ugg wedges sandals Inside Kenny Chesney’s Preshow Playlist And His New Deal With Apple Music Real Biz with Rebecca Jarvis Video

ugg scuffette slippers Inside Kenny Chesney’s Preshow Playlist And His New Deal With Apple Music Real Biz with Rebecca Jarvis Video

You’re wearing a place where you make music area aren’t the studio in California what would you are three year old self. Think of Kenny Chesney today. Selling out shows left and right. The partnership with apple music number one album. I I don’t know that you would understand it a cause I wanted to be an athlete to. Play second base for the Cincinnati Reds of the Boston Red Sox which was my two favorite teams while growing up I had a little bit of a dream in my head even. At that age. And I I live with my grandmother or stay at my grandmother a lot when I was a kid. And out walk out and in in her front yard sometimes is there that there at the stars alone if there was anything. Past the county line where I’ll live. Steady business. People might not know that about you but you actually and were originally on that pat. At the time when I was in college if you ask me if in from I would be applying it like this. I don’t think that I would’ve said yes but. My marketing and advertising degree from me says he stake him in very handy. I think college does a lot for you all the sudden your in this environment where nobody can bill you out of life that you for the first time in your life. And and that happened for me and that I got a degree in business and here I am writing songs for a living and going out there and trying to be a rock star. What I love I think you’re sixty. Is it any chance. Music has always been the thing. Me me fuel balanced solid human skin. And will cause I am so fan oriented driven. And that’s that’s what I think about all the time thing this association apple music just enhances all of that. I think it just helps my relationship that bond that I have with my audience because the more music we have are alive. The better I can open my computer and hit shuffle my iTunes and it would repeated song for three weeks you have three weeks worth of music a house a lot of different playlist clueless for pre show that’ll play list to work out with. Issue lately it’s my pre show playlist is all songs that were really. Aggressive. And high energy what do you think they know she’s nation would be most surprised to hear. Is part of that preach well I’ll I don’t know I think they’re pretty used to new plan a lot of really high energy music its everything that I group. I mean you name it it’s everything it’s Al Smith is a CDC it’s. As Bruce Springsteen. It’s. You name sounds like running half a half thought the video that you created is really cool whip apple music. When I get out there I’ll leave ever tell me the state can. Every single night. We see a lot of you behind the scenes there’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes did he get us to that point. I thought it was equally as important for people to see what goes. Into getting me on stage. You know. As it was to see the. The star out there is a guy. Who came from eastern Tennessee who killed himself and still kills himself to be up there every night and that’s is important for your fans to see. As it is going to use music and always elevated me music has always pushed me people are used to seeing me on stage. And seeing that part of my day in and that part of my night but they don’t know how much heart soul goes into getting me up there now o’clock. But a lot of different. People what’s your number one piece of advice to all the young people who are looking up to you. Wanting to do and accomplish the things you’ve done. The one thing that always say and that I always think about as just do it there’s no correct way are incorrect way this is go and does it all the sudden it’s becomes what you do. All of a sudden I was in college. And I was. Playing a couple now so we can in the college bar. For tips and free enchiladas and a few Beers and next thing you know is planned for last week next thing you know immigration and law like that next thing you know. I was. People were actually listening to what I was doing and that’s addictive all the sudden it just became something that I was doing a lot. Never realizing that I was have music take me to places and allow me to meet people that I would never met. Music is the most powerful thing we have lines. You can change people you can transform people. And it’s been the one thing that I have leaned on for as long as I can remember. Went out in the locker pay anything else is there was always music to get me out meaning funk I was in or to make you feel happy or to. Mumia long line.

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ugg wedges sandals Inside Kenny Chesney's Preshow Playlist And His New Deal With Apple Music Real Biz with Rebecca Jarvis Video