ugg coquette Dell Optiplex GX620 Black Screen Issue

ugg clearance uk Dell Optiplex GX620 Black Screen Issue

Ok guys im stumpped on this one. I’ve been working on this computer at work and it keeps having this issue where at seemingly random times when changing any video setting the screen will go black and the only way to recover is to reboot the system in VGA mode, and step up the resolution one setting at a time, which only works sometimes because it has to shut off the monitor between steps (explained below).

The computer seems to always show video when in 640×480 mode but when changing to anything higher or making any changes that require the computer to shut off the monitor it is hit or miss. If it works it works and if not the monitor goes into sleep mode like you turned off the computer (this includes during boot when changing from POST screen resolution to windows desktop)

Intel 945G ChipsetUsing a 3rd party video card is not an option because the comptuer appears to be constructed of laptop parts and is inside a tiny case that fits behind the monitor.2x EVGA GTX 780 SLI 256GB OCZ Vector SSD 4TB Hitachi 7K4000

Corsair AX1200 PSU Corsair 650D Windows 7 Ultimate x64

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My New crap video card was having same types of symtoms. I got a different brand of video card and it fixed it.

1. Try reinstalling new drivers. Use drivercleaner etc.

2. Reset the cmos on your mb see if that helps etc.

3. Try different bios settings.

4. Try changing your Hertz Lower or higher on your monitor. My monitor will go all black and say some stuff when its out of hertz for the monitor.

5. New laptop mb. ? Other then that, i got no clue.

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ugg coquette Dell Optiplex GX620 Black Screen Issue