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How can you tell someone is an out of towner at a mud sale? The guy wearing the nice loafers should tell you something. The gal sporting her favorite Uggs is a dead giveaway. (Two words, sweetie: muck boots). Wear your nice North Face and you could end up with mud on your face. While some mud sales offer shuttle service, you should still expect to give your feet a good workout. But for first timers, the words flying out of the auctioneer’s mouth at light speed could be an obstacle to bidding on that one item they really want. Auctioneer Dan Carter has some simple advice: Cup your ear. Carter says a good auctioneer will notice someone who is struggling to keep up with the bidding and will slow down a tad.

He also said don’t be surprised if you come across an auction where the auctioneer is speaking German. Stick around. Carter said most auctioneers will change over to English for their non Plain bidders.

Here are some words of wisdom from LNP Food Guy Michael Long, who’s never met a mud sale he didn’t like:

Have a plan

“Do yourself a favor and if there’s a preview on a preceding evening, be there. Even if you arrive early on the day of the sale, you’re going to be elbowing people to get a good look at what you want. Because of the enormous quantity of stuff for sale, you’ll often find two or more auctioneers selling simultaneously on different ends of the grounds, and trying to be in two places at once can drive you batty. Share the load.”

Cash, check or credit

“Take cash and two personal checks. The cash is for concessions (most won’t take credit) and the checks are to pay for purchases. The first check is to pay for everything you bought, and the second is to pay for the thing you discovered after you checked out. While most sales will accept credit cards for purchases, they often charge a premium of up to 10 percent for using plastic.”

Here are few other tips from our 2014 mud sale survivor guide:

Take your own bags or a wagon to carry your purchases.

Take a chair so you’re guaranteed somewhere to sit.

Respect the Amish (No, not Lebanon Levi the REAL Amish). Joel Cliff offered some good advice when he said, “While it is a lovely scene, be aware that the Amish do not like their photographs to be taken and respect that. Be discreet and take photos from a distance, behind or the side,” the spokesman for the Pennsylvania Dutch Convention and Visitors Bureau said.

Need something to keep you occupied in between bids? Download and print out our mud sale bingo card from last year and challenge your friends to a friendly game.
classic tall ugg boots on sale 2015 mud sale season survivor guide