emu uggs National Weather Service explains how its alert system works

uggs cleaning kit National Weather Service explains how its alert system works

Some of the improvements made by the state since the false alarm are procedures that have been in place at the National Weather Service for years. The system also allows for more flexibility.

Whether it’s a flash flood or a hurricane warning, the National Weather Service sends out alerts that residents get on their TVs, radios, as well as their cell phones. Those alerts are sent by clicking on a link, a specific one for each type.

“Once you click transmit, it will pop up a window saying, ‘Do you want to,’ hit yes, and it goes out live,” explained John Bravender, warning coordination meteorologist at the National Weather Service.

It’s similar to what the state used, from what’s been released.

The weather service does a weekly test, a link that is clearly labeled as “Routine Weekly Test.”

For years now, there are always two people overseeing it, whether it’s a test or an actual alert.

“One person will be the one that sits down and sets up everything, and you have another person standing in the background looking over your shoulder,” said Bravender.

That’s something the state is now doing since the false alarm. If something does go wrong technically, the weather service says it can also override the system, and someone on duty can make an announcement that will be broadcast statewide.

“Select transmit and it’ll start beeping right away and send out the EAS code. It’ll send out the warning alarm tone and then it’ll say hey you’re live,” said Bravender.

One advantage for the National Weather Service is that it’s been sending out alerts to the public for decades. There’s been some mistakes over the years, but nothing quite like what happened with the missile alert.

Bravender says a weather radio is always on at the operations center to make sure that whatever alert was sent out is accurate, and changes can be made right away.

He adds that the weather service sent out a false weather alert several years ago, and that’s when they started having two people doing the tests and actual alerts.
emu uggs National Weather Service explains how its alert system works