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An energy plant located in Dearborn, just a few kilometres from the Detroit River and Windsor, has cancelled expansion plans as a result of community backlash over its application to release thousands of tons more air pollutants annually , the company announced on Monday.

Dearborn Industrial Generation is a 752 MW natural gas and waste gas power plant that largely supplies the Ford complex in River Rouge and steel operations near the Zug Island industrial corridor.

is an important moment for the residents of Dearborn who made their voices heard and expressed their concerns about the air quality in the region, said Michigan State Rep. Abdullah Hammoud (D who led the fight against the proposal.

commend DIG for listening to the community it serves and for being an example of how to put people first. We look forward to partnering with DIG, local leaders and residents on setting new, healthier expectations for our community.

The plant proposed expansion would have annually added 913 tons of carbon monoxide and 416 tons of nitrogen oxides both major contributors to smog and ozone according to the Detroit Free Press.

The plant sits close to several neighbourhoods in Dearborn, southwest Detroit and Delray, with Windsor sitting directly downwind.

fantastic news, said Rick Coronado of the Citizens Environment Alliance in Windsor, who also spoke out against the plan. great the advocacy by the public made a difference. It shows even when you are up against a system that usually doesn pay attention to people,
ugg short boots Dearborn energy plant cancels pollution
you still have to try. This is an example of that. Folks made a difference a big difference. decision to rescind a request for a new air pollution permit application was made by CMS Energy, which over sees the energy plant.

take the community environmental protection concerns very seriously, said Richard Mukhtar, president of CMS Enterprises. why we will immediately begin the process to rebuild trust with area neighbours and stakeholders fostering more communication and collaboration as we look to the future.

are committed to continuing to operate our plant in an environmentally sound manner in compliance with all state and federal environmental laws. state Rep. Stephanie Chang (D Detroit) noted previously if the company wants to expand, it has technical advances at its disposal to better filter and reduce emissions, although that comes with an added cost.

She issued a letter to MDEQ opposing the application, noting the added emissions of ozone causing pollutants, particulate matter, sulfur dioxide, and carbon monoxide troubling. Congresswoman Debbie Dingell (D Dearborn) also applauded the decision.

community is very worried about the environment they live in and the number of young children living in and attending school in this area is a significant reason to understand the consequences of decisions being made, Dingell said.
ugg short boots Dearborn energy plant cancels pollution