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ONEIDA COUNTY Before Thursday, e cigarette companies didn’t need to follow any federal regulations. But now, the Food and Drug Administration will regulate e cigarettes, cigars,
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and hookahs.

The new regulations will prohibit people under 18 from buying and using those products.

Local health experts say that’s a good thing because there’s been a big rise in the number of teens using e cigarettes. The experts worry that the kids don’t fully understand what’s inside the products.

“I don’t think that they know the dangers behind them, and some of them don’t even know that they’re using a nicotine product,” says community health specialist Corie Zelazoski. “We’ve done a lot of outreach at the schools and we’ve had kids come up to us and say, ‘I’m not smoking tobacco. I’m just vaping and it’s fruit,
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so it’s safe.”