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“The Broadway version is the one with the female Peter Pan; Tinkerbell is not a character, just a light, so she’s an image on our stage,” she said. “So it’s very different from the Disney version of Peter Pan; it’s the original 1929 version.”

Despite the differences, it’s still basically the same story, McCormick said.

“It’s the story of the Darling family that meets a mythical young man . named Peter Pan, who comes into their home and entices the Darling children to come away with him to Neverland,” she said. “They go to Neverland and meet the Lost Boys. There are pirates and the Brave Girls . They meet them all in Neverland, and they go on quite the adventures, and then they come back home.”

Kamryn Murray portrays Wendy Darling. Wendy is hard to describe, Murray said.

“She’s very sweet, and I guess she’s mature,” she said. “She wants to be a mother, and she’s just that kind of little girl who always dreams of having a family.”

Murray said Wendy acts older than she actually is.

Elle Renaud portrays the title character Peter Pan.

She said her character is immature and the exact opposite of Wendy.

“I always want to be a little boy and always live with the lost boys and just have a good time,” she said. “I never,
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ever want to grow up.”

Throughout the musical, Wendy and Peter inadvertently help each other change, Renaud and Murray said. The Peter Pan character, Renaud said, acquires some maturity.

“My character develops a lot,” she said. “Peter becomes a father of the Lost Boys once Wendy comes, and Wendy matures me a little bit more. We’re still like little boys and girls, but at the same time the Darling family . teaches me how to kind of be a father.”

Murray said Wendy learns how to relax and enjoy life.

“I feel like she’s the same person . but I kind of think Peter helps her have a little more fun and stuff,” Murray said.

It’s a fun story to present, McCormick said.

“This is a classic fairy tale, and I think . it’s just kind of fun to bring that whole story to life and let the audience be part of it,” she said.

The fairy tale aspect is what Murray enjoys about the musical.

“I like how it’s very fun to play because it’s sort of like a fairy tale,” she said. “I like how it’s very silly yet serious.”

Matthew Hennessey, who plays Captain Hook, agrees.

“It’s one of those more classical, whimsical tales lots of people know it,” he said. “I just like the idea of being a kid again,
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and I hope (the audience) get the idea of what it feels like to be a kid again.”