ugg office slay vic sent mom eerie text after disappearance

ugg london slay vic sent mom eerie text after disappearance

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Mother of beach slay victim received eerie text from daughter after she disappeared Beach slay vic sent mom eerie text after disappearance

facebook email Marisha Cheong was found dead, with her hands and feet bound. Her mother believes her live in boyfriend, Latchman Balkaran, hasn’t revealed everything he knows about her disapperance in December. (Courtesy Cheong Family/New York Daily News)

The mother of a Queens woman whose bound body washed ashore over the weekend received a single, startling text from her daughter’s phone the day she disappeared, the Daily News has learned.

“Mom am fine,” said the cryptic message from Marisha Cheong’s phone sent hours after the 24 year old went missing Dec. 19. “I just need Little time to think. Am good.”

But Bibi Ali believes the text came from someone who had a hand in her daughter’s death.

“It’s not her,” the mourning mother insisted Tuesday. “I know in my heart it wasn’t from her. She never addressed me as mom. Wherever we are, whatever it was, she called me ‘mommy.'”

Bibi Ali (left), 46, mother of Marisha Cheong, says she’s convinced Marisha Cheong’s boyfriend knows what happened to her. (Courtesy Cheong Family)

In more than a dozen heartbreaking messages that followed, Ali begged Cheong to call her.

“Marisha call me I love u please call me,
ugg office slay vic sent mom eerie text after disappearance
” wrote Ali that evening, the day Cheong was last seen following a fight with her live in boyfriend.

But her desperate pleas were never answered.

Text messages from mother Bibi Ali and her daughter Marisha Cheong after she disappeared.

Cheong’s bruised body washed ashore in the Rockaways on Saturday, close to the Gil Hodges Memorial Bridge. She was wearing a pair of pajamas and one black Ugg boot. Her hands and feet were bound with rope.

The city’s medical examiner has yet to determine the cause of death.

Cops have interviewed Latchman Balkaran, 26, Cheong’s boyfriend. The have not named him a suspect. Still, Ali maintains that Balkaran is hiding something.

Ali says that her daughter, Marisha, did not call her mom and doesn’t believe responses to her texts came from Cheong.

“Every time somebody talks to him he has a different story,” Ali said.

“I don’t understand why they think I would do something like that,” Balkaran told The News on Monday. “They know how I am.”

Ali also said that police are examining surveillance video captured near Cheong’s Jamaica home the day she went missing. It shows a woman escorting Cheong out of her house, Ali said.

For the moment, Ali is grieving alone. “I’m supposed to be marrying off my daughter,” she said, “not burying her.”.
ugg office slay vic sent mom eerie text after disappearance