshine, high on PCP and feverish from a homemade remedy for a weird rash, but still, she wanted to convey encouraging thoughts to the stage, where Kid Rock was announcing his run for Senate.
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ugg size chart Neuroscience and a movie

More than 400 Edmontonians dropped in for a free movie and popcorn served with a side of neuroscience at the Garneau Theatre on Thursday, Jan. 16.

a perfect geek date, said Danica Wolkow, a provincial co ordinator with Alberta Innovates Health Solutions in charge of organizing Science in the Cinema, an initiative that uses film to get the public engaged in science.

Thursday screening played the popular French film The Intouchables, directed by Oliver Nakache and Eric Toledano, where an aristocrat who became quadriplegic after a paragliding accident finds a renewed sense of life after injury thanks to an unlikely caretaker from the projects.

Hosted by Karim Fouad, a professor with the University of Alberta faculty of Rehabilitative Medicine, the film served as an uplifting tale of thriving after a spinal cord injury, as medical science has little to offer yet in the way of rehabilitation.

are still very limited in what we can do for a patient like this, said Fouad, who emphasized that while research is progressing, there is no bullet for patients paralyzed by spinal cord injury.

The U of A is home to North America only free standing faculty of Rehabilitative Medicine and has received international acclaim for advances in treatment options for spinal cord injuries.

Recent innovations and projects include the Smart e pants,
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which simulate how able bodied persons make minuscule movements and adjustments when sitting or lying down to keep blood flowing, helping reduce the risk of pressure ulcers or bedsores that can pose significant health risks to patients with reduced mobility.

Meanwhile, researchers with the university invented the science behind state of the art robotic arms that provide the sensation of touch and position, as well as developing micro scale devices that interact with the spinal cord and have the potential to restore a paralyzed patient ability to walk or stand on robotic legs.

But while these developments are impressive, Fouad warns there is a huge difference between something that works in theory or in the laboratory and something that is ready to be applied bedside.

is not necessarily always a step forward, said Fouad, citing early research that focused almost solely on reconstruction to restore a patient to their pre injury condition through drastic intervention without understanding the full complexities of the nervous system.

burned 20 years and it really didn turn out that great, said Fouad, adding, success for treatments of stroke or spinal cord injury that really translated to the bedside is not a success story. We have not got many treatments. research has been focused on filling in the gaps of knowledge left by previous research to explore possibilities of finding more natural processes that could prove valuable for rehabilitation or restoring some function.

Fouad also says there has been a renewed focus on improving the quality of life for these patients, who often find the lack of options for recovery frustrating.

we want to repair it somehow. We want to restore it as much as we can, said Fouad. good to dream big. in the Cinema proves a valuable tool in connecting the public with science that is taking place right in their backyard, and Fouad hopes they walk away with a better understanding of the scientific process and respect for the complexity of the nervous system and human body as a whole.
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Developed in 1976 by a professor at the UC Santa Cruz and a graduate student whose names need no mentioning, NLP has grown to be much appreciated. NLP is not based on a certain theory, but consists of models, techniques and their creation processes. NLP has progressed over the years through empiric and pragmatic knowledge. The entire field is only 3 decades old so methods have to be improved and researched continuously.

NLP represents the progress of techniques that originate from other fields like Ericksonian Hypnosis and Classical Conditioning. These techniques are refined and remodeled and their methodology for apprehension is accelerated. So, there is a strong bound between NLP and hypnosis. Bandler and Grinder book “Patterns of the Hypnotic Techniques of Milton H. Erickson, Volume I” is proof of the connection between these two. There is also a strong bound between NLP and Psychology. Research made in the Psychological field was used as theoretical support for some NLP techniques. Please consider as an example the “Submodalities”.

The NLP name itself (Neuro Linguistic Programming) comes from the influences other disciplines have had over this field. Because Richard Bandler was an information scientist and John Grinder a linguist, it is obvious that these two fields influenced the birth and development of NLP. Making use of the sciences in which they specialized and combining their knowledge with techniques used in Behavioral Psychology and Systems Theory, they created NLP. Their goal was to discover and use information regarding how communication impacts the subjective experience and influences behavior.

The created models consist of tools that work, but still need research done about them. Though successful, NLP needs to progress continuously and prove its theories because its research is still in infancy. The early research made at the University of California at Santa Cruz, based on the work of a family therapist, an anthropologist, a hypnotist and the founder of Gestalt therapy (Virginia Satir, Gregory Bateson, Milton Erickson and Frits Perls), is no longer enough. Without forgetting the purpose of NLP techniques meaning effective, quick, permanent and natural benefits for those who need them, new developments have to be made:

NLP has to eliminate failure (though very rare) and replace it with constant success.

Very rapid systemic changes have to be possible when dealing with the multiple problems of one person.

Methods and processes have to be improved for a more systematic NLP

More systemic and holistic maps have to be made

Though the general approach of NLP is of solving people problems, the possibility to “create generative change” has to be taken into consideration also.

The NLP development work has to divide itself between these 3 parts: the theory, the application and the modeling or map creation. All these aspects are interconnected and test each other. Each theory has to be useful in applications and help develop effective processes.

Some areas of NLP are currently being explored. Questions like: how much longevity is influenced by NLP and how come childhood memories are still able to represent a totally changed mature person, have to be answered. There are many studies made on volitional and automatic processes, on kinesthetic systems, on adaptation of NLP to group intervention, on mind distinction between reality and imagination and on elicitation. Volunteers and NLP experts work alike so that people can get the results they want. The hope is that in the near future more things will be cleared out in the benefit of those using NLP.

NLP still has a lot to work on, but, until now, its results have been amazing. More and more people appeal to NLP nowadays because of its safe and healthy way of dealing with problems and because of its curative successes. NLP promises a lot to the future because of its past and the continuous struggle of improvement.
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