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childrens ugg boots Thousands attend Wellington City Heritage Week

buy ugg boots online Thousands attend Wellington City Heritage Week

Smaller intimate events such as Katherine Mansfield House and Garden Katherine Kitchen and Jane Tolerton’s Wellington Women of World War One reached capacity.

Scott Flutey points out burn marks from a 1940 fire in Antrim House. Photo: Seth Samuel.

Visits to Antrim House started the week, with Victoria University of Wellington Museum and Heritage Studies students conducting tours in the afternoon.

Student Phillis Chen guides visitors to Antrim House. Photo: Seth Samuel

Over 600 people experienced 20minute tours of the 1904 constructed former home of Robert Hannah, the founder of Hannah’s Shoes. While lines were long due to the high demand, the students ensured that the day ran safely and smoothly with attendees saying the wait was “absolutely worth it”.

Panel Event and Public Discussion.

The biggest audience reaction came when panel member David Kernohan said that “we should stop using the term ‘earthquake prone building’ as there is no such thing New Zealand is earthquake prone, not its buildings”.

Karori Cemetery Tours guided 101 people throughout the week. Tour operator Barbara Mulligan provided a fantastic service and the weather was splendid. Nga Taonga Sound Vision provided great film showcases from Thursday through to Saturday. Heritage New Zealand’s General Manager Claire Craig gave a special introduction on Thursday screening of the film Hometown Boomtown.

Hidden treasures at the Cricket Museum. Photo: Matthew Cleland.

The view of the Basin. Photo: Matthew Cleland

Other events such as Mary O’Keeffe’s Archaeological Walking Tour, Government House Guided Tours, and the New Zealand Cricket Museum and Basin Reserve Tours booked out well in advance.

Learning the history of St Gerard Photo: Lisa B Doyle.

Hosts reported that attendees travelled from Christchurch, Wairarapa, Hawkes Bay, and Auckland to attend Wellington City Heritage Week. The attendees were impressed with the high quality events and said they are looking forward to next year’s week.

Wellington City Heritage Week was organised by Historic Places Wellington with support from Heritage New Zealand, the Wellington City Council, and Museums Wellington. Historic Places Wellington will start organising Wellington City Heritage Week 2018 in the New Year.
childrens ugg boots Thousands attend Wellington City Heritage Week

ugg plumdale chestnut Thousands pay tribute to Simmons

ugg fluff slippers Thousands pay tribute to Simmons

The Geauga County Fairgrounds, a place close to the heart of the late Geauga County Sheriff George R. “Red” Simmons, was a fitting venue to celebrate his life, one marked by compassion, charisma and conviction.

An estimated 2,000 mourners gathered Monday afternoon, despite dreary weather conditions, at the fairgrounds’ grandstand in Burton Township to pay tribute to Simmons, who was touted as a visionary.

Hundreds of members of the law enforcement community, public officials, friends and family took part in the ceremony that was equal parts intimate and dramatic in memory of Simmons, who had served as Geauga County’s sheriff since 1993.

Simmons, 56, of Burton Village died July 15 at Geauga Regional Hospital from complications from a blood clot in his heart.

The memorial included proud but melancholy music from the Geauga Highland Pipe and Drum Band, whose notes gracefully embodied the sadness of a community that had grown to feel safe under the faithful watch of Simmons.

The Summit County Sheriff’s Department Honor Guard offered a dramatic salute to the late sheriff, who dedicated his life to law enforcement and service, with poise and precision.

The Rev. Harry Buch, pastor of Burton Congregational Church in Burton Village that Simmons attended, said he could have expounded on Simmons’ life and unwavering faith for hours.

“I could talk of the prison ministry program he helped set up or the Leprechaun Foundation he set up to grant wishes for terminally ill children,” Buch said. “But that’s not what Red would have wanted.

“He would rather have this thing finished up and have everyone head out to Blazin Bill’s for his favorite ribs, something else and lots of jokes and stories.”

The Rev. Werner Lange of Auburn Community United Church of Christ talked of Simmons’ big heart and the fire in his belly.

“He gave us that fire and that love,” Lange said. “He was a red oak of righteousness, a man with a mission and passion for life, rooted in a deep faith.

“The sheriff has died. Long live the sheriff.”

County Auditor Tracy Jemison spoke of how many viewed the strong friendship that he and the sheriff shared as unique.

He said Simmons overlooked that Jemison had married his ex wife as well as something else that for die hard Democrat Simmons was even harder.

“He somehow looked past that I was a Republican,” Jemison said.

“What we shared was a mutual love for a little boy,” Jemison said through tears, referring to Simmons’ son and Jemison’s stepson, Cameron Simmons, now 27.

Along with Cameron, Simmons is survived by his wife, Carol; son, Jonathan Chmielewski of Braceville; mother, Lucille Simmons of Burton; sisters, Linda (Jim) Russell of Newcomerstown and Karen Kolberg of Chardon; and grandchildren, Jonathan and Tiffany.

His father, Howard Simmons, is deceased.

Munson Township Trustee Mary Samide presented Carol Simmons with a resolution honoring her husband’s life and recited a Rudyard Kipling poem called “If” that she said must have been written with Simmons in mind.

Simmons, whose tenure as sheriff had more than a little controversy thrown in, fought hard personally and professionally for what he believed.

Though his battles were often for equality for the unfortunate and destitute, he is most remembered for fiercely battling a lawsuit that county commissioners filed in October 2001 to keep him within his budget. So far, both sides’ lawyers have cost the county about $962,000.

Simmons was always a newsmaker. Labor Department special agent from 1978 to 1984, Simmons helped derail an organized crime ring involving Teamsters leader Jackie Presser.

The book “Mobbed Up,” by James Neff, describes Simmons as “a sturdy, hard nosed, red haired, sometime florid faced ex DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency) agent.”

Former Chief Deputy Daniel C. McClelland, 50, of Claridon Township, has been sworn in as acting Geauga County Sheriff. It is expected today that the county’s Democratic party will appoint McClelland to serve Simmons’ term through 2004.

McClelland, a close friend of Simmons, has said it will be tough to fill Simmons’ shoes.

The acting sheriff will have to do so without Simmons’ faithful partner and golden retriever, Star, who was retired from active duty with the sheriff’s department K 9 unit at the memorial service.
ugg plumdale chestnut Thousands pay tribute to Simmons

leopard print ugg boots Thompson undefeated at Scotties

ugg calf boots Thompson undefeated at Scotties

women’s curling championship in Prince George. One of those rinks is skipped by Kamloops’ Karla Thompson, who won both of her draws on opening day. Thompson, curling with third Kristen Recksiedler, second Brooklyn Leitch and lead Michelle Ramsay, all of whom aren’t from Kamloops, opened with an 8 6 victory over Cloverdale’s Marla Mallett, before defeating Prince George’s Patti Knezevic 9 6 in the second draw. Thompson scored a deuce in the 10th end of the victory over Mallett, before going ahead with three in the ninth against Mallett and stealing two in the 10th. Thompson, Kelowna’s Kelly Scott and Victoria’s Kesa Van Osch are the only 2 0 squads remaining in the 10 team draw. Allison MacInnes of Kamloops, who skips a non Kamloops rink featuring third Grace MacInnes, second Diane Gushulak and lead Amanda Tipper, opened with a 6 4 victory over Victoria’s Sarah Wark, before falling 7 4 to Scott in the evening draw. MacInnes stole two in the 10th end of the victory over Wark, but fell behind 5 4 in the eighth end against Scott and allowed a steal of two in the ninth end. The two Kamloops skips Thompson and MacInnes will meet in Draw 3 this morning. Thompson will play Vancouver’s Amy Gibson (1 1) in the evening, while MacInnes will take on Van Osch. The tournament will feature two draws today, Wednesday and Thursday, with the round robin to wrap up Friday. The championship final is scheduled for Sunday, with the winner to compete at the Scotties Tournament of Hearts national championship in Montreal from Feb. 1 9. Sara Spence of the River City Racers competed at the Canada Cup 2 speed skating competition in Calgary on the weekend. Spence, 18, finished fifth in the 3,000 metres, and also set two personal bests. She shaved nearly a second off her 1,000m time, finishing sixth in one minute 23.32 seconds. She shaved three tenths of a second off her 1,500m time, finishing in 2:11.12 to take 10th. She also was seventh in the 500m, and will compete in the North American championships in Calgary on Jan. 18 19. Winter Games in Abbotsford in February. At the Olympic long team qualifier in Calgary, Josie Spence was fifth and Victoria Spence was eighth in the 3,000m. Josie was less than a second from qualifying in the 1,500m, finishing seventh, while Victoria was 16th. Josie was third and Victoria fifth in the 5,000m.
leopard print ugg boots Thompson undefeated at Scotties

black ugg style boots Three Arrested After Home Invasion Robbery in Pleasant Hill

ugg australia official Three Arrested After Home Invasion Robbery in Pleasant Hill

Three people are in custody, suspected of committing a home invasion robbery in Pleasant Hill late Monday night, according to the Pleasant Hill Police Dept.

The following information is from the Pleasant Hill Police Dept.:

One of the suspects was armed with a handgun, and upon entering the apartment, one suspect brandished the gun while he and the other two suspects stole personal electronics from the residence and the occupants.

The suspects fled the residence and the victims were not injured.

A few hours later one of the victims was able to get a GPS signal on one of the stole items. The signal was coming from an address in Hercules.

PHPD detectives obtained a search warrant for the residence and served it later in the morning. Detectives were able to recover the stolen items and arrest the three people listed above.

All three suspects were booked into county jail for robbery and burglary charges and are each being held on $495,000.00 bail.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Pleasant Hill Police Department Investigation Division 925 228 4630.

GOOD Job Pleasant Hill PD. I used to live at 225 Camelback 20 years ago. I suspect the victims may have been some of the foriegn students attending DVC. I used to see many around this time move in. I was always surpirsed just how much money they would come over with to go to school, considering I was broke when I was in school and so were my folks. These students always drove fancy cars and had all the latest gadgets. I can see how they would be potentially targeted.

I realise the victims could have been anyone, but I am just bassing this on my expereince having lived in this neighborhood for awhile. Just glad to see that PPD Fizzeled the Fuse of Dynmaitejones and his dud crew.

RECENT COMMENTS:TraumaRx on Suspect Shot By Concord Officer Hospitalized, Injures Not Life ThreateningHow would you justify shooting someone in the back while they are running away?

Life, Liberty and Property on Rattle Snake Bites 33 Year Old Man in Lime Ridge Open SpaceDon’t tread on me.

Mystic Mystic on Suspect Shot By Concord Officer Hospitalized, Injures Not Life ThreateningWhy, because they shot the suspect or because they captured him? Let’s not jump for joy just yet. I’m waiting to hear that the suspect

GalliGupta on Suspect Shot By Concord Officer Hospitalized,
black ugg style boots Three Arrested After Home Invasion Robbery in Pleasant Hill
Injures Not Life ThreateningSo the law suit will be smaller then maybe no protests?

Taxpayer on Suspect Shot By Concord Officer Hospitalized, Injures Not Life ThreateningGood job CPD!

Fred P. on Claycord Talk About PoliticsAspirin not likely. I took my money and bailed out of California. Now I’m living better and cheaper in a less populous state, with

Mimi (original) on REMINDER: Daylight Saving Time Begins Sunday MorningI HATE the Springing Forward and the Falling Back!! I hate it!!

Mimi (original) on REMINDER: Daylight Saving Time Begins Sunday MorningLolol!

Mimi (original) on REMINDER: Daylight Saving Time Begins Sunday MorningFrom your lips to gods ears!

Former Eagle on CVCHS Administrators Looking to Open Two Charter Schools in AntiochHey “Great but Misleading”: MDUSD is not the one failing students if so many of the people applying for enrollment at CV are actually coming

lunmycats on Rattle Snake Bites 33 Year Old Man in Lime Ridge Open SpaceSinn, the snakes live here/there. They won’t jump up bite you on bike! Trust me. The Sheriff could end the contract,
black ugg style boots Three Arrested After Home Invasion Robbery in Pleasant Hill
and then what, the families would have to go visit their relatives in Nevada?

Ian on Rattle Snake Bites 33 Year Old Man in Lime Ridge Open SpaceIt’s not a rattlesnake. It’s a corn snake.

Mrs. The numbers should reflect how many jobs

Serious? on Column: Bay Area Home Improvement with Kyle McClay QuartzIkea has really nice options of quartz in their selection. Buy with the 15 20% off that happens every few months (sometimes it counts for counter

Cellophane on Rattle Snake Bites 33 Year Old Man in Lime Ridge Open SpaceNow how they gonna be able to do that when all politicians are snakes?

ugg classic boots Thousands expected at memorial for fallen police officer in Abbotsford

black classic ugg boots Thousands expected at memorial for fallen police officer in Abbotsford

Police estimate about 12,000 people including 8,000 first responders will attend a memorial for Const. John Davidson.”It’s pretty important for us to come together as a family,” said Sgt. Judy Bird, spokeswoman for the Abbotsford Police Department. “Our family member was murdered. He deserves to be remembered.”Davidson, 53, had served as a police officer for 24 year when he died on Nov. 6, responding to reports of a stolen vehicle.He is survived by his wife and three adult children.A suspect, Alberta resident Oscar Arfmann, 65, has been charged with first degree murder in connection with Davidson’s death.Davidson began his career with the Northumbria police in the United Kingdom in 1993. He moved to British Columbia in 2006, driven, Bird said, by a love for the outdoors.The veteran officer’s partners from Northumbria will march with about 230 members of the Abbotsford Police Department in a procession to a local arena. Police officers from across Canada and the United States are also expected to attend.Members of the community have volunteered to host visiting mourners in their homes.They’ve also come together to tie blue ribbons around light posts and trees, and to mourn at candle light vigils, surrounded by hundreds of flowers and cards laid by others expressing their sorrow and thanks.The support has been “overwhelming,” Bird said.”It has been truly heartfelt and we realize that our community is suffering with us. Together we can get through this.”Abbotsford Mayor Henry Braun wasn’t surprised by residents’ stepping up to help, but said he’s proud of his community.”I just find it heartwarming to hear some of the efforts of our residents and our community as they come together to really . put our collective arms around the Davidson family,
ugg classic boots Thousands expected at memorial for fallen police officer in Abbotsford
our police department,” he said.The response shows how much Davidson meant to Abbotsford, Braun added.”In the midst of grief and sadness of it all, the flip side of that coin is that we’re going to rejoice in the fact that this is an example of what it means to be an exceptional human being,” the mayor said.In his time with the force, Davidson worked in the patrol, youth and traffic sections, and was involved with community initiatives like the Cops for Cancer bike ride.He was known for talking to the people he pulled over about the danger of traffic violations and for his work with high school students, Bird said.Davidson was so beloved by students at WJ Mouat Secondary School that the students made him an honorary hawk, marking him as one of their own, she added.”He came across as a kind of gruff, old school policeman,” Bird said, noting that his thick Scottish accent added to an apparent toughness. “However, as soon as you started talking to him or peeled away that first layer, he was such a kind soul who would do anything for his community or for his fellow officers.”Once Sunday’s memorial is over, the focus will shift on finding a long term way to honour Davidson.A petition has circulated online suggesting a road be named after the fallen officer, but Braun said he’s not sure yet how Abbotsford will choose to remember Davidson only that they will.
ugg classic boots Thousands expected at memorial for fallen police officer in Abbotsford

uggs bailey button triplet Thousands protest Trump

ugg boot outlet Thousands protest Trump

With signs held high, marchers stepped off at the quad next to the student center.On the march they chanted, bridges, not walls; bodies, our choice, and need a leader not a tweeter. of the women marching wore pink hats (hats with cat ears). A few men wore them as well.Signs carried by marchers ran a gamut of issues raised by event speakers. Among them were these:power of the people is greater than the people in power. nation cannot prosper long when it only favors the prosperous. human is illegal. racists afraid again. rights are human rights. Buckle up, Buttercup. are the wall and Trump will pay. your taxe$. the minimum wage. you need help Melania (Trump), blink twice. march, one of more than 600 across the world, was the brainchild of Jacqui Smith, a student in the CSUMB Masters of Social Work program. She organized other students in the program to make the march happen. It received more than 1,500 RSVPs but many more turned out for it.A banner carried at the front of the march read: march to show that women rights are human rights and that women, their partners and their children are ready to advocate for policies that affirm the value of women in our society. entered the sports center, took seats in the bleachers and filled the floor. There was standing room only and many stood outside.came to stand here to send a message to the administration that women rights are human rights Smith told the crowd. the words of Michelle Obama, they go low, we go high. 11px;are united and we have leverage and we have power,
uggs bailey button triplet Thousands protest Trump
Smith said. will not give up on our reproductive rights. We want you to feel empowered and make a difference in your community. urged people to join organizations, write their political representatives and hold them accountable.Izzy Woods, a CSUMB Associated Students senator and a lesbian, said she fears for her and her partner safety under the Trump administration. But she noted, are literally a million women across the world who have come together today. is a national built on riots, so when the time comes, go out and riot, she said.believe we have, collectively, the power to make a difference she said. can, we must, we will. Jones, recently elected to the Marina City Council and a member of the LGBTQ community, said, the next four years we will fight like a girl. There is an all out war on our bodies. We will not be sent back to the 1950s. Winchester of Planned Parenthood said the Trump administration wants to change the world into Texas and Indiana, states that have made it more difficult to obtain an abortion and other Planned Parenthood services. She said Planned Parenthood strategy now is to when we can, litigate and mitigate.Deborah Pembrook, a women outreach worker,
uggs bailey button triplet Thousands protest Trump
said Trump taped comment about grabbing women by their privates was a confession of sexual abuse.

ugg knitted slippers Thomson plane makes emergency landing after pilot falls ill and was ‘laid on floor near toilets’ during flight

ugg leather slippers Thomson plane makes emergency landing after pilot falls ill and was ‘laid on floor near toilets’ during flight

Thomson plane makes emergency landing after pilot falls ill and was ‘laid on floor near toilets’ during flightPassengers claimed they were left without information for three hours in Sofia Airport, after their flight from Newcastle to Cyprus was diverted on Sunday afternoon15:42, 9 OCT 2017The Thomson flight had to be diverted after the pilot was taken ill (Image: DPA) Get daily updates directly to your inbox+ SubscribeThank you for subscribing!Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid EmailA Thomson flight to Cyprus from Newcastle had to make an emergency landing after one of the pilots fell ill and was ‘laid on the plane floor near the toilets’.The flight out of Newcastle was diverted to Sofia, in Bulgaria, just 16 minutes after the emergency was declared.According to a passenger, the pilot was brought out of the cockpit and lay on the floor near the toilets.The source told the Mirror Online: “Newcastle to Larnaca diverted to Sofia Bulgaria airport as pilot fell ill and was laid on the floor in cockpit and then pulled out and was laid near the toilets.”Panic, but landed with in 16 minutes of the emergency. All staff handled the situation well.”All passengers are stopping in hotel after a three hour wait on the plane and airport.”Devastated British woman flew to Amsterdam to meet lover only to find out she was victim of cruel ‘pull a pig’ prank”Also, no one telling us the plan for tomorrow to get us back for our onward flight.”A Thomson spokesman said: “We can confirm that as a result of one of our pilots feeling unwell, the decision was taken to divert the Newcastle to Larnaca, Cyprus flight last night.”A priority landing was requested at Sofia, Bulgaria which was the closest airport and the pilot was taken to a nearby hospital to be assessed.”We would like to thank all of our customers for their patience and we are working to get them on their holiday as quickly as possible. The welfare of all customers and crew travelling with us is our priority at all times.”Gun crimeHeartbreaking hospital picture of eight month old baby shot in the leg and arm with 30 pelletsBaby John Doyle was hit with a hail of pellets as his family put up a Christmas tree at their home in DublinCourt caseSchoolboy is ‘beaten by Pakistani men for dating a girl from their family who told him “Don’t mess with our blood”‘The Bengali student was taken prisoner by the Pakistani girl’s uncle, before her father, brother and cousin all joined in the attack, a court heard
ugg knitted slippers Thomson plane makes emergency landing after pilot falls ill and was 'laid on floor near toilets' during flight