ugg baby Canada Cool I Churchill Manitoba Polar Bears

ugg black gloves Canada Cool I Churchill Manitoba Polar Bears

I visited Churchill in October 2011 to view the polar bears close up from a Tundra Buggy on an adventure with Frontiers North. Special giant wheeled tundra vehicles take tourists out for safe viewing/photography sessions. It was a fabulous experience. The first day on the Tundra Buggy we spotted a dozen of the great white bears, the second day we sighted 15. Read about the experience and the Tundra Buggy live webcam.

There are no actual roads to Churchill, so the two ways to travel there from Winnipeg are by air (2 hours) or rail (48 hours.) You could also drive to Thompson,
ugg baby Canada Cool I Churchill Manitoba Polar Bears
Manitoba and then fly or take an overnight train.

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ugg baby Canada Cool I Churchill Manitoba Polar Bears
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