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The Woodward Avenue Action Association (WA3) announces the launch of a new line of Woodward Avenue brand merchandise. The new line, which is now available via the Woodward online retail store, features one of the WA3’s best selling products: the official Woodward Avenue All American Road Sign. The web store also offers an eclectic array of Woodward themed merchandise, including historic apparel, authentic Woodward athletic style shirts, the first ever infant M Onesie, and the official “Cruisin’ the Original” book. All proceeds support the WA3, a 501 c3 non profit for Woodward Avenue.

Huggrz Boot Wraps of Troy is a new business which helps add fashion to boots. They cost $28 $44, are available in nearly 20 different fabrics, patterns and styles and can be mixed or matched with accessories. The wraps are made in Michigan and Fall River, Massachusetts.

“This idea started when I needed a warm pair of winter boots, but I could not decide on just one pair.” says Deb Miller, creator of Huggrz boot wraps. They were designed for the Ugg, Emu, and Bear Paw style boots;
cheap black uggs Huggrz Boot Wraps add style to step
but can be used on other types of suede boots as well.

The wraps are soft and easy to change out. There are three collections: The Aspen collection offers man made fur including mink, beaver and rabbit. The Santa Fe Collection offers soft acrylic animal prints, and the Bennington Collection offers sweater knit in a variety of colors and patterns. Huggrz also has accessories including pom poms and crisscross suede lacing.

Fourmidable, a Bingham Farms based real estate management company, announces E Crosstown, a firm that installs bulk wi fi internet access for apartment communities, office buildings and commercial developments. E Crosstown offers high speed, low cost wireless internet to property managers to offer as a point of distinction and amenity for their property.

“Research has shown that apartment residents rate high quality wi fi service as one of the top two amenities when searching for a home,” said Fourmidable President Scott Allen.

Olympia Group of Dearborn has added Father Murray Nursing and Rehabilitation Centre in Center Line to its family of facilities. The 231 bed skilled facility offers programs and services to meet the needs of patients who require short term, as well as long term care services, including complex sub acute care, skilled nursing services and intermediate care as well as specialized dementia care. The rehabilitation program offers patients physical, occupational, speech, respiratory and music therapy seven days a week.
cheap black uggs Huggrz Boot Wraps add style to step