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facebook email Sunday, January 21, 2007, 12:00 AM

PARK CITY, UTAH Celebs descended on Park City this weekend for the film and frivolity that is the Sundance Film Festival. Gracing Main St. in the Utah ski town in their Ugg boots and furs were Robert Redford, Sienna Miller, Diddy, Tiger Woods, Winona Ryder, Dennis Hopper, Damon Dash and Philip Seymour Hoffman.

Woods surprised the crowd at Tao yes, the New York eatery has a Sundance outpost on the festival’s first night by arriving with friends. “He was kind of reclusive and asked to be upstairs,” said a partygoer.

Diddy showed up for the first night of the MySpace parties, where he proceeded to party with Nick Cannon, Jamie Kennedy and Bijou Phillips, while Adam Brody, Nick Nolte and Molly Shannon picked up free Lacoste swag at the Marquee Hospitality Suite.

Tara eyes out of rehab party

On the eve of her emancipation from rehab, the word on the street here is that beauty queen Tara Conner get this is looking to throw a coming out party at her former New York haunt,
ugg australia classic short boots chestnut STARS PARK UGGS IN SUNDANCE FOR FILMS AND FUN
Stereo. It was her hard partying at the club that got the Kentucky bred Miss USA in trouble with pageant boss Donald Trump.

Buzzword is ‘Serious’

Joining the boldfaced names are nearly 30,000 film industry folks, all of whom are looking for the next “Little Miss Sunshine.”

But the themes this year are much more serious the Iraq war, environmental destruction and sexual scandal. “The Ten” David Wain’s comedic take on the Ten Commandments, starring Winona Ryder and Jessica Alba.

“Chicago Ten” A documentary about the infamous trial of a group of protesters at the 1968 Democratic convention.

“Grace Is Gone” John Cusack plays a husband who must tell his young children that their mom has been killed in Iraq.

“An American Crime” A sadistic Catherine Keener inflicts horrible abuses on a young girl, including using her body as an ashtray, in the most shocking film of all. It’s so disturbing one viewer in yesterday’s audience passed out.

Britney checks in

Britney Spears rolled into town, shacking up at the Hotel Park City. No word on whether she packed her underwear.

New York moment

Many of New York’s hottest nightlife names have come to Park City to play. But they weren’t expecting to see a film tearing down one of their own.

“Delirious,” written and directed by Tom DiCillo, fictionalizes the life of paparazzo Steve Sands, portrayed as a desperate wanna be who plots to murder his former best friend.

The flick, starring Steve Buscemi, Alison Lohman, Gina Gershon, Michael Pitt and Elvis Costello, had its premiere Friday. Anand Jon, Ian Ziering, DiCillo,
ugg australia classic short boots chestnut STARS PARK UGGS IN SUNDANCE FOR FILMS AND FUN
Gershon and Buscemi partied afterward at the Premiere Lounge.