bailey bow uggs on sale 15 ways to tell it’s fall in Coastal Alabama

ugg gloves sale uk 15 ways to tell it’s fall in Coastal Alabama

Leaf peeping? Is that when you pull up the fig leaf in the bathroom at Manci’s?

Ohhh, you mean driving around looking at leaves in the fall. Well, we don’t know much about that down here in and around Mobile, but we do have our own signs that fall is upon us.

1. That one tree that changes color. Birches, maples and a few other trees do give us some color in the fall, but mainly our oaks and pine trees keep us in a green canopy year round.

2. Wardrobe changes. As of the very first day of fall: ladies break out the tights and boots; girls swap their flip flops for Ugg boots to go with their Nike running shorts; guys add a hoodie to their shorts and T shirt combo.

3. Spooky graveyards. Dedman.”

4. Giant spiders. Homes are suddenly adorned with faux insects bigger than our usual cockroaches. Don’t call the exterminator for these.

5. Mum’s the word. In front of every door in Mobile, you’ll find the bright yellow (and orange and maroon and lavender) blooms of potted mums. And in November, a sure sign of fall is the incredible display of cascading chrysanthemums at Bellingrath Gardens and Home.

6. Friday night lights. At stadiums in Mobile and Baldwin County, the lights burn bright on Friday nights as fans support their favorite football teams.

7. Monarchs. The monarchs have arrived like the royalty they are at the Grand Hotel in Point Clear. No, not William and Kate it’s the monarch butterflies that are a sight to behold during their migration in October.

8. Fields of white. Snow is a rare sight, but we do see lots of white, fluffy stuff in the form of cotton fields this time of year.

9. Convertibles. It’s actually too hot to have the top down in the summertime in Mobile,
bailey bow uggs on sale 15 ways to tell it's fall in Coastal Alabama
but when the weather hovers around 70 degrees for a few days? Those are ragtop days, indeed.

10. Ammo and camo. Local sporting goods stores are fully stocked for deer season, which starts in late November.

11. Door decor. We love to decorate our front doors for any occasion, and Halloween is as good an excuse as any to hang a wreath or a skeleton. (Or to just call Ron Barrett and ask him to create something wonderful!)

12. Go camping. Now’s the time to camp out at the beach, which is uncrowded and gorgeous right now. Gulf State Park offers three primitive campsites with canvas tents furnished with cots. Bring your bike to explore the Hugh S. Banyon Backcountry Trail.

13. Satsumas. They’ll soon be ripe, and you can find them in lots of local yards. This juicy, delicious Gulf Coast fruit is as easy to peel as it is appealing.

14. Hay bales. If you don’t have a couple of hay bales stacked in your front yard, you’re not really feeling the season. Pile pumpkins on them, and you have a display that says “It’s fall, y’all!”

15. Get lost. ‘Tis the season for corn mazes. Take the family to Seward Farms, just west of the state line in Mississippi, and see how long it takes to work your way out of the corn stalks that are taller than you. Tip: For the next two Saturdays,
bailey bow uggs on sale 15 ways to tell it's fall in Coastal Alabama
ghouls rule at the Haunted Hayride and Field of Fright!