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Soccer mom madam shrieks at woman who allegedly betrayed her: ‘You broke my heart, Jaynie!’ Soccer mom madam shrieks at ex friend: ‘You broke my heart!’

“Jayne, you broke my heart,” Gristina yelled at Jaynie Mae Baker, after the latter copped a plea to a misdemeanor promoting prostitution charge to avoid jail. “You broke my heart, Jaynie!”

Her voice breaking, Gristina trailed Baker through the Manhattan Supreme Court corridor to an elevator bank.

“You interacted with my family, my children my animal rescue,” Gristina complained. “How could you?”

Baker, a glamorous blonde dressed to the nines in tight black jeans and a gray tweed jacket, had managed to keep her composure until then.

But with those words, Baker finally rounded on her former friend.

“I didn’t,” Baker whispered and climbed on an elevator.

Wearing mink and Uggs, Anna Gristina appears in court Wednesday at the hearing of her former cohort. (Joe Marino/New York Daily News)

Gristina, dressed in a mink coat, jeans and tan Ugg boots, seemingly couldn’t comprehend and began bawling.

“She said, I didn’t,” Gristina, now a brunette, said as she rode down in another elevator. “I don’t understand.”

Outside the courthouse, Gristina read a statement and ripped into Baker again.

“What information has Miss Baker been whispering into the ears of eager prosecutors?” she said. “Whose secrets has she been telling? I don’t believe for one moment nor should any reasonable person believe that Miss Baker hasn’t been playing kiss and tell.”

Gristina, who last year tried to close the little black book on her sensational case by pleading guilty to a single count of promoting prostitution, insisted she was “crucified in the press worldwide.”

“My family was vilified in a public witch hunt while Miss Baker played private footsie with Cy Vance,” Gristina said, referring to the district attorney.

Jaynie Mae Baker’s lawyer Robert Gottlieb, left, says his client ‘has a very, very bright future ahead.’ (Joe Marino/New York Daily News)

“Just what have they been talking about all this time? It’s double standards.”

Baker’s lawyer, Robert Gottlieb, insisted his client “conducted herself with class.”

“We are thankful that she was permitted to plead to the lesser charge and certainly thankful that the judge agreed to sentence her to the conditional discharge,” he said. “She fully intends to get on with her life. She accepted responsibility and has a very, very bright future ahead.”

Prosecutors had hoped to blow the lid off a huge prostitution operation they claimed Gristina and Baker had run for five years out of an E. 78th St. apartment.
ugg slippers uk Soccer mom madam shrieks at ex