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It was an effort between the state and local agents, working together across Erie County to put a stop to those who produce and sell meth.

Attorney General, Josh Shapiro, came to Erie today announcing the take down of four meth. operations; alongside of him several members of local law enforcement including Erie, Girard, State Police and the Sheriff Office.

$40,000 of meth. taken off the streets; 15 people arrested. Suspects range in age from 25 to 58 years old, all from Erie County with the exception of one man from Ohio.

One bust alone took $32,000 of meth. off the street and ten of these suspects were involved in that operation. Another operation was set up directly behind Elk Valley Elementary School in Lake City, PA. A third in a home with small children.

Because of the dangers associated with cooking meth, Attorney General Shapiro says this take down does more than just get drugs off the streets.

Attorney General Josh Shapiro says, “In one of these cases you had a 5 and 6 year old. People die all the time in these meth labs and we gotta make sure they are taken down and stopped; not just because of the poison they are infecting the community with, but in the ways they are making this product.”

The suspects are all facing manufacturing charges as well as possession and intent to deliver. Eight of the suspects were arrested today, two are expected to turn themselves in, and the others were detained at an earlier date.
waterproof uggs uk 15 arrested in local meth