cheap baby uggs 14 things every single women in her 30

black ugg style boots 14 things every single women in her 30

The number of women marrying in their late 30s and 40s has doubled in the last decade.

However, givensome people reaction when you tell them you’re single post 35, you think we were still living in a time where the average life expectancy was 37 and a half.

Looks of sympathy, comments of concern and ‘constructive’ ideas about how to meet ‘the one’ If you think going it alone isn’t without its consequences, think again.

Here are 14 comments every single girl in her 30s is tired of hearing.

1. But you’re gorgeous! Why are you single?

Ah, the old favourite.

There’s nothing a smug couple enjoys more than asking single friends why they’re single with an obligatory ‘You’re so gorgeous! You’re such a catch! What a waste!’ to soften the blow.

2. Have you tried online dating?

Jeez, no, that never crossed my mind! Why didn’t I think of that?3. Stop looking and you’ll find it

If I had a pound off every 38 year old who’d met the man of her dreams, sitting on her sofa in a onesie watching Coronation Street with nothing but a cat and a bottle of Shiraz for company, I’d be a very rich woman by now.

4. Stop being so fussy

Because ‘you’re not getting any younger’ wink, wink.

5. Tick Tock

Nothing gets a family get together off to roaring start quite like a conversation with a ‘concerned’ relative about your eggs and the dwindling chance of them being successfully fertilised.

Adds pregnant to list of things to do next week

6. Have you thought about freezing your eggs?

Have you thought about giving me five grand?

7. Get out of those Uggs!

Whilst I recognise that Ugg wearing is not always conducive to hot man dating, there comes a time in every woman’s life when certain things take priority.

It’s November, it’s raining, I’m hungover.

Fk relationships I choose sheepskin heaven.

8. Tell us one of your hilarious dating stories

And make sure you bring some modeling balloons and a pack of cards.

Because there is nothing a single girl in her 30s loves more than entertaining ‘proper grown ups’ at dinner parties.

9. You don’t need a plus one, do you?

10. We put you next to Uncle ‘roving eye’ Ron

Excellent, why would I want to bring the cute guy I’ve been newly dating to your wedding when I could spend the evening being perved at by a 62 year old man with personal hygiene issues.
cheap baby uggs 14 things every single women in her 30