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A Scranton man who failed to appear for sentencing Friday afternoon in an indecent assault case was taken into custody several hours later in a wooded area behind Allied Services.

Craig Wayne Rodney was apprehended after security at Allied, which is on the Morgan Highway, called police about a suspicious man in the woods, Lackawanna County First Assistant District Attorney Gene Talerico said.

Mr. Friday in the vicinity of the former Holy Cross Church in West Scranton, Mr. Talerico said. for sentencing in an August sexual assault on a 4 year old girl who was in his care.

As reported at the time, the child was interviewed and examined at the Children’s Advocacy Center of Northeastern Pennsylvania, where she said she had been sexually assaulted on Aug. 26 and Aug. 27 while Mr. Rodney watched her at his house.

Police said the girl showed signs of having been sexually assaulted. During an interview with investigators, police said Mr. Rodney admitted he molested the girl.

In October, he was charged with aggravated indecent assault, indecent assault, corruption of minors, unlawful contact with a minor and endangering the welfare of children. He pleaded no contest in February.

Mr. He was taken to the Lackawanna County Prison, Mr. If you are innocent, you fight like hell to prove that to your accuser and everyone. Why do you believers take his word that he did not do this as truth when he, I repeat myself, ADMITTED to it? You must be his family. If you are his family, can you not think of believing in and trusting and loving and helping and supporting this child? Craig Wayne Rodney is a bad doing adult. You need to place your love and support in this innocent child. Get on your hands and knees and beg the childs mother and the child too to forgive you for placing your faith in the WRONG PERSON. Bless you little girl. Be strong. May your tender age help you to be able to put this behind you and never remember it as an adult. Go on with your life little girl and let love, real true not EVIL love into your heart.

Know the law, folks.1. Bail is important. Mere charges don’t justify denial of bail, ordinarily. Innocent people DO get charged with these crimes to. I’m not passing on the guilt or innocence of this man; I’m merely saying that those advocating “no bail ever whatsoever” are short sighted. The purpose of bail is to ensure that one appears in court.2. Alright, he pled no contest. But in Pennsylvania, one can withdraw a no contest or guilty plea before sentencing. This man had, up to the point of his no contest plea,
adirondack uggs assault sentencing taken into custody
appeared in court when ordered to do so. There was therefore no reason to believe that he would not appear for sentencing . and, in fact, had an order to revoke bail been issued, his response might have been to withdraw his no contest plea. That would’ve forced the prosecutors into a trial with a four year old needed to testify, and, with the plea withdrawn, there would be no reason to hold him without bail (he being presumed innocent and he having, to that point, obeyed the requirement that he appear in court when ordered)3. Now, of course, things are different. He fled. Therefore, while he can probably still withdraw his no contest plea, he won’t be released since a judge now has justification for declining to make his bail an amount that he can post. So whether this case is decided by trial or based on his no contest plea, he’ll sit in jail.4. Keep in mind that you see only the tip of the iceberg in this case. Naturally, the media reports about a case in which a man on bail flees. But you don’t hear about the many, many cases in which a person is arrested, makes bail, shows up for court, pleads guilty, is released on bail awaiting sentencing, appears for sentencing, and then is sentenced (sometimes to jail). Indeed, it is not uncommon for someone sentenced to jail to get a reporting date to appear at the jailhouse door. Policy about bail should not be made based on upon one man’s failure to report for his sentencing hearing.

We all feel the same way. WE need to stand up for these kids whether they are ours or not DO SOMETHING. Make the courts understand. He should not have had the opportunity to post bail. He’s been a free man for over 8 months. It’s nonsense. We need stricter penalties for child abuse that must be imposed immediately. No bail provided, no option to live your life like it never happened. This family has to live with this nightmare FOREVER. Lock him up, get him a girlfriend, shame him for the rest of his miserable life.
adirondack uggs assault sentencing taken into custody