ugg blue boots Democratic leader under fire for accusing Republicans of racism

buy ugg boots Democratic leader under fire for accusing Republicans of racism

A House Democratic leader is drawing fire from Republicans for charging that some of President Obama’s conservative critics in Tennessee are motivated by racism.

Rep. Mike Turner of Nashville, chairman of the House Democratic Caucus, made his remarks at a news conference Monday. Asked his view of the Republican backed Tennessee Health Freedom Act, which would order state Attorney General Bob Cooper to sue to overturn any federal mandate to buy insurance, Turner said: have one thing to say about that: Appomattox. got a lot of bills on states rights here, state sovereignty and all that, he added. went through that fight once before. All of a sudden, we have a black man elected president and everybody wants to start acting like something wrong with our country. I didn agree with a lot of things George Bush did, but I wasn ready to secede from the union. to elaborate afterward, Turner said, think some of the people who are against Obama are just against Obama because he African American. Turner comments are completely out of touch with what Tennesseans believe and they are a slap in the face to people who have real concerns about the consequences of Democrats government takeover of health care, state GOP chairman Chris Devaney said in a statement. suggest that race is the motivation for Tennesseans skepticism of government run health care is irresponsible and nothing more than an effort to deflect actually dealing with one of the most important issues facing our nation and state today. Rep. Turner comments are further proof that Democrats just don get it which is why their radical agenda will be rebuked this November. spokesman for Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey, who supports the Health Freedom Act, called Turner comments name calling and said they show Democrats are losing ground in Tennessee. overwhelmingly oppose Obamacare, and Rep. Turner seems to be the only person in the state who does not realize that, said the spokesman, Lance Frizzell.

The state Senate voted 26 1 for the Health Freedom Act last month. Scheduled to be heard Wednesday in a House subcommittee, it would allow the state to opt out of the federal insurance mandate. Similar measures have been enacted in Idaho and Virginia.

Turner declined to speculate on the bill changes of passage in the House. address that when it comes up in the House, he said. been actually trying to save jobs and create jobs and things like that. I not looked at that bill yet. Is that a resolution or a bill? I don even know. That not been on our radar. We been trying to do good work for the government and not make grandstands. object to the federal legislation requirement that all Americans buy health insurance or face penalties, saying the mandate stretches the federal constitutional power to commerce among the several states. a statement Monday before Turner’s news conference, Ramsey said: health care legislation passed yesterday is a disaster for Tennessee citizens and our constitutional requirement to maintain a balanced budget. It will raise taxes on Tennessee citizens while stripping away the right to control one own medical decisions. House is unconstitutional, and I am calling on Attorney General Cooper to join the 11 state Attorneys General already planning to challenge the constitutionality of the bill.

states must challenge this legislation immediately to halt its implementation. The longer we wait, the more it will cost the state of Tennessee and her citizens. Washington has forced this problem upon us it is now up to state leaders to stop this unfunded mandate from breaking state budgets across the country.

on 3/22/10 at 10:08

Marginalize your enemy. Anyone who argues against the coming mass legalization of all within these once secure borders will be called racists. Heck lets do away with term limits while we’re on a roll here. We had a nice run, over 200 years. I’m just sorry for all the heroes who served for the freedom we once had. Incremental baby steps since FDR. A little here and a little there, we die from a thousand tiny cuts. I doubt congress will even take a break until the election to get all they can as fast as they can.

on 3/22/10 at 10:39

Well put, popeye; but let’s continue the fight. The Civil War was fought over the gross oppression of individual liberty imposed by state governments. Now we are witnessing an oppression of individual liberty imposed by those in control of the federal government. Oppression in any form is evil. To throw out accusations of racism by greedy capitalists with this issue is akin to what the Nazis did to the Jews fabricate blame and hate to gain further power. But last time I checked, the majority of Americans are not buying it.

on 3/23/10 at 7:08

“Asked to elaborate afterward, Turner said, “I think some of the people who are against Obama are just against Obama because he’s African American.””

Mr. Turner see if you can comprehend the simple use of the English language by me. I’m opposed to anyone ORDERING ME, demanding me, or mandating me to purchase health insurance.

I don’t care if the president is a martian, a christian, an athiest, a dope smoker, an adulterer or is white or black. I am opposed to the mandating of companies to provide insurance. I am opposed to the government sticking their ignorant nose into my business.

I am opposed to any human being who says I’m not smart enough to make my own decisions.

When Hillary Clinton failed at national healthcare, were we all SEXists? Or just realists?

If Obama suddenly were declared a Saint by the Pope, and Jesus Christ himself spoke to me, I would still be upset about some mandating that I purchase “ANYTHING”. I cannot believe that race was even mentioned by this fellow Turner.

Yep, Richgoose, you nailed it. I’m opposed to FREE government paid for cell phones (see television ads that run 24/7). Does that make me racist?

I’m opposed to abortion PAID FOR BY TAX DOLLARS. Does that make me a racist?

Yep, and I doubt if John The Baptist or Attilla the Hun would have wanted to be forced to buy health care insurance or anything else for that matter.


You may have heard by now that over the weekend some opponents of health care reform used shocking racist and personal epithets against members of Congress who disagreed with their position and supported the bill.

Last Saturday, while Representatives filed through a House office building on their way to watch President Obama deliver a health care speech, some extremist protesters turned vicious. Civil rights legend and Georgia Congressman John Lewis was repeatedly called “nier” by the crowd, while fellow Congressional Black Caucus member Emanuel Cleaver was spat on. Longtime NAACP champion and openly gay Representative Barney Frank was called a “faot.” This is not only outrageous behavior it is un American.

Stand with Representatives Cleaver, Lewis and Frank. Sign our Petition today and let it be known these outrageous personal attacks have no place in our nation’s political discourse. Saturday’s incident is just the latest evidence that a lack of civility is undermining our democratic process. Last August protesters painted a swastika on the district office of Georgia Representative David Scott. Later that fall Congressman Joe Wilson shouted, “You lie,” as President Obama delivered a speech before the joint Houses of Congress. These sorts of outbursts serve only to bully our elected officials and undermine our democracy.

Like many of the hot button political issues of our day, health care reform has inspired passion in supporters and opponents alike. Indeed, it is this passion that kept us determined to keep fighting for reform, even on the days when it looked like we might not win. While the NAACP respects the passions that inspire political movements of all kinds, we know that when civility breaks down, communities of color are often the first to be hurt.

Please, join me in signing the civility petition today. Stand alongside Representatives Cleaver, Lewis and Frank, and take a stand for civility in our political discourse.
ugg blue boots Democratic leader under fire for accusing Republicans of racism