ugg boots Flash flooding devastated homes in Carlisle

ugg australia website Flash flooding devastated homes in Carlisle

The 61 year old, who has lived in the street for 25 years, believes the flooding has something to do with a storm drain behind the houses which is either blocked or has collapsed and is overwhelmed by rain off the fields.

Patricia’s daughters Catherine, 33, and Rachel, 25, went to put up her Christmas tree yesterday morning. They then went to Rachel’s house, nearby, to put up some of her decorations.

“Next door came and said the house was flooded,” said Catherine. “I opened the door and all the water was just running straight through the door as soon as I opened it.

“It was so easily preventable.

“She is just worried she is not going to get insured again.”

The family rushed to take valuables upstairs but things like the washing machine, tumble dryer and oven had to be left in inches of water.

Forced to turn off her electricity, Patricia was left in darkness yesterday and it wasn’t long before her property started to smell.

Social landlords, ugg boots Flash flooding devastated homes in Carlisle
including Riverside, were arranging alternative accommodation for flood hit residents and their pets.

Shelley Rabin, 47, who lives across the road, said: “I’m devastated because I have just done it all out. I don’t know what I’m going to do now because nobody will insure me.”

Her neighbour Michele Green, 40, (corr) said: “We have been flooded about four times. It’s like a river when it does flood.

“When they open their doors the water has got nowhere to go.”

She added that the neighbours were “brilliant”, rallying round to help one another.

Ian Storey (corr), managing director for Story Homes, said: “We are aware of the flooding which has affected some of the residents on Oakland’s Drive in Upperby during particularly high levels of rainfall.

“This is an extremely unfortunate event for all those affected and we are working closely with residents to alleviate the current situation.

“Whilst we cannot comment on the cause of the flood at this moment in time, we need to work with residents and stakeholders to determine the cause for this incident, and to ensure that appropriate precautions are in place for the future.” ugg boots Flash flooding devastated homes in Carlisle