ugg purses Turning 13 on Friday the 13th

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Saturday, Michelle says she is hoping her best pal, Tasia Veloz, can hang out, spend the night and then take in the big Sunday swimming party at Black Hawk College. It, too, is in honor of Michelle becoming a teenager.

Later Sunday, Michelle will study she has a 4.0 grade point average and practice the flute. She loves playing the flute and hopes someday to be part of the top notch marching band at United Township High School.

Some people may live in fear of Friday the 13th, but Michelle Crosby is having none of it. She won’t play the superstitious game or try to pronounce “friggatriskaidekaphobia,” the fear of Friday the 13th. Life is good on all fronts.

“I’ve had some friends tell me I’m heading for disaster,” said Michelle, courteous to a fault. “It’s my 13th birthday, and it’s on Friday the 13th. I’m not superstitious. I really don’t understand the word and all the bad luck stuff that comes with Friday the 13th. I really haven’t thought about that end of things. It’s my birthday, and I’m excited about turning 13.”

Truth be told, Michelle’s schedule does not permit much time to worry or think about the double 13, so called bad luck combination she’s dealing with today. She has her grades to maintain and must practice the flute. There are commitments as a student council member, and there is swimming. She is practicing and taking extra lessons in hopes of joining the East Moline Swim Club this spring.

“I’m looking forward to today and the weekend,” Michelle said. “There’s a lot going on with my family, my friends and with my birthday. I’m not scared or worried. I wouldn’t know about being superstitious if people wouldn’t have said something to me about the day.”

Michelle, who has her eye on attending the University of Florida and chasing a career as a marine biologist, already has one part of the day out of the way.

“My grandmother Robin bought me one present I really wanted, a new pair of Uggs (boots),” Michelle said. “I already have them, and they are great. But getting to spend the day with my family and friends is enough, really.”
ugg purses Turning 13 on Friday the 13th

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chocolate brown ugg boots Try to put yourself in this man’s shoes

RESENDING FOR IMPROVED TONING. Cleveland Indians pitcher Fausto Carmona, whose real name is Roberto Hernandez Heredia, speaks to the press in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, Friday Jan. 20, 2012. He is the second Dominican player arrested in recent weeks for using a false identity. (AP Photo/Manuel Diaz)

In 11 days, the Indians’ catchers and pitchers (yes, I put the catchers first. Why do pitchers always get top billing?) will report to Goodyear, Ariz., for the start of spring training.

For some fans, particularly those who were less than thrilled with the Indians’ decision to re sign the inconsistent starter this offseason, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Truth is, Tribe supporters who didn’t like the then Carmona before his arrest in the Dominican Republic downright despise him now.

According to government statistics, as reported by Rural Poverty Portal, more than one third of the Dominican population lives in poverty, with the majority of those existing in “extreme poverty.” Further, about 20 percent of the poorest Dominicans do not receive most types of social assistance because they are without proper documentation, such as birth certificates and identity papers.

If you’re scoring at home, here’s the equation:

Extreme poverty + desperation + incomplete birth records + an extremely gifted right arm = Roberto Fausto Heredia Carmona.

None of us can honestly comprehend the hopelessness that must hang over the head of every impoverished soul in a country like the one Heredia calls his homeland.

Close your eyes when you have a moment, and in the deep recesses of your imagination, open them and visualize the dirt road and crumbling shack before you. Feel the ragged clothes. Witness your family members near starvation, loved ones living in virtual homelessness,
uggs short boots Try to put yourself in this man's shoes
and no prospects beyond whatever the fields may produce in the next growing season.

Then, as you pass the time and block out the despair by losing yourself in a game of ball with friends, let your eyes gaze upon the man watching nearby. Listen as the man introduces himself as a Major League Baseball scout who has been scouring your countryside looking for soft hands, quick wrists and live arms just like yours.

You learn that a 15 or 16 year old with a sweet swing or a power fastball is worth a lot more to this man with the clipboard than a 19 or 20 year old is.

And you look back again at the shack that houses your hungry family.

Now ask yourself: Are you so suddenly wrapped up in morality and ethics that you’d scribble down what you believe to be your correct birthdate, when one stroke of a different number at the end of that date could lift yourself and your family to heights you never dreamed possible?

If it sounds like I’m trying to justify Heredia’s deception, well, I guess I am.

Normally, I wouldn’t condone cheating or lying, especially when multi million dollar contracts are being negotiated, and a ball club needing to know exactly what they’re getting for their long term investment. What I’m asking, however, is for the rest of us to simply put ourselves in his place for just a few minutes, back when he was a teenager, before we cast our first stones at him.

Even here at home, if someone told you they’d give you $10,000 to do a job at your age, but $50,000 if you were a couple years younger, wouldn’t you be tempted to tell them whatever age they wanted to hear? Even if you had to offer someone else a percentage of your money to borrow their name for a few years?

Perhaps you wouldn’t. Perhaps you’ve contemplated the possibility and convinced yourself that you’d rather suffer and starve with your integrity than take advantage of an opportunity that would only come once.

Even if Heredia is never granted another visa to work here in the United States, I doubt he’ll ever regret the little white lie that pulled himself and his family out of the ditch that Dominican life had thrown them into.

It is my sincere hope that No. 55 is able to make amends with the federal governments of both nations he calls home, and the first time he climbs the mound in the center of Progressive Field as Roberto Heredia, I’ll be standing and cheering even if others are throwing stones.
uggs short boots Try to put yourself in this man's shoes

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ugg kids TV weathergirl Storm Huntley on her unusual moniker

She was born in the middle of a huge electrical storm and her mother was reading a book in which the protagonist had the unusual name.Now she’s the weather presenter on STV Glasgow and her unusual moniker is perfect for her role.Storm, 27, said: “I got my name for two different reasons. The first reason was because my mum was reading a Wilbur Smith book while she was pregnant called A Sparrow Falls and the main character was Storm Courtney.”And then, on the night I was born there was a big electrical storm, so she decided that Storm was the name for me to everyone else’s dismay.”It was very unusual back then, and I don’t think anyone else was that impressed with it. My gran refused to call me Storm for the first six months and she’d just refer to me as ‘the baby.'”It’s all fine now, though and I love having an unusual name. But when I was younger I got teased incessantly.”I’ve heard all the lines possible, ‘She’s under the weather’ or ‘there’s a storm brewing’, anything with a pun.”Now I just challenge people to come up with something original.”Her name wasn’t the only thing that made Storm, from Bishopbriggs, near Glasgow, stand out.When she was just 18 months, she suffered first and second degree burns.She said: “I’ve got some fairly big scars on my arm and torso, from when I foolishly poured a kettle of boiling water over myself.”It was all over my face, too, but that has healed differently from the rest of the scars on my neck, my shoulder, my tummy, and my arm.”It was pretty bad but luckily I didn’t need to get any skin grafts.”And although she has to dress more carefully to cover the scars, it hasn’t affected her love of clothes.”I love fashion, and I like to be smart, so wearing long sleeves that cover my scars isn’t difficult.”I like to think of myself as part rock chick, and part Audrey Hepburn, so I like to mix those two looks together. I’d say I’m big on style but not on fashion, so I like to wear things that suit me rather than following fashion.”I have to choose all my own outfits for presenting on STV Glasgow and it takes up a lot of time. You have to be colourful and smart all the time, and you have to wear something different every day. I love the high street but I don’t have as much time as I’d like to have for shopping these days.”Storm said she didn’t plan on becoming a weather presenter.”I didn’t have a well set out career plan. I got ping ponged about a bit in my career. I started off doing politics and economics at Glasgow University and while I was there I did student radio. I just fell in love with radio, so during the summer, I went down to London to help set up a community radio station, On FM.
ugg trainers with fur TV weathergirl Storm Huntley on her unusual moniker

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buy ugg Tuition Fees

Committed to an affordable education.

Abilene Christian University is doing its part to increase access to higher education by offering an innovative approach to pricing. Because ACU is committed to making its quality Christian higher education affordable, it has moved to an annual block tuition plan for full time undergraduate students. A block (also known as “flat rate”) tuition plan helps families shorten the time it takes students to earn a degree, plan better financially, save money each year, and reduce debt upon graduation.

At most schools, block tuition allows students to take 12 18 hours of credits each long semester (fall and spring) for the same price. ACU’s annual block tuition plan allows students to take up to 36 hours across the entire year for one price.

The price includes all required student fees (academic enrichment and technology, academic services, healthcare, public safety, and student activity and recreation). Block tuition does not include room and board or course specific and individual (parking, mailbox, etc.) fees.

The block tuition pricing model can save students up to $9,000. For instance, students no longer have to pay extra should they wish to take a summer course, or take more than 18 credits one particular semester; it’s already included. By taking more credits per semester,
ugg snow boots uk Tuition Fees
students can graduate early.

Graduate in Four Years or Less

Annual block tuition provides financial incentive for students to graduate with a bachelor’s degree in four years or less.

Because students can take more hours at no additional cost, they finish their degree faster and at significant savings.

ACU’s plan allows students to take up to 36 hours during the fall, spring and summer semesters, including short courses, internships, online and residential summer classes and Study Abroad. Any hours taken above 36 are billed at half the hourly tuition rate.

Entering the marketplace earlier allows students to begin their career sooner, providing them advantage over their peers.

Finishing a bachelor’s degree early allows students a head start on graduate studies.

ACU plans to increase the offering of graduate programs that allow students to earn a bachelor’s and master’s degree in five years or less.

Tuition, Fees and Room and Board

Tuition and Fees: $33,330 (Covers 24 36 hours for fall, spring and summer courses. Some optional fees are not included.)

Room and Board: $10,020 (Housing and meal plan rates vary by selection.)

2017 18 Total Estimated Cost: $43,350

The bottom line cost of an education at any college is probably more than you’re accustomed to paying for most things aside from maybe a car or a house and it requires you to plan responsibly.

All students, regardless of family income, are eligible to receive some type of student aid provided they have not been in default on student loans, are at least half time, and attend a college that participates in the Federal Student Aid program. Applications open each year online beginning October 1.
ugg snow boots uk Tuition Fees

childrens ugg slippers uk Twin baby girl choked to death in Debenhams store during shopping trip to buy first pair of shoes

chestnut ugg slippers Twin baby girl choked to death in Debenhams store during shopping trip to buy first pair of shoes

Tragic Hazel Eve Blake died after she and her identical twin sister Lily were born with the extremely rare condition tracheo oesophageal fistula.Mum Sally McKimm had taken both the girls to buy their first pair of shoes when Hazel began to choke at the Debenhams restaurant in Barrow, Cumbria.First aiders managed to get her breathing again, but she died hours later from a cardiac arrest in hospital.The twins underwent emergency surgery at birth for their condition, which means the oesophagus is not connected to the stomach.Children’s game of ‘pile on’ helped save dad’s life as jumping from sofa onto his chest imitated CPRHazel was the older of the twins, born one minute earlier than sister Lily.Sally said Hazel loved Lily and liked nothing more than to follow her around wherever she went.She said: “Hazel loved her sister. She laughed at everything that she did. It was brilliant having two and that was one thing that I’ve found really hard having two and now just having one.”Initially Sally’s pregnancy was not out of the ordinary. It was only after her daughters were born that doctors realised there was a problem.One day old baby girl dies due to ‘series of failings’ by medical staff after ‘midwives didn’t manage labour properly’Both were taken immediately to St Mary’s Hospital in Manchester for emergency surgery to correct the problem.Sally,
childrens ugg slippers uk Twin baby girl choked to death in Debenhams store during shopping trip to buy first pair of shoes
of Ramsgate Crescent, Walney, Barrow, said: “There are about 30 cases in the world where both twins have got it.”I thought they were going to starve to death. But I was told they could have surgery.”The family spent two months living in Ronald McDonald House in Manchester as their babies recuperated following their difficult start to life.Because of the trauma of surgery, anything the girls ate had to be liquidised or mashed to a paste.Sally said: “Hazel liked her food but sometimes it took an hour to feed them both.”On September 12 Sally was in Barrow with Hazel and Lily. They had just been to Clarks to get the girls measured for their first pair of shoes.Afterwards they went to Debenhams in Portland Walk for lunch. As they were eating Sally noticed Hazel was in some difficulty.
childrens ugg slippers uk Twin baby girl choked to death in Debenhams store during shopping trip to buy first pair of shoes

ugg boots sale clearance Turning grief over a boatyard death into action in Annapolis

ugg kensington Turning grief over a boatyard death into action in Annapolis

Matthew McHale loaded into his recently purchased Toyota truck and headed into an evening of work.

McHale worked at Prestige Yacht Management in Annapolis. On Nov. 5, 2016, he was tasked with winterizing a few boats. A routine job, he set to work on one of the boats.

Several hours later, McHale was dead. He died from an overexposure to carbon monoxide. When paramedics found him unconscious on the boat, the engines were still running and a strong smell of exhaust was still billowing from the shrink wrapped boat.

McHale’s parents, Aleta and Brian Ball, call it the worst day of their lives.

They have cried, they have prayed and they have cremated their son.

There are no Maryland laws that stipulate an appropriate procedure for winterizing boats. The Ball family is worried their tragedy could happen to someone else’s family.

Now is the time for action.

“He is in an urn sitting on our desk,” Aleta Ball said, fighting back tears. “It’s been the first year so we are trying to make something positive out of something so tragic. Being the sailboat capital of the world, you would think there would be awareness, stickers, pamphlets.”

She said, “I can’t help but thinking, they wouldn’t have him out there doing this if they were aware of some of the dangers.”

The Balls have partnered with state Sen. Ed Reilly, R Crofton, on two pieces of legislation.

One bill would require education and instruction on carbon monoxide safety and poisoning prevention. That legislation also would require placement of carbon monoxide, or CO, warning labels and detection systems on vessels with enclosed accommodation compartments.

If passed, boats failing to meet the criteria could not be operated or sold. Failure also would come with a $1,000 civil penalty fine. The bill also calls for the creation of a brochure discussing the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Reilly’s other bill has been dubbed Matthew’s Law. Its purpose is much simpler: prohibiting businesses from winterizing boats that have already been shrink wrapped. It has been named after McHale due to its specificity.

McHale’s parents are adamant the legislation would help prevent another tragedy.

His death was preventable, Aleta Ball said.

“We want to save lives,” Brian Ball said. “It is such common sense.”

McHale’s deathThere was never a concern among McHale’s family that Nov. 5 and 6, 2016, would turn into the tragedy it did.

McHale recently had bought a boat he planned to live on. He was familiar with boating and engines, having learned mechanic skills at school. He enjoyed helping friends who had engine problems.

His mother called McHale a quiet boy who kept to himself but was a warm presence among the family, which includes an older and younger brother.

So when Annapolis police Lt. Kevin Krauss showed up at the Balls’ door early in the morning flanked by Anne Arundel County police officers, Brian Ball, who answered the door, thought McHale had gotten into trouble.

The officers continued to insist they come inside when the truth began to dawn on him: McHale had died.

He remembered telling the officers, “Please don’t tell my wife her son is dead.”

Krauss stayed with the family for several hours, talking and crying with them.

He has stayed in touch.

“I’ve been on the force for 21 years, I’ve had to make a lot of (death) notifications,” Krauss said. “This one was particularly hard. It could have been prevented if the company had better policies. It makes no sense why you would ever winterize a boat after it was shrink wrapped. It makes no sense to me.”

While talking with the family, Krauss laid out everything that happened.

McHale had been running the engines in the covered boat, as required in the winterizing process. Typically shrink wrap is placed on the boat after the engines have been filled with antifreeze and idled.

After working for a bit, McHale sent text messages to a supervisor that he wasn’t feeling well, Krauss said.
ugg boots sale clearance Turning grief over a boatyard death into action in Annapolis

ugg slipper boots uk Trying to change the system from within

mini uggs on sale Trying to change the system from within

Russell WangerskySuccessive reports on the RCMP have hammered the force for systemic workplace harassment, saying the force isn’t fixing things.

Others suggest it’s a common headspace for many police forces. Leslie Bikos, a former London police officer now studying police forces, wrote in the Globe and Mail this week that, “The culture of policing was originally built on white, traditionally masculine, conservative norms, and is based on hyper masculinity, loyalty and, above all, silence.”

Former auditor general Sheila Fraser, reviewing workplace harassment in the RCMP, had a stark analysis: “While the RCMP is currently engaged in a conscientious effort to deal with harassment, I am of the view that revised policies and procedures and training will not adequately deal with the problem. It will take a long time to fix and will require a vastly different approach.”

Why? Because of where it all began.

I’ve never been a rookie police officer, but I have been a rookie firefighter. And while times have hopefully changed for firefighters now, I can tell you that I experienced remarkably, “white, traditionally masculine, conservative norms based on hyper masculinity, loyalty and, above all, silence.” And that doesn’t serve anyone.

You’re working completely inside the fire department tent. My role models, and leaders, were exactly that, at least on the outside. They’re training you to fight fires. They’re also training you how to behave and what is and isn’t acceptable. How jokes are possible about the most horrible situations. They show you a rulebook that, outside the department, would horrify the average person.

It doesn’t make it right (no, it’s still horribly, horribly wrong) but new police officers, like the new firefighters I knew years ago, were and maybe still are surrounded by it constantly.

If you’re tormented by a senior officer, you shut up and take it. Hazed? Price of admission if you complain, you’re weak. If you’re wracked with nightmares about violent accident scenes, you shut your mouth and tell no one. They party hard you party hard. You become more and more alone, or you find a flawed coping strategy like excess, secret drinking or drugs.

It is its own kind of conditioning, and those who kick against the norms find themselves isolated, or, more likely, the scapegoat targets of more harassment.

And it’s destructive, even to those who seem to fit in.

My strong, silent role model in one fire department, after I wrote about my respect for him, let me know about his slide into depression and drug use, alone in all the same doubts and fears that I had. I think it’s far more common than anyone knows.

Adults are the product of their upbringing. Senior officers are products of theirs, as well.

Don’t forget: yesterday’s recruits, dipped and hardened in a very dark pool, are today’s senior officers.

Change can take a long time, unless it’s being hammered away at almost daily.

I think fire departments have come a long, long way at least, I hope they have. I know police officers are united in their belief that people on the outside are not even equipped to understand what it’s like to actually wear those shoes. And I can see why it’s hard to change.
ugg slipper boots uk Trying to change the system from within

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bow ugg boots TV WHKY Talk Radio

Michelle Morgan has announced her candidacy for the Catawba County Board of Commissioners.

Ms. Morgan is a longtime resident of Catawba County and a Development Specialist for Women’s Resource Center. She volunteers her time as a court appointed child advocate with the Catawba Valley Guardian Ad Litem Association and has served on several area boards, including the Western Piedmont Symphony, Hickory Community Theatre and the Guardian Ad Litem Association.

Ms. Morgan and her husband, Bill Morgan, live in Hickory. She has one daughter, Sydney, who was raised in Catawba County and now lives in New York City.

The City of Lenoir has hired Jared Wright to serve as its next Public Works Director. Mr. Wright has 17 years of experience in the construction industry. He has managed public and private projects, and he previously worked as the Stormwater Administrator for the city.

Mr. Wright will assume his new position on February 19. He will spend two weeks working alongside current Public Works Director Charles Beck. Mr. Beck will retire on March 1.

As Public Works Director, Mr. Wright will manage more than 40 employees and six divisions. Those divisions handle trash collection, leaf brush pickup, city street maintenance, storm drains, engineering for projects, maintenance of all city vehicles and maintenance at city facilities, cemeteries and downtown grounds.

Mr. Wright is a Caldwell County native. from North Carolina State University.

Mr. Wright first came to work for the city in 2011.

Mr. Wright and his wife, Courtney, have been married 13 years and have a 10 year old daughter. Courtney is the current principal at Sawmills Elementary School. They are members of First Baptist Church in Lenoir. yesterday on felony counts of possession with intent to manufacture, sell or deliver marijuana and possession of a schedule II controlled substance.

Gutierrez was taken into custody without incident at his residence. He was placed in the Catawba Co. Detention Facility with bond set at $10,000, secured. He has since been released. A first appearance in District Court was scheduled today in Newton.

17 year old Nicholas Carroll Anderson of Baker Street in Statesville was arrested by Iredell Co. Sheriff’s Officers yesterday (February 8) on charges of felony making a false report concerning mass violence on educational property and misdemeanor possession of a weapon on education property.

School officials at West Iredell High School on Warrior Drive in Statesville learned of a student who, earlier in the day, made comments about committing a violent act. The School Resource Officer was notified immediately.

An investigation was initiated by School Resource Officer Sergeant Dallas Hicks, Iredell County Detective Daniel Stikeleather and school staff. Statements were gathered from witnesses and the suspect, Nicholas Carroll Anderson. As part of the investigation, the suspect’s car, which was parked on campus, was searched and a fixed blade hunting knife with a five inch blade was found.

Anderson was taken into custody and placed in the Iredell Co. Detention Center under a $50,000 secured bond. No court date is currently listed. Firefighters responded with two engines, one ladder, one rescue truck and a command unit.

Upon arrival, Firefighters reported heavy fire and smoke coming from the house.

No injuries were reported. Fire damages were considered heavy. The Red Cross was called to assist the occupant.

The cause of the fire remains under investigation.

In Catawba County, filing for the 2018 election begins at 12 noon on February 12 and ends at 12 noon on February 28. Primary elections will be held on Tuesday, May 8, with the general election on Tuesday, November 6. House 89th 96th Districts, Catawba County Board of Commissioners, Catawba County Sheriff or Catawba County Clerk of Superior Court should do so at the Catawba County Board of Elections in Newton. Court of Appeals should do so at the North Carolina State Board of Elections in Raleigh.

Superior District Court Judges, County School Board, and Soil Water Conservation District Supervisors will file for offices beginning in June of this year.

Yesterday (February 6), Officers with the Catawba County Sheriff’s Narcotics Unit executed several search warrants at various locations in the county. The search warrants were the result of an investigation into large scale drug trafficking in the area, according to a press release issued by the Sheriff’s Office this morning.

Properties searched were located off of Highway 10 East in Catawba, off of Sunrise Beach Road in Catawba and on North Ashe Avenue in Newton. Investigators seized over $146,000 in cash, over a pound and a half of cocaine, over seven pounds of marijuana and one firearm. At least some of the drugs and the firearm were seized in a residential area less than a quarter mile away from North Newton Elementary School.

The investigation is ongoing. Several arrests are expected.

He was taken into custody without incident as Hickory Police assisted Probation Officers. Officers found 131 grams of marijuana (just over 4.5 ounces) in Danner’s residence. Danner is on probation as he serves a 24 month suspended sentence following a June 2017 conviction in Catawba County for felony possession with intent to sell a schedule II controlled substance.
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In pictures: Tulip showhome from CussinsIn pictures: Tulip showhome from CussinsTulip showhome from Cussins13 of 13Newcastle RestaurantsThe Asian tapas restaurant just over the Swing Bridge in Gateshead that’s out of this worldJust a short stroll over the Swing Bridge in Gateshead is a restaurant like no other, serving modern tapas and world food with an Asian twistSpecial FeaturesThe first ever Newcastle International Film Festival is in three weeks here’s how you can win free ticketsYou could be in with a chance of winning this fantastic prize two free Multi Pass tickets with access to a variety of films across all genres from around the world

Special FeaturesFan of Narcos on Netflix? You really don’t want to miss this incredible eventA conversation on Narcos with Steve Murphy and Javier Pea at Newcastle’s O2 Academy on Thursday, May 10

Eldon SquareThe competition to find the cutest kid in Newcastle and the North East is back!Entries are now in for the Cute Kids competition 2015. Vote now for your favourite child!

Your MoneyTermination Payments: Tax Free or Tax Trap? sponsored featureDeloitte gives an overview on the tax treatment of lump sum termination payments and benefits provided upon the termination of employment sponsored feature

ApprenticeshipsNew careers blossoming with construction group which continues to attract fresh talentMGL Group, which employs 25 apprentices and trainees working across the business, continues to invest in structured training programmes across 18 varied disciplines

ApprenticeshipsPwC is attracting the best talent to its ranks by transforming the way it worksSusan Blair tells us how PwC is making great strides towards becoming a workplace of the future by introducing flexible ways of working and new technology
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buy ugg slippers Twins’ pitcher Santiago lives a baseball fan’s dream

www.ugg Twins’ pitcher Santiago lives a baseball fan’s dream

just hard core, Santiago said. has a presence about him, and you just have too much respect to bother him.

So when he spotted a pair of Pujols autographed spikes at a silent auction in 2014, Santiago jumped at the opportunity. He bid $650, which he considered a lot for someone on minimum salary, but didn come close to the eventual winning bid of $2,500.

The basement of Santiago home in the western suburbs of Phoenix looks like a sports bar on a densely packed Cooperstown starter kit. The length of one room is covered with bats, like a spine supporting the house. A row of football helmets crowns one room, and boxing gloves dangle from a series of hooks. There are baseballs, certainly, but also basketballs and footballs, soccer balls and volleyballs, even a couple of hockey pucks. Each one is autographed by a successful, famous, often championship athlete, most of them inscribed to Santiago personally.

And the jerseys. Oh, the jerseys. Splashy and vibrant and frequently pinstriped, the meticulously framed sportswear blanket the walls of four rooms. They snake down a hallway and up the stairway, and they evoke baseball history in a way that delights their owner. lot of people collect autographed baseballs, or baseball cards, and that cool. That how I started, Santiago said. to me, the jerseys seem more personal. You can picture all these great players wearing them. And they really colorful. And I thought, not have a room at home with all the guys I played with on the wall? Santiago said. So he asked teammates to sign jerseys to him, some with entertaining messages. Crain wrote, crushing that sugar! I guess I ate a lot of candy, Santiago said. soon I had all of my buddies, and I started getting into it. I saved up my meal money and used it to buy other teams jerseys, and when guys would come to town, I run into them in the outfield and say, signing something for me? And everyone said, just send it over to the clubhouse.

The result is a name dropper dream. Mike Trout, Joe Mauer, Josh Hamilton, David Price, Derek Jeter. Miguel Cabrera, whose signature is spiked with Crown / MVP. Andrew McCutchen, Buster Posey, Josh Donaldson yes, if you won an MVP, Santiago wants your jersey. Or even if you haven

Virtually nobody turned him down, but there were some awkward moments. When the Yankees came to town, his Alex Rodriguez jersey hadn arrived, I was going to ask A Rod for a bat. But I faced him the first day and I wound up hitting him, Santiago said. man. So the next day, I ran out on the field, and he was there, and I said, I wasn trying to hit you, bro. And he said, we good. So before he could walk away, I just said, I wanted to ask you if you sign a bat. That was probably a little weird.

Rodriguez obliged, and was probably not surprised when Santiago had another request a couple of years later. He had a Yankees jersey by then but asked Rodriguez to sign a Rangers jersey as well. Except, he accidentally ordered a No. 7 jersey Pudge Rodriguez, not Alex. said, can sign it, Santiago said with a laugh, it not mine.

Santiago baseball memorabilia collection grew, but the rocket fuel for his mini museum was provided by his trade to the Angels for the 2014 season. Southern California venues attract a stream of celebrities, and the team frequently asked them to throw out a ceremonial first pitch. But players are often reluctant to serve as catchers for them.

In all, Santiago said he estimates there are 850 autographed items in his home, including roughly 300 baseball jerseys so many that dozens hang on a rack in one room, like a sporting goods warehouse. There are dozens of basketball and football jerseys Michael Jordan, Tom Brady, LeBron James, Emmitt Smith, the list goes on close to 100 bats, 50 pairs of shoes, and more. It all uncataloged, though his agent keeps suggesting he do an inventory. And no, he doesn know what it all worth, though he concedes, are expensive, even with a [ballplayers discount.

But space, not cost, is the real problem, he said. Which is why the floor is the future, Santiago believes: thick, transparent plexiglass from wall to wall, turning every inch of space underfoot into room for dozens, perhaps hundreds, more uniforms. thinking about it, but you want to make sure before you go digging up your basement, Santiago said. it would look pretty great, wouldn it?
buy ugg slippers Twins' pitcher Santiago lives a baseball fan's dream