ugg outlet uk store 3 ways the Mass Effect series is like Lost

ugg boots house of fraser 3 ways the Mass Effect series is like Lost

With it season 6 premiere, it the beginning of the end for Lost . Once this is over, I not sure what going to replace the infuriating mysteries or the rampant speculation of what really happened on the island. Where am I going to find my serial fix? The closest thing out there to Lost isn necessarily on TV; it in video games, more specifically the Mass Effect series. Harping more on the points made in my review last week, here are three reasons why Mass Effect is like Lost.

1. The continuity. Both game and TV series are sticklers for long involved stories that click across a broader timeline. In Mass Effect, that done through multiple games where actions have consequences that reverberate throughout the series. In Lost, that continuity goes through multiple seasons, eras and now realities. I suppose Mass Effectdoes have its own alternate realities, but that dependent on how fans play their Cmdr. Shepard. One Mass Effect universe may have Rachni still living while another may have them extinct. To get multiple realities in Lost, all you have to do is blow a hydrogen bomb with a rock. The interesting thing is that the alternate realities in Lost replace the flashbacks/flashforwards in the previous seasons.

2. Some of them have been in the series since the original. But it interesting how both franchises go about exploring each character background. Later on, they use flashforwards to do the same thing. This season, they apparently using alternate realities to show the what ifs and the consequences of fixing the past.

In Mass Effect 2, players don have flashbacks per se, instead they have sidequests that delve into the murky histories of each teammate. Jack goes back to the lab where she was held only to find things different from what she remembered. Miranda talks about her escape and cloned sister. It a smart, intimate and unobtrusive way of filling in the background of each squad member. I actually enjoyed these stories more than the main overarching plot.

3. Twists and cliffhangers The one complaint I have about the Mass Effect series is that they don do cliffhangers very well. Each game has an ending that wraps things up in a nice tidy package, but they don leave players wondering about what happens next. That something that Lost is infuriatingly good at. The closest thing to a Mass Effect cliffhanger was a teaser that showed Cmdr. Shepard dead. This was a great lead in to Mass Effect 2, but it would have been mind blowing if they showed that at the end of the original. Can you imagine all the bulletin board speculation and Internet ink that would have been spilled guessing at whether was Shepard was really dead or not?

Again, it goes without saying. Lost is the king of cliffhangers and no other series leaves you cussing at the TV more than this show. Half the time, fans don even know what going on, but they sure do like talking about it and delving into the mythology.

And I guess this brings up my last point. Mass Effect shouldn be turned into a movie. That the worst idea ever. It be shortchanging the universe and the narrative that BioWare set up. Instead of movie, they should turn it into a TV show. there be enough material to keep gamers and watchers happy. The plot would have to be altered a bit to keep some mystery, but the foundation is there for a great serial.

I cannot agree more that it would be a disaster to turn mass effect into a movie and gamers everywhere would be (or should be) insulted. One reason is because movies barely can turn into videogames, and videogames can barely turn into movies. Especially RPGS. What if i played as female shepard? the whole friggin series is ruined now because i have to watch some dude who speaks in monotone and looks like a landscaper pose as my gorgeous female commander shepard. Then there the issue between evil shepard and good shepard. What if i wanted shepard to be evil? What if I wanted him/her to be good? The movie will never be able to satisfy the crowd the same way because they cannot manipulate the storyline and make it personal.

I know this is different, but just as an example, prince of persia the movie was terrible. now i don like it as much and i especially dont like it because non gamers got to experience it.

I think Mass Effect would lend itself very well to becoming a great movie OR TV series. By that I mean the Mass Effect Universe, NOT the individual games. Bri made an excellent point about the differences in players choices and their own custom Shepard. If a movie is made, it should NOT be about Shepard at ALL. It should be a backstory, perhaps on the first contact war with humanity, and our rise into galactic civilization. This would give fans some extra content, as well as serve as a gateway for people new to the franchise. They could even include backstory of some of the more canonical characters.

Either way, NO SHEPARD. But a movie would still be awesome.

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ugg outlet uk store 3 ways the Mass Effect series is like Lost