ugg adirondack boot ii Dell Inspiron 530 Won’t Boot

i heart ugg Dell Inspiron 530 Won’t Boot

Hello, I was wondering what the problem could be with a Dell inspiron 530 that was given to me the computer doesn’t boot. When turned on just beeps once and goes into sleep mode, or something because all fans continue to work, but there’s no video on screenI have tried the following changing power supply unit of 160Watts to a 550 Watt, still the same thing. I have also tried resetting the bios. Swapping memory adding and removing, and still nothing. The PC is a Pentium D 1.8Ghz with 3GB DDR2 667Mhz. All Sata connections. PCI E. Before I invest money in a PCI E Graphics Card I want to make sure that it will solve the issue. Corrosion or other contamination might cause a checksum errorThis isn’t a very likely event, but it is a possibilityBe VERY careful as without a special chip removal tool sometimes it’s very easy to destroy these sockets and that would render the motherboard useless. So, it’s a last step action for the non professionalOne needn’t necessarily have to remove the chip entirely. The 2nd was that the owner took it to someone who told him to re arrange the memory and he ha done that atleast 5 times, so needless to say I think the board is dead. I tried adding a pci e, and a pci graphics card to it, and go absolutely nothing, but what I got it with the blank dark screen and 2 beeps. Thank you none the less.
ugg adirondack boot ii Dell Inspiron 530 Won't Boot