ugg butte Needler’s groceries to take over Teal Road Marsh location

ugg summer boots Needler’s groceries to take over Teal Road Marsh location

It wasn’t hard to find people who were excited about this new store. Many shared their opinions, and not one of them was negative.

“I am very excited about this store opening back up,” said Rich Griffin. “It’s been horrible, been horrible. I hate going somewhere far because I ride my moped and now I can whip right around here.”

“I used to go there every day and get my fruit and stuff like that. Because there’s nothing around here it’s just Burger King and Subway,” said Kahri Garrott. “All of these houses around here, they don’t have anywhere to go grocery shopping so this is a perfect location. I know a store needs to be here.”

That void will soon be filled. Needler’s Fresh Market announced they will be moving into the store and opening soon.

News 18 reached out to the company multiple times to see if we could get an exact date on the opening but have not heard anything back yet.

We also don’t know at this time if any of the other Marsh locations will be filled.

“It will be great, seeing how they just took it (Marsh) down. And people didn’t like that. So they will have somewhere else to go because a lot of people don’t like going to PayLess or Walmart because it’s far. There are only a couple of ones out here,” said Destiny Harris.

In addition, they will be hosting a job fair on Nov. 13 to Nov. 15. That’s Monday through Wednesday of next week.

But for people like Kahri Garrott, who works next door, it can’t come soon enough.

“There were always a lot of people in the parking lot and when it would get slow I would go over there I would just advertise and pass out my card and people would get a haircut,” said Garrott.

One thing I found interesting from the people News 18 talked with, they all loved the employees that were at Marsh and they all said they would love to have them back.
ugg butte Needler's groceries to take over Teal Road Marsh location