baby pink ugg boots Five missing after gas well explosion near Quinton

childrens ugg boots uk Five missing after gas well explosion near Quinton

QUINTON Five gas well employees were missing after an explosion and large fire early Monday morning.

Pittsburg County Emergency Management Director Kevin Enloe and Pittsburg County Sheriff Chris Morris said during a press conference Monday afternoon at Quinton High School’s Event Center that first responders got 17 employees off the natural gas site to safety, but five were still missing.

Hesaid emergency workers searched for but did not find the missing people as of Monday evening, adding the search did not get within 100 feet of the well site due to heat from the fire.

Enloe addedthe names of the missing people would not yet be released.

Emergency officials said Oklahoma City based Red Mountain Energy, LLC owns the site and contracts workers from other companies such as Patterson UTI Drilling Co.

Enloeadded that emergency workers are contacting the families of the missing employees.

He said the explosion also started grass fires that are being contained, but said the rig was nearly engulfed in flames.

“Pretty much everything that is on location was on fire,” Enloe said.

Secondary explosions in the area caused Enloe and crew to back off the site.

“There’s been several explosions since the guys have been on the scene fighting the fire,” Enloe said. Monday.

Several agencies responded to the incident including multiple fire departments and water tankers,
baby pink ugg boots Five missing after gas well explosion near Quinton
the sheriff offices and emergency management offices from Pittsburg and Haskell counties, Oklahoma Highway Patrol, and the Quinton Police Department. A Tulsa medical life support helicopter landed near Quinton High School’s Event Center.

Enloe said the fire at the site is still ongoing and no additional fire crews are being deployed for containment.

He said the fire “is kind of containing itself” and crews will “let it run its course.”

The director said a fire control company is also working with the rig operators to shut off the gas well and contain the fire.

Explosion last year

The incident occurred about three miles from another explosion that happened last year on a site owned by Trinity Operating LLC, just west of Quinton.

A primary explosion on one well head led to fires on three wells in last year’s well incident, but Enloe said the two events had different circumstances.

“This one was an actual active drilling rig that was drilling for gas,” Enloe said. “The other one was production well where they were doing some work on a well and it caught on fire.”

Enloe said the Patterson site recently started drilling and experts are working to shut off the well after the blowout preventor designed to automatically shut down a well became inoperable due to the explosion.

The cause of the explosion is still under investigation.

“I do not know a cause at this time,” Enloe said.

What’s next?

Enloe said the crews will work to contain the fire and the well before the state Corporation Commission and clean up companies get involved.

He added that residents don’t need to worry about additional fires because they are contained,
baby pink ugg boots Five missing after gas well explosion near Quinton
but crews will continue working to restore safety.