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Assessing your Novel Writing Progress: Check These Four Things

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Its important to check the status of your novel now and again during the writing process. The middle of your draft makes for a good stopping point. Is the story heading towards an ending that will wow your readers? Take a time out and see how you are doing.

You wont do any rewrites at this point even if the story has taken a new direction. There is no pain involved here (comma) only thinking. Four steps will assist you in determining the course of your story. So, put away the red pen and get ready for some fun. What makes the process all worthwhile is producing a story that you love. Dont be fooled”cranking out cookie cutter books just to say you have been published doesnt satisfy the writing soul.

You will get knocked around while writing your masterpiece. But, its not all bad. You and your Muse will create a collaborative work you can be proud of. If you find that the thrill is gone, begin again with a new idea.

The second thing to do is determine the path your book is taking. Does your original sentence still hold true? An answer in the affirmative means you can continue on to step three.

When you find that a departure from your sentence has taken place, tweak it. You are constructing the book that you were meant to write and your sentence has to encompass that. Making changes to your sentence is not a big deal. Wipe the sweat from your brow.

The third step involves your characters. Characters are like the population of your own mini universe. Arrange them in a manner that will complete your plan. The ones that have gone rogue can be remolded in your master factory. Reshape characters in your mind only for now; the red pen is still not required.

The last thing to be done is to check to see that the plot soup is thickening. Your plot cards are like a recipe. Adding ingredients in the right order according to the recipe will yield the right results. If you wing it, your plot soup could be thin enough to see through. Dont be afraid to change plot lines or get rid of some altogether.

That was not as bad as you thought (comma) was it? Each step mentioned above prepares you for any surgery in the future. Cutting too soon can destroy a good character or plot soup in its infancy. Before picking up the knife, see the story through to completion.
ugg boots uk kids Assessing your Novel Writing Progress