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original ugg boots Focus shifts from tax bill to spending showdown in DC

The ink is barely dry on the new sweeping tax bill and Congress is already knee deep in another fight, this time to avert a government shutdown this weekend. President Trump thinks Democrats are trying to force one to take attention away from the tax victory. House Democrats want to shut down for the holidays in order to distract from the very popular just past tax cut. House Republicans don’t let this happen. today, and keep our government open. Nancy Pelosi has urged her party to vote no, unless Democratic priorities are addressed.

BRIAN KILMEADE, GUEST CO HOST: Yeah, because they’re in the majority. I watched Nancy Pelosi say a pretty compelling argument saying we don’t really have the power in either chamber, nor the presidency, how could you possibly blame me, which is true. If Republicans got on the same page there would be no problem. However, we look until what? January 19th? That’s where we’ll have an extension too. The longer you do that, you’re just giving leadership the chance to tell everybody where they spend as opposed to membership. So why can’t they get everything in order starting may be before January 19th to start putting things through the committee process and deciding how we’re going to spend rather than wait till the last minute and give it to Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan.

KIMBERLY GUILFOYLE, CO HOST: So mean, right? Mean spirited in the time of Christmas giving. I don’t know. It just doesn’t make a lot of sense. It seems they don’t want to acknowledge that this was a victory. They’re going to do what they can in sort of the politics involved here, this political sport, back and forth. And so, they’re not going to let him have this. They don’t want to. Why would they, right? They want to say that it’s terrible, that this something that’s not good for the country. And so, ultimately, though, Jesse, I would agree with you guys that I don’t think they’re going to shut it down. Can you imagine? Let’s just shut it down, you know, over the holiday?

PERINO: Well, I think that all makes sense. Your first year as president is the year that you can get the most on legislatively before you head into the midterm. And so, with the three big things that the president can claim in the tax bill yesterday, including the health care, individual mandate repeal and Anwar drilling, which is amazing for Republicans to get through, then where do you go from there? So, I think that they’re going to have some messaging problems on welfare reform. If they can communicate it in a way that says, we are wanting to reform the system so that we can get people out of a poverty trap, and this is the way that we want to do that. That would be it’s a good message, it’s hard to do when the other side of it would be you just gave corporations and wealthy people this money, and now you want to take benefits away from the poorest among us, how dare you. I mean, that is a tough messaging thing. I don’t know how they do it.

On infrastructure, the Democrats really want it. But here’s the problem. The tax bill was supposed to be what maybe the new revenue in order to fund the big new infrastructure plan. But because it got all screwed up and they basically had to pay for that on the individual side, instead of the corporate side, now where are they going to get the money? They’re even floating the idea of a gas tax. Do you want to hit every Americans where it hurts? If the gas tax I mean, that’s problematic for them, I’ve just used a ban word. The last one in immigration reform, I think that is actually the most plausible and probably out of those three the most important. And I think they can actually do that before March.

KILMEADE: It’s immigration, no doubt about it. They’re already meeting right now in a bipartisan way in the Senate side on immigration reform doing it massively. There’s very little pushback I understand on chain immigration, and there’s very little pushback on the lottery system. So if you can give him border security we’ll give you DACA. And then, maybe, we’re going to do something big. And for those Republicans who say, oh, my goodness, amnesty. Donald Trump will go, listen, I don’t care. Go ahead, hit me with it. I’ll be the bad guy. Paul Ryan you can act frustrated. Mitch McConnell throw up your hands. I’ll take the slings and arrows. What you brought up is a very good point, not adding to the deficit. Welfare reform will be a bad message even though it’s necessary. All of these entitlement reforms should be necessary. But to go, OK, now let’s go into welfare for the poor people even though you’re reforming it to make it a better country, it would be not a good time. I think it would be insane to do that right now.

GUILFOYLE: Look, you’ve got to be able to negotiate. You’ve got to bring something to the table. You want them to go for this and to increase border security. They’re not going to do it unless you give them something that’s meaningful. That is the price of doing business, whether it’s politics, whether it’s just a financial industry, et cetera. So he understands that. I think it’s something he would be open to and reasonable about, because of his heightened interest and desire to increase border security. Again, a really big banner item that he promised during the campaign, so he’s going through his list, he’s checking it twice.

WILLIAMS: Yes, immigration. I mean, I had a column on the hill, I said, I think the immigration argument has shifted especially after what we saw in Virginia, even Alabama, where those issues were front and center and people were like, no, that’s not exactly going to push me over the line. Republican candidates thought you could emulate Donald Trump’s success with the issue. It’s a little bit different now. But, I mean, to me the thing here is, I think, that Paul Ryan really wants big entitlement reform, not just welfare reform. I’m talking about social security, Medicare, which are big slices of the federal budget.

WILLIAMS: The president has said he won’t do it, but guess what, Dana, I think that’s what to Ryan wants. I think that’s what a lot of people in the freedom caucus want. They want to push that. And as you guys are saying, and I’m so pleased to hear you say it, it’s insanity right now because most Americans see this as a giveaway to the rich, the tax deal. And if you come back with the budget and say, oh, yeah, we’re going to pump up defense spending and now we’re going to smack down the elderly and the poor. And don’t forget, they yet to renew DACA. Not DACA, but the children health insurance plan. And even Republicans are saying this is a problem by January 1st.

PERINO: This is not something that Sarah Sanders talked about today. I know what it is on their mind. But we’ve got to talk about the opiate crisis. Today, again, for the second year in a row, we have the CDC, Center for Disease Control, telling us that American life expectancy is going the wrong way for the first time. And they point to opiate addiction as being the thing that is increasing the deaths of young people in particular, young men. That is something we’ve got to figure out. I don’t know what the answer is.

KILMEADE: Because I was just at the border, and most of the border patrol says,
ladies ugg boots sale Focus shifts from tax bill to spending showdown in DC
yeah, we have a problem with illegals, but we mostly have a problem with ethanol. And that’s just coming across the southern border, so it might be a complete circle. I will say this, Juan, I think it’s an oversimplification and inaccuracy to say this whole thing is a tax break for the rich. It really isn’t. Most of the people with money are complaining they’re not getting their break that they thought they’re going to get. When you look at corporations I actually want to quote Mitt Romney, it is people. And there’s entry level jobs in those places and there’s an opportunity to bring people back. And the movie industry, of all things, is going to benefit maybe the most. So, I’m curious.

WILLIAMS: It’s no secret, a lot of folks on my side of the aisle are not happy with the new GOP tax bill. But didn’t attack on African American senator Tim Scott of South Carolina, over his support of that bill go beyond the pale? The Republican was a sale by blogger Andy Ostroy on twitter for appearing next to President Trump at the celebration of the passage of the bill. Ostroy wrote, quote, what a shocker, there’s one black person there, and sure enough, they have him standing right next to the mic like a manipulated prop, end quote. Now Scott responded, he said, quote, probably because I helped write the bill for the past year, have multiple provisions included, got multiple senators on board over the last week, and have worked on my tax reform on tax reform my entire time in congress, but if you’d rather just see my skin color, please feel free, end quote. Now, Ostroy, has since apologize. He then wrote a subsequent piece talking about the lack of diversity both in the Republican Party and in the Trump administration. But the initial shot, he had to delete the tweet, he’s apologized. It did not go over well. So let me ask you, Jesse, what would you say to Mr. Ostroy?

WATTERS: I don’t think the Republican Party is adverse to having more black representation. But the problem is, and I don’t if it’s a problem but it’s a challenge, there are not a lot of black Republicans running to get the nomination, and wonder why. If you are a black Republican in this country, a prominent one, you’re going to get savaged by the media. You’re going to be call horrific things by Democrats, racial slurs. And even Democrats and blacks are going to say horrible things, that you’re a sellout. So, it’s no surprise.

KILMEADE: Compared to what African Americans have been through in this country, this is nothing. To take a few slings and arrows in 2017 as opposed to back at the bus in 1960’s, 50’s, 40. So you can’t play with white players up until Jackie Robinson. This is nothing. I think the Republicans are so off on this, they make no effort to recruit, not Kennedy, voters. They make no effort to intercede. They throw up their hands. It makes no sense because what they say they stand for should resonate if presented correctly. And if you get repelled immediately, go back at it. My goodness. It’s an embarrassment. When you go to these different events.

KILMEADE: So, I did this event yesterday that Jesse and I went in the morning, an African American put up his hand. They weren’t many. It’s a conservative group. I was talking about the book. And he said to me when the question came up he was not talking about history, he said I am upset as an African American of even affirmative action. I don’t want the scales tipped. I don’t want if my grade is aren’t high enough, I don’t want to get into that school. And I said, wow, I can’t say that. But I wonder if more people felt that way. If you’re an African American, 12, 17 or 18 year old and they say a 96 is good for you, and a 99 for a white person, you might say, congratulations. Look, mom, I got in. On the other hand, look what they had to do to get me in. And that bothered him. And I’m wondering how many other people out there feel the same way.

WILLIAMS: Oh, I can tell you that I mean, people I know very well Justice Thomas, for example, huge opponents of just your point. Now the contrary point would be that affirmative action is not about unqualified people. If you get a 96 on the test and somebody gets a 98, you’re both qualified. The issue is whether people were previously excluded, kept out who are qualified, and are we now opening doors. You see that for women as well. So let me just go to you, Kimberly, and say with Donald Trump he gets 8 percent of the black vote. Yesterday, and what is quite a self congratulatory display, you have all these people standing there on the steps, what part of the White House was that?

GUILFOYLE: Of course, how could anybody not find it would anyone like to be called a prop? White, black, Latino, Asian, male, female, it is so dismissive and so derogatory and unacceptable. So, there’s something you can say sorry, but sorry isn’t good enough. And Tim Scott is an outstanding public servant and a smart man. He work very hard. And he should be given the credit because of merits and because of the effort that he put into try to help the American people. He deserved his spot there. And I’m glad that he was there and he worked with the president cooperatively and other members of congress to be able to make this happen. So, we owe him a debt of gratitude and thanks and appreciation for his skill set and his focus on this.

PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP: All of these nations that take our money and then they vote against us at the Security Council. Well, they vote against us potentially at the assembly. They take hundreds of millions of dollars and even billions of dollars and then they vote against us. Well, we’re watching those votes. Let them vote against us, we’ll say save a lot. We don’t care. People are tired of the United States. People that live here are great citizens that love this country. They’re tired of this country being taken advantage of. And we’re not going to be taken advantage of any longer.

GUILFOYLE: President Trump’s critics are fired up again after he threatened to end the countries that condemn his decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. today in a moment. But first, Susan Rice has a lot to say about Mr. Trump’s newly unveiled America First national security strategy. President Obama’s former national security advisor wrote a scathing new op ed, here’s a tidbit. It will make a mockery of the very idea of America first. From what I recall, the Obama administration strategy to keep America out of danger didn’t exactly turn out so well. So, Jesse, what do you make of those strong statement, strong wording?

I actually think that America first, it just depends on how you define it. Every president, the most important oath that they take is to defend the United States of America. So everyone is trying to put America first. Some people have different ways of doing that, like they would want to do a multilateral agreement on trade, like the TPP that President Trump took us out of. Or the Paris Accords made a lot of sense to them; it doesn’t to President Trump. That doesn’t mean that they weren’t actually thinking that America should be first.
ladies ugg boots sale Focus shifts from tax bill to spending showdown in DC