ugg boots womens Baltimore Sun Reader Comments Spam

ugg slippers women Baltimore Sun Reader Comments Spam

these “comments” make me nuts too. I really enjoy the comments but this spam is starting to make me avoid reading them.

Some idiot must be getting paid to “work at home” and all they have to do is cut and paste that nonsense into message boards all day. The Sun gets an F in site maintenance for allowing that to happen. Other sites make it more difficult to do and if someone does sneak on some spam it gets removed quickly. The Sun doesn’t care. The should just remove the comments sections if they are going to allow that crap. I find it disrespectful especially when their “comment” follows a story of a tragic death or something along those lines.

The story about the 14 year old being hit by the train was slammed with spam. I couldn’t figure out what was worse.. The spamming, or the posts about how the girl “deserved” to die.

And one odd thing on one of the blogs (where supposedly the blog moderator reviews comments posted first) I saw one of these. Guess they just rubberstamp any post

I’ve seen that, too. It’s likely that the spammers have found a way to circumvent the review system. They’ve gotten good at defeating captchas, too, hence the reason why captchas have gotten so ridiculous lately. Heck, I can’t even read them!
ugg boots womens Baltimore Sun Reader Comments Spam