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The story so far: Lavinia, a squirrel from the Long Clan in Longview’s Civic Circle, has found a treasure: a silver bracelet with an acorn that will make a precious gift for her Grandmamma, who is to be honored at the Nutty Narrows Night of Lights as the oldest living Eastern Gray matriarch. But a big, smart crow named Carl Brock sees Lavinia hiding the treasure. He steals it, and as he flies off to Kessler Province, the little squirrel sees him. Distressed, she prepares to go to Kessler Province, where her cousin Kip lives, to retrieve it. Her parents forbid the trip because it’s too dangerous, until Lavinia describes the silver circle, and why it means so much. With a promise to be careful, she dons a red cape, crosses the Old West Side territory to Kessler Province, fortified by peanuts from the Human benefactor and the safe crossing on the Bruce Kamp Memorial Bridge. Together, she and Kip join forces to retrieve the silver circle .

Kip waited in Carl Brock’s tree while Lavinia went back to Kip’s nest and fetched the dog tag. She carried the tag out to the end of a branch that hung over the street and dropped it in a place where the crow would see it.

No surprise Carl Brock soon circled overhead and spotted the shiny bit of metal on the street. He flapped down to the street and picked up the dog tag.

Kip didn’t waste a second. He hurried up into Carl Brock’s nest, stuck his head through the Silver Circle and hurried back down the tree.

Lavinia met him and suggested they retrace her route back to the Civic Center. For one thing, the Bruce Kamp bridge offered a relatively crow proof route across the first busy street.

The weight of the Silver Circle slowed Kip down. After all, squirrels aren’t used to carrying objects around their necks, even if it is a gift for a beloved Grandmamma.

Half way up the tree to the Bruce Kamp bridge, the bauble caught on a twig, swinging Kip around so that he was facing away from the bark. Quickly he swiveled on his flexible foot joint squirrels can do this but it was too late. He tumbled down, pulling the circle free. Kip hit the ground with a thud, twisting his left leg.

“Oh, nuts!” he exclaimed. Despite his pain, Kip held fast to the treasure.

Lavinia raced down the tree to her cousin’s side. “Are you all right?” she asked.

Actually, squirrels are hardy creatures, and luckily Kip had landed on a clump of leaves that hadn’t been raked yet.

They both took a few minutes to catch their breath.

Carl Brock landed and grabbed the silver circle in his powerful beak. Kip and Lavinia tugged back valiantly, but Carl Brock pried it loose and flew out of squirrel hopping range, just to taunt them.

Lavinia faced him down. “OK! You win, Carl Brock,” she said. The story about the Night of Lights and Grandmamma’s coming honor spilled out.

“Mr. Brock, we really think that the best place for the circle is on Grandmamma’s neck, not hidden in your nest,” she said. “What she means to all of us is far more than any shiny thing we might hoard for ourselves!”
ugg adirondack tall 'The Silver Circle' Ch

red uggs ‘Peter Pan’ at Omaha’s Rose Theater is great family fun

cheap ugg style boots ‘Peter Pan’ at Omaha’s Rose Theater is great family fun

This show has a lot of moving parts, so its not easy to create. It requires a well prepared cast of adults and kids who can sing and dance, sets that can morph from a house to a ship to a jungle, costumes ranging from a sheepdog to evening wear to pirate garb, an orchestra thats playing nearly all the time and special effects that depict a twinkling fairy, among other things.

For the most part it came together seamlessly at Thursday nights preview. It had some of the glitches that happen when cast and crew face an audience for the first time, but all were things that probably will vanish as they get more comfortable.

Ive seen several productions of Peter Pan, and all featured a woman in the title role. Lane, instead, chose 14 year old Danny Denenberg, who will be a freshman at Omaha Central this fall and has grown up in Omahas community theater. He really put a fresh spin on the character less whimsical and tongue in cheek and more like an authentic teen boy, while still conveying his deep desire for a family as he tries to convince us that he needs only himself.

Sometimes his songs were hard to hear over the orchestra, and his delivery was a little tentative. A better sound mix might help.

Ablan Roblins hysterically evil Captain Hook was a worthy nemesis. Hes a master at physical comedy and just plain funny overall. And Tylie Tingelhoff, a recent Omaha Westside graduate, was amazing as Wendy. She has a strong, beautiful voice that belies her age her signature song, Distant Melody, was remarkable. Tingelhoff also mastered a British accent, along with brothers John (Jimmy Nguyen) and Michael (Kian Roblin).

The show was at its best, however, when they all were onstage with the Lost Boys and Hooks goofy band of pirates. It was apparent that the kids, especially, had worked hard on their roles. Tiger Lily (Natalie Hanson) and her gang also were wonderful. Sherri Geerdes did her usual fine job outfitting them all.

This Peter Pan maintains the traditional style of Victorian fairy tale books while embracing an update that makes it less dated (and less offensive; like other modern productions, it replaces the Ugg a Wugg number by Tiger Lily and her Indian crew with a wordless dance, renames the Indian dance troupe as Pounce and dresses them all in gorgeous animal like leotards).

A phenomenal set by Tim McMath not only captured that Victorian vibe in the nursery but featured a neon colored jungle and a house that became part of a ship with just one turn. Jerry Brabecs orchestra was tuneful if a little loud at times. Lighting designer Craig S. Moxon deserves praise for his Tinkerbell setup.

Sound was hit or miss, with a couple of jarring feedback issues. Stagehands also were visible from behind the scenes at times. And my companions and I found the costume for Nana, the nursemaid dog, rather off putting. The furry suit just didnt work, though it could have been because the dog sometimes stood on two legs.

When Peter and the kids flawlessly fly, however, its easy to forget and forgive those small issues. This is the perfect show to launch a fun family summer.
red uggs 'Peter Pan' at Omaha's Rose Theater is great family fun

ugg boots cheap ‘Puncture wounds’ prompt recall of furniture collection

ugg colours ‘Puncture wounds’ prompt recall of furniture collection

(WPRI) Restoration Hardware is recalling more than 9,000 pieces of furniture because the metal trim on can detach and cause lacerations, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

The recall involves the Smythson Shagreen Collection of side tables, coffee tables, dressers, beds, nightstands, and sideboards. Sen. Elizabeth Warren is joining other Democratic senators including New Jersey Cory Booker in backing legislation aimed at blocking the creation of a federal religious registry.

The Massachusetts Democrat said targeting people based on their religion goes against American values and makes the country less safe.

The bill would bar the establishment of a registry based on religion, race, age, gender, ethnicity, national origin, or nationality. registration system for Muslim immigrants.

President elect Donald Trump has said he wants a tough approach toward immigration.

Other Democratic senators backing the bill include Brian Schatz and Mazie Hirono of Hawaii, Edward Markey of Massachusetts, Patty Murray of Washington, Bernie Sanders and Patrick Leahy of Vermont and Jeff Merkley of Oregon.

Click to see list of recalled item numbers

According to the CPSC, RH has received 29 incident reports, including four reports of puncture wounds and abrasions.

Consumers should immediately stop using the recalled furniture and contact RH to receive a refund or a free replacement product of similar value. RH is also offering free pickup of the recalled item. PT Monday through Saturday.

Richie House is recalling 1,500 children’s robesbecause they fail to meet federal flammability standards.

Consumers should take the recalled robes away from children and contact Richie House for a refund. PT Monday through Friday.

Panelcraft is recalling children’s magnetic building setsbecause of a choking hazard.

The recall involves the Rainbow Dream Builder set and the Rainbow Solid Builder set.

According to the CPSC, the building sets can break and expose the magnet inside. No incidents have been reported to date.

CHICOPEE, Mass (WWLP) A close call at a Chicopee business today. Smoke was seen coming from the Chicopee Auto Service and Sales Center at 926 Front Street. No one was hurt.

The owner of the neighboring audio business noticed the smoke and called the fire department. Luckily, they right down the road.

Andy Pacheko, the owner of the neighboring business, told 22News, “I was in my business and a customer came in and told me they saw smoke coming from the bay so I went outside to look and I saw the smoke coming from the bay next door. I got on the phone and called the Chicopee Fire Department and they reacted pretty quick. They were here within about two minutes because they are right down the block.”
ugg boots cheap 'Puncture wounds' prompt recall of furniture collection

buy ugg slippers ‘Right or wrong the adult should have acted like an adult’

ugg classic tall chestnut ‘Right or wrong the adult should have acted like an adult’

‘Right or wrong the adult should have acted like an adult’: Your views on 12 year old cyclist assaulted by man as she rode on pavementPolice are investigating after a 12 year old girl was knocked off her bike and was thought to be inches from being hit by a moving car12:47, 23 AUG 2017The 12 year old girl was riding her bicycle in High Street, Trumpington, near to the Shell garage (pictured) (Image: Google)

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Readers have slated a man for assaulting a 12 year old girl despite arguments over whether she should have been cycling on the pavement.

Yesterday the News told how police were investigating after a 12 year old girl was knocked off her bike and was thought to be inches from being hit by a moving car.

The victim was riding her bicycle in High Street, Trumpington, near to the Shell filling station, between noon and 1pm on Thursday (August 17) when the man shouted at her about using the pavement.

As she passed he put out his arm, knocking her from the bike. She was not injured and got up and cycled away.

12 year old girl knocked off her bike within inches of moving car

The man is described as white, in his 40s, and of a tall and slim build.

He is thought to have blond or grey short hair and wore jeans, a black jacket possibly Superdry brand and Ugg trainers.

Readers took to social media to share their views on the story.

Commenting on the News’ online story, ‘Gnomeicide’ wrote: “Disgusted by the lot of you who are saying ‘the assault was wrong BUT.’.

“No. No buts, the assault was wrong. Are you seriously telling me that a child not playing in deadly traffic is in any way a vindication, or even a noteworthy consideration to discuss when a grown man assaults her?

“Hang your heads in shame.”

Ofo says it can ‘help solve’ Cambridge’s traffic woes as it unveils new bike

‘RobinHoot’ said the assault was “a terrible incident which luckily didn’t end up in a tragedy”, while ‘furrybadger’ wrote: “I don’t condone the man’s actions but my sympathy for the ‘victim’ is somewhat limited.

“Cyclists should be on the road, whether the road has a cycle lane or not.”

‘Pecko’ said they would rather a child cycle on the pavement and be safe rather than on a busy road.

‘BobMoore’ also agreed, commenting: “The cyclist was doing nothing wrong. Cyclists are allowed to use pavements if the road is dangerous.

Cyclist brazenly slaps female jogger on evening run and another just minutes later

“This was an assault by an adult on a child doing NOTHING wrong.

“The pavement may not even be a safer option. Pedestrians can suddenly change direction (and aren’t fitted with indicators). People and vehicles can emerge from driveways, footpaths and junctions.

“Cycling on the path you have less time to react to these hazards compared to being on the road, and other road users may not expect cyclists to be using the paths.”
buy ugg slippers 'Right or wrong the adult should have acted like an adult'

childrens ugg boots uk ‘Shark Tank’ Panelists Discuss Interest Rate Hike’s Effects on Your Wallet Video

ugg boots on clearance ‘Shark Tank’ Panelists Discuss Interest Rate Hike’s Effects on Your Wallet Video

Back now with that big headline about your money, the federal reserve expected to hike interest rates this afternoon. “Shark tank’s” Barbara Corcoran, Kevin o’leary, back now answering your questions about how it could impact your family’s budget and we want to get right to the first viewer question. You got it. My name is sally Murphy. With my mortgage. How soon do you think I need to lock that in? You know, sally, it costs money to lock in a mortgage rate. Usually sometimes zero butore often 1%. So you have to compare what that’s going to cost you to the forecast that interest rates will go up about 1% in the next year. Tippic lick you should jump right in there and do it most cases. What do you say about these adjustable rates? He disagrees. I think adjustable rates are very, very dangerous because people have gotten used to the fact that interest rates have been perpetually low for ten years. Now that’s changing. Better to lock in, pay the 75 or 1% Barbara is talking about and go to sleep at night knowing the cost of your mortgage won’t change if the fed hikes again early next year. I just like peace of mind. That’s what it’s all about. You think that’s worth money. Yes, absolutely. All right. Let’s get to our next viewer question. Take a look. I recently got a new car and I was wondering if the interest rate goes up, what will happen to my loan? Ladies, first. You don’t have to worry the least bit about your car loan because it’s a fixed rate for a fixed period of time. So, just forget about it. You got the car loan, enjoy the ride. Kevin, this is also credit card, right. You have to look at your entire portfolio. Things you owe money to. Mortgage rates will go up as the fed raises rates. Credit card costs will go up. Any variable cost debt, not everybody has a fixed rate auto loan so they’ll pay more. I think the key is here now that you know the world is changing, lock down your costs. Fix everything and go to bed at night feeling that you’ve got control of your financial life and, by the way, start paying off those credit cards by not buying that expensive coffee. Don’t buy that bagel in a store. Don’t buy those shoes. Don’t buy that other dress. Pay off the mortgage. Pay off the credit cards. Pay off the loans. Time to bring debt down. Very good advice. Very sound advice, Barbara, I see you’re nodding. I can’t believe I have to agree with him. The only thing he should be worried about is his marriage. It doesn’t look so good and Barbara. I have to throw something at you to make you upset. We have had so many viewers concerned about this potential hike. Should we be scared? Just real quick. Doesn’t pay to get scared. Figure out what the interest rate is now. What it might be and get over it. Okay. Kevin, I’m sorry. We’ve run out of time. We adore you, thank you, Barbara, we thank you.

This transcript has been automatically generated and may not be 100% accurate.
childrens ugg boots uk 'Shark Tank' Panelists Discuss Interest Rate Hike's Effects on Your Wallet Video

ugg store usa Atlanta Brave Dan Uggla sink old team with 9th

uggs schuh Atlanta Brave Dan Uggla sink old team with 9th

A former Atlanta Brave provided the decisive blow in an incredible collapse at Turner Field Tuesday night.

Dan Uggla, cut loose by the Braves last July with more than year remaining on his contract, hit a go ahead three run homer in the top of the ninth inning as the Washington Nationals beat Atlanta 13 12. The Braves led 9 1 in the second, 10 7 after six and 12 10 heading into the ninth, but could not hold on.

Atlanta closer Jason Grilli allowed a one out single to Jose Lobaton and then walked Danny Espinosa to bring up Uggla. The second baseman, who hit .209/.317/.391 and struck out 535 times in 499 games in his three plus seasons with the Braves before being released, hammered an 0 2 fastball from Grilli deep into the left field stands to put Washington up for good.

Drew Storen pitched a scoreless ninth for the Nationals to close out the largest comeback in Washington franchise history. Uggla went 3 for 5 with five RBIs, lining a two run triple in the seventh in addition to his home run.
ugg store usa Atlanta Brave Dan Uggla sink old team with 9th

emu or ugg Avatar tops Christmas box office in US and Canada

cheap leather ugg boots uk Avatar tops Christmas box office in US and Canada

The estimated $278m (174m) in weekend ticket sales broke the previous record of $253m (158m) set in July 2008, the weekend The Dark Knight was released.

Sci fi epic Avatar took $75m (47m) in its second weekend, according to early studio estimates.

Sherlock Holmes, Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel and It’s Complicated all enjoyed strong debuts.

In its 10 days of release, Avatar has made $212m (132.6m) in the US, and could be on its way to grossing more than $1bn (625.6m) worldwide.

“This thing is going to be playing and playing, I can tell you that,” said Bert Livingston, 20th Century

Fox distribution executive. “There’s a lot of business out there. Everybody’s got good movies out.”

Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel, which opened on Wednesday, took in $50.2m (31.4m) at the weekend and $77.1m (48.2m) in its five days of release.

It’s Complicated, a love triangle comedy starring Meryl Streep, Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin, opened in fourth place with $22.1m (13.8m) in takings.

In fifth place with $11.8m (7.26m) was Up in the Air, starring George Clooney in the acclaimed story of a corporate downsizer who questions his role in life.
emu or ugg Avatar tops Christmas box office in US and Canada

ugg Articles about Wannado City

kids uggs slippers Articles about Wannado City

Wannado City changing ticket prices until closingEven the make believe job market is struggling. Wannado City, a play complex where children role play different jobs, will be closing on Jan. 12, 2011. Until then, adults can now get in for free and annual pass holders can bring a second child for free. Previously, adults 15 and older paid $10 to accompany children. Children’s admission is still $40 plus tax a price some feel is too high. “If they changed their whole pricing structure I think they would totally, totally succeed,” said Laurie Schnell, mother of two. “I guess that given the economy, people can’t afford $40 a kid. ” Wannado City opened in August 2004 and offers more than 100 professions for kids to role play, including a chef, hairdresser, judge, miner, police chief and archaeologist.

ARTICLES BY DATEMore stores to open at Sawgrass Mills for the holidays

By Arlene Satchell, Sun Sentinel, October 10, 2012

Sawgrass Mills is continuing to add stores and will have several more open by Black Friday and in time for the Christmas holiday period, according to mall executives. They include Steve Madden and Columbia Sportswear outlets, mall officials said. Other new outlet stores UGG Australia, Original Penguin and Greg Norman opened recently and still a handful of others are on tap for early 2013. The additions are part of an 180,
ugg Articles about Wannado City
000 square foot expansion and redevelopment project at the Sunrise shopping complex.

Wannado City: Refunds for annual pass holders?

By Arlene Satchell and South Florida Sun Sentinel, November 17, 2010

Sunrise, Fla. children’s attraction Wannado City will be closing its doors permanently on Jan. 12, 2011. In an email statement Wednesday regarding annual pass holders, a spokesperson said: “We appreciate their patronage and loyalty and understand their concern. However our closing is an unforeseen event, therefore we are inviting them to use their pass as much as possible during these two months as we enter our grand finale giving the best experience. This sparked an idea that turned into the Weston mother creating the Espaol 4 Kids DVD. Dolan worked with sons Gabriel, 8, and Sebastian, 10, as her actors to create something that could be used as a learning tool for children ages 2 to 7. She worked with professionals to produce the program and create original music. It was a four year labor of love to get it completed. “My desire of making sure my kids learn Spanish was my inspiration,” she said.

Wannado City moves up closing to Jan. Annual pass holders and holiday travelers have about two weeks left to visit Wannado, which will close Jan. 2, according to an e mail from a park official Monday. The company had previously said it would close Jan. 12. Monday’s e mail cited no reasons for the earlier date. 2 will be sold at auction Tuesday to the highest bidders. Sunrise based Wannado City closed permanently last week after citing poor financial performance in its six years in operations. The role playing theme, which cost $40 million to build is located at Anchor D at Sawgrass Mills shopping, dining and entertainment complex. Among the items up for grabs Tuesday is a fire truck, an operating circus with big top, a Spirit Airlines DC 9 fuselage and an ambulance, according to Hollywood based Stampler Auctions . Equipment from four restaurants will also be sold during the live auction at 12801 W. We can’t meet you guys right now because Lauren has to scrub’ for surgery!” We were at the newest Broward attraction for already overindulged children: Wannado City. Located in Sawgrass Mills Mall, the place (the lone one in the United States) is absolutely overwhelming. Absolutely expensive.
ugg Articles about Wannado City

ugg suede boots banned from Brownies because she has learning difficulties

tan uggs banned from Brownies because she has learning difficulties

‘Out of order’: Kacey’s mother Donna believes that her daughter’s exclusion from Girl Guides is discrimination

But the family later received a call saying she could not attend future meetings.

Mrs Godfrey said: ‘I was getting Kacey ready for Brownies last week when I received a very abrupt phone call from Julie Nye [Girlguiding UKs South East Essex County Commissioner].

She told me Kacey would not be allowed to come any more due to health and safety concerns and told me to return her uniform immediately.’

The mother of four, whose husband is an area team leader for a home shopping business, added: ‘Kacey still wants to go and doesnt understand why they wont let her be with her friends.

‘Theyve told me they want to talk to the school about her learning disabilities but why does she have to be banned from meetings in the meantime?’

She said: ‘I wish Id never told them about Kaceys learning difficulties now.

‘They are making out she has been kicking people in the shins but Kacey would never do anything like that.

‘We have never had a problem with Kacey before.’

Girlguiding UK formerly the Girl Guides Association is the largest voluntary organisation for girls and young women in the UK, with more than 500,000 members.

In its national pledge, leaders must ensure ‘all reasonable steps for the inclusion of disabled girls, young women and adults into guiding are taken’.

Young members are also encouraged to train for a disability awareness badge.

A Girlguiding UK spokesman said yesterday that the organisation was ‘in discussion with Kaceys family to resolve this situation’, adding that the problem had been caused by a lack of information on Kacey ahead of her joining.

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‘It’s an appalling time for him and our family’: Liz.. EXCLUSIVE OJ Simpson ‘confesses to murdering Nicole.. Parents of two day old baby who died after a doctor.. ‘Pharma bro’ Martin Shkreli is sentenced to seven years.. EXCLUSIVE: British swimmer studying at Connecticut.. Robbers drown four year old girl after they forced her to.. EXCLUSIVE ‘I may never see my family again’: Brit.. Italian journalist accused of stalking Colin Firth’s wife.. Former serviceman with PTSD, 36, holds leaving party.. Indian man ‘poured ACID on his sleeping wife’ because she.. New footage of tobacco tycoon Candyman’s debauched Freaks.. Heartbreaking video shows US Border Patrol agents ripping.. Bankrupt Toys ‘R’ Us could decide to liquidate and close.. Could Camilla become QUEEN? Prince Charles fuels rumours.. Moped muggers who were caught on CCTV robbing school run.. Mother, 44, ‘locked in a bitter custody battle murdered.. Where else would you park your blingmobile? Fleet of.. Girlfriend slashes open her lover’s throat with a Stanley.. MOST READ NEWS Previous.
ugg suede boots banned from Brownies because she has learning difficulties

grey uggs sale Atlantic City’s Surf Stadium ballpark showing its age

youth ugg style boots Atlantic City’s Surf Stadium ballpark showing its age

Unless Im in a tournament, any putt inside a foot is a gimme. That keeps me from having to pluck my Titleist out of cups that appear to be getting deeper.

But as my wife often points out, growing older still beats the alternative.

And despite the various aches and wrinkles, Ive still aged better than the old Surf Stadium in Atlantic City, formerly known as the Sandcastle.

One month away from its 20th birthday, the once beautiful ballpark has again fallen into a state of disrepair, judging by my recent visit.

The exception is the field itself, which is used by the Atlantic City High School and Atlantic Cape Community College baseball teams. The groundskeepers have done a tremendous job of maintaining the infield and outfield. The grass is lush, and the dirt is smooth.

Otherwise, its pretty shabby.

The advertising signs that once covered the fences are gone. Pieces of black tarp were hanging loosely in right field, fluttering against the wind that was whipping off the bay.

The huge, electronic scoreboard in left field no longer works. It was missing panels and is in dire need of a makeover.

The aqua seats are faded. The tiny Surf logos that were on the backs are barely recognizable.

Its a far cry from the days when the ballpark was the envy of the Atlantic League, which is set to begin its 20th season later this month.

Back then, the Sandcastle was clean and cozy. And it gave fans a spectacular view of the Atlantic City skyline.

The Surf was one of six franchises that formed the league in 1998, along with the Bridgeport Bluefish in Connecticut, Nashua Pride in New Hampshire, Newark Bears, Newburgh Black Diamonds in New York and Somerset Patriots.

Only Bridgeport and Somerset are still in the league.

More than 150 players headed to Plant City, Florida, in early May of that year for an 11 day spring training. Headquarters was a Ramada Inn near the Municipal Stadium Complex, the former spring training home of the Cincinnati Reds. I was in the bar the night 20 year old Chicago Cubs pitcher Kerry Wood struck out 20 Houston Astros.

My personal highlights occurred afterward. I had a couple days to myself and decided to spend them in Clearwater/Tampa. A visit to Clearwater meant my first and to date only dip in the Gulf of Mexico.

There were a couple of other firsts during a quick jaunt to Tampa.

One of my younger brothers joined me at Tropicana Field the worst place to watch baseball to see a Rays game.

And because Mark twisted my arm until it almost fell off, we checked out the famous Mons Venus gentlemens club.

Twenty years later, Im now the kind of guy who reads Playboy for the articles.

Dont get me wrong, Im still pretty active. My birthday will be celebrated with 59 tire flips in the back parking lot of North Beach Gym. On June 4, Ill again be among the 1,700 people leaping off the Cape May Lewes Ferry to start the Escape the Cape Triathlon.
grey uggs sale Atlantic City's Surf Stadium ballpark showing its age