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This tropical tree has an herb, or inner bark, with great promise for those who use it. And it can grow to only 16 feet high or up to 160 feet up in the air and more.

30 Pau D’Arco has many healthful properties.

The compounds that are used for health purposes in it are the flavonoids, and lapachol and quercetin, which are also flavonoids. More recently in the universities the compounds have been identified as napthoquinones, and they are beta lapachone, and lapachol, which also contain quercetin. It also has antraquinones, isolapachone and xyloidone.

Indigenous peoples from the countries where it grows have used it for centuries. It even goes back as far as the Incas. They used it to help with certain conditions like Cancer and Eczema, Candidiasis and other fungal infections.

The Taheebo tree bark also has uses as an expectorant for coughs and flu, but the lapachol compound in it is mildly toxic and should not be ingested in large quantities.

This is not an herb you give to a child or a pregnant or lactating woman.

It is grown in climates from northern Mexico down to Argentina and many other countries around those latitudes like, many Caribbean Islands, Puerto Rico, southern Florida, Jamaica, and Brazil.

Pau D’Arco, which is Tabebuia Avellanedae or Tabebuia Impetiginosa, is the herb of the inner bark of the Pink Poui tree. It is usually made into a tea, or used in supplement form. The many other names for this tree include Lapacho, Ip, Ip roxo, trumpet bush, tahuari, epay, trumpet tree,
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Poui, lapacho Colorado, lapacho morado, and Taheebo. When you do see the word “epay” you know that it is just a misspelled form of Ip, but you do see epay often.

Even more of the less common names are Bignonia heptaphylla, Ebene Vert, Ipes, Lbne, benier de Guyane, Purple lapacho, Tabebui heptaphylla, Red Lapacho, bne, Tabebuia palmeri, Taheebo Tea, Tabebuia ip, Tecoma impetiginosa, Th Taheebo, and Tecoma ip.

Extracts Are A Useful Form For Herbs

Pau D’Arco extract, or tincture made from this herb, is very useful to keep around.

1. It is extremely good to help with cancer and many other tragic diseases as stated, but it is not to be taken for more than a month at a time.

2. It is mildly toxic and can have some bad effects in large doses. You need to take small doses at a time.

3. The extract or tincture form is the best known form of use in countries other than where it is grown.

4. Indigenous peoples are very used to it in a tea form as they have fresh sources for it.

5. Pau D’Arco is most widely known for its useful help with cancer as it is known as the “South American Cure for Cancer”.

I know about Pau D’Arco and that it is a powerful anti cancer plant. Have never tried the tea, however. Does it taste like Esiac? I’m not fond of herbal teas, especially when they are bitter, however the most important thing is that they do the job. I appreciate all the detailed info. Thanks Kaite.
amazon ugg slippers 30 South American Cure For Cancer