ugg boot styles 2014 Letters to Santa

black ugg style boots 2014 Letters to Santa

I would like to have a nerf rebelle bow, the one that is purple, pink, and black. One of the other things I would want is the baby mousecam Jensen and the bad kitty series please.

I would also want to get up and go go puppy you feed, and can walk them. Some art things I want are paint, water color, colored sand, pencils and scech pad.

It would be nice if I could have the nerf rebelle gun that is also pink, purple, and black. The last thing I wanted was money. I was wondering if I could ask you some questions. What was your sleigh made out of? Why is your name Santa?

Your friend, Hannah Rose Hayden

How are you? I am doing amazing! Can I please have a red toy plane/ How are the reindeer doing? Are the elfs building toys yet? Can I also have some mystery books because I love books. I hope everyone is doing great and hard working on Christmas things. The pink case is for a brand new iPod for me and Ava! My brother want one with a camiflog case on it! That not all I want to be on the very good list. Can you bring me a iPad. Please bring me a nook and a iPhone.

I always wanted an ipod touch for Christmas. I wanted the 5 gen sence it came out.

My mom or dad dose not have enough money for it, so I’m saving up money for it.

I want an iPhone 6 for earther my birthday or chrismas. I wanted one sence my papa got one. He let me get a racing game.

If I do not have money for an ipId I sure do not have enough money for an iphone.

If you do not get me one than it’s OK. I’ll be happy with what you get me for Chrismas.

Your friend, Chandler Cranford

I am being good in class. All I want for Christmas is a ballerina shoes, some new neckuless,
ugg boot styles 2014 Letters to Santa
some new dress, new toys. I know that your so magical and you wear red pants, shirt and a belt and you have a very white bear and you have a red hat. I live at Newton.

How are you and your wife doing? For Christmas I want zoomer for Christmas because my dog can have company at home. I want deers that are Dasher Dancer and Rudolph because they are awesome names. Then I want a American girl doll because I need someone to play with at home because I have none to play with. I want a maleificent doll and Aurora because I’ll have them when I go to see maleficent at the movie theater and it will be cool to see it because I have never seen maleificent befor.

I want to have Mrs. Ervin in fourth grade. I want a stuffed dog that looks like mine. I want a bead made dog that is brown and white and I want a bead made cat because my cousin cheerie has a cat that is black and white.

Are you doing well? How are your raindeer? I would like a few things for Christmas this year. I would like a toy suffed cat because I gave my old one to my cousin. I would like two matching outfits for me and my sister so we can match in the family picture. I would like a new tablet, the one I have is so slow. I want a baby alive because my sister is not little anymore and she will not stay still. I want to ask you, will you bring the presents to the camper because we are going in the camper for Christmas this year.

Thank you for last year’s wonderful gifts. This year here are somethings I’d like.

20, 50, 100 or more dollars if possible (I know you probably spend a lot of money on other stuff for other kids so its ok if you are broke).

Cute journals and sharpies/other cute markers and pens.

Tutu’s, bows, and other accessories.

A Kipling bag (with a monkey named Gabby if possible)

Gray Uggs with the bows on the back

Red (summer fruit), light blue (sweet mint), and other colors/flavors of EOS.

Any or all of these things would be fine.

My name is Nathan Casey. I like Christmas because I just want to have a great day on Dec. 24. I love spending time with my family and hanging up the lights on the house. Yesterday, me and my mom were finishing the Christmas tree. It looks so beautiful.

I hope everybody in the holl world has a great Christmas, including all animals because if we don’t protect wild life we want have pets, no zoos or no animals which makes me very said. I hope no one cuts down the trees.

What I want for Christmas is: a xbox 360, with mine craft, with call of duty advance warrior. I also want a little puppy like my friend’s dog. I want close like lucas so I can look like cool. A go go walkin pup. All my legos at my moms house that are broken. I want them and some new legos. Dirt bike.

My name is Sherijan. I’m excited about Jesus’ birthday. Also thank you for giving us all these presents and we just love you for that. We love you. I know all this stuff is a lot, but theres a few things I want.
ugg boot styles 2014 Letters to Santa