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I know sprint is one of the keys.

You know how you have to press two keys in order to weight lift? Try pressing both of those. I remember one of them was it. Also, make sure you are pointing into the water. If you don’t, you’ll just move along the surface. Each stroke doesn’t move you very far forward.

FordGT90Concept said: Have you ever played the game before? Swimming isn’t very effective. Each stroke doesn’t move you very far forward. You have to use up pretty much all your air in order to really get very deep.

Yeah, on PS2 it was a long time ago but I certainly don’t remember having any trouble with it. Hell,
male ugg boots Can't swim underwater
on the PC version I can barely swim deep enough to have to hold my breath. Can’t come close to drowning even on purpose, which seems like it ought to be a no brainerMichael Adames (Admin) said: I just installed the game yesterday. When I try it out later I can see what combination I use to swim. You might want to ask Crash as well, I know he just installed it recently.

I just got out of the game here a minute ago. Seems like everyone is going on a GTA SA rampage.

It all works for me. However I have the keys remapped for shift = sprint and space = jump. So im not sure what to tell you other than to save the game save files and what not and reinstall.

FordGT90Concept said: Weird. Hmm, it probably wouldn’t help at all but do you have the 1.1 patch installed?

I got the GTA pack on Steam,
male ugg boots Can't swim underwater
so I have no idea I would hope it’s the latest version. There is “v3.00” in the lower right corner of all the config screens if that means anything.