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Some stars are really good at using their own inherent charm to get attention naturally (see most “Vanderpump Rules” cast members and then compare them to that Miami Girl who came on the show in Season 3 to accuse Tom Sandoval of cheating on Ariana. MG was so hurt over him lying about the HOURS he spent with her that she flew across the country to express this to him in person because that’s normal then wowed us all with her awkward attempts to make it seem like this was all about principle and had nothing to do with her wanting to be on TV).

Best All Around Roommate: Candace because I truly enjoyed it when she fearlessly stormed up to those three scary bro necks at the bar after Gus told her that the “farmer in the hat” was the one who called him the word that rhymes with “maggot” and then, when she realized she had a legit Huey, Dewey and Louie situation on her hands (that Gus’ description hardly narrowed things down for her), she was basically like “You are all farmers in hats so just tell me which one of y’all I need to nose to nose scream at.”

Worst All Around Roommate: Nilsa. This isn’t even about the unicorn pajamas. She is the worst because that pizza WAS FROZEN. I swear, the way she was carrying on I thought she had farmed the veggies, made hand pulled mozzarella using milk from her yard cow, sang “That’s Amore!” while tossing dough and catching it behind her back, built a wood fire oven by hand using only YouTube videos to guide her, carefully watched the pizza as it cooked so it would be perfectly charred and chewy, and then, when all was said and done, accidentally burned herself because she was so excited to cut a special slice for Kayla Jo, who then took a single bite and gave it to Jeremiah to dispose of. THAT would have been the only scenario that would have justified the fit Nilsa threw about it.

Somewhat Redeemed Roommate: Gus and, yes, it’s because he cried about his domestically violent upbringing. But also because he was called the word that rhymes with “maggot” and he handled it really well. He displayed his man strength to the dumb farmer who called him that and showed that he was physically prepared for any potential throw down. Then he rationally decided it wasn’t worth going to jail over. Then he was very clear with viewers that this word is never acceptable. So, while I’m not forgetting that he thinks $150 in food should have been enough to convince Nilsa to do it with him, I’m moving on from it. Nilsa’s on her own now.

Roommate Who Acts Like He’s Rehearsing for a Bit Role on “Riverdale”: Um, Jeremiah. Obviously. I know Nilsa thinks he’s a homeschooled freak but I’m not really sure this crew is proving the benefits of traditional schooling over homeschooling. Jeremiah was the only roommate who didn’t get involved in that dollar draft night fight and if I had to pick a nametag to wear for the rest of this season, it would be “Person who did not get into a brawl at dollar draft night with rednecks because they called Nilsa ‘Princess’ and told her to leave.”

Roommate Who Knows When to Cut Bait: Kayla Jo. I know she’s not an actual roommate and that Nilsa, Kirk and Aimee would certainly call her a “barnacle” and a “freeloader.” But I’m rewarding her for knowing that after you repeatedly remind two people who are smoking one of whom openly despises you and the other of whom thinks “feminine” is pronounced “fenmanym” that smoking is going to make them unappealing hag faces, you should immediately ask to have a cab called for you so you can go home. Smartest thing you’ve ever done, Hermione.

Proof of My Terrifying Minister and Brothel Scenario: When Kortni said “AMEN!” (as she was drunkenly making a sandwich in the kitchen and listening to Nilsa make a very good point about how she can’t win when it comes to her looks because people will point out what they see as flaws either way), she said the word in a way that made it seem as if she were at an outdoor concert, drunk on moonshine, high on PCP and feverish from a homemade remedy for a weird rash, but still, she wanted to convey encouraging thoughts to the stage, where Kid Rock was announcing his run for Senate.
ugg boots online Never disrespect the frozen pizza