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LOS ANGELES, Calif. Jamie Horowitz, who oversaw programming and digital news operations for Fox Sports, was abruptly fired Monday after two years on the job.

The move was warranted, Daniel Petrocelli, a lawyer for Fox Sports, said in a statement released Monday by the company. He didn offer any specifics.

Fox Sports President Eric Shanks, in an email to employees announcing Horowitz exit, alluded to a question of conduct. Fox Sports is an arm of media magnate Rupert Murdoch 21st Century Fox.

at Fox Sports, no matter what role we play, or what business, function or show we contribute to, should act with respect and adhere to professional conduct at all times,
tom brady uggs TV executive Jamie Horowitz abruptly fired from Fox Sports
Shanks email said.

An attorney for Horowitz, who joined Fox Sports National Networks in May 2015 and served as president, immediately fired back.

way Jamie has been treated by Fox is appalling, attorney Patricia L. Glaser said in a statement. no point in his tenure was there any mention by his superiors or human resources of any misconduct or an inability to adhere to professional conduct. said that Horowitz in an exemplary fashion. Any slanderous accusations to the contrary will be vigorously defended. his statement, Petrocelli called her remarks and misguided. his Fox Sports tenure, Horowitz reoriented much of the programming to talk personalities, including Skip Bayless, and away from newsgathering.

Before moving to Fox, Horowitz had a brief tenure with NBC He was with ESPN from 2006 to 2014 and with NBC Sports from 2000 to 2006.

In his email, Shanks said he will take on Horowitz responsibilities, including programming, marketing and scheduling for channels FS1 and FS2, until a replacement is hired.
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LOS ANGELES, Calif. Ken Howard, the strapping character actor who starred in the 1970s TV drama White Shadow and was currently serving as president of SAG AFTRA, has died at age 71.

The union announced Howard death Wednesday. No cause was given.

Howard career spanned four decades in TV, theatre and film. In the acclaimed CBS series White Shadow, which aired from 1978 81, he starred as a white coach to an urban high school basketball team a part, one of Howard best known, that drew on the personal history of the 6 foot 6 actor, who played basketball growing up on Long Island in New York and at Amherst College.

The series title came from Howard nickname as the only white starter on the Manhasset High varsity team.

He was a staple character actor on television, starring opposite Blythe Danner in Rib on ABC in the 1970s and appearing as the chipper Kabletown boss Hank Hooper on NBC Rock some 40 years later.

In early seasons of NBC Jordan, which premiered in 2001, he played the father of star Jill Hennessy, a retired police detective who gave behind the scenes advice to his daughter, a crime solving forensic pathologist. He starred opposite Jimmy Smits in the 2007 CBS drama other TV credits included West Wing, Blue, Practice, Legal, Order: SVU, Your Enthusiasm and Office. Clooney recounted Howard influence on him, writing in a statement that when he first met Howard on a studio lot in 1983, the actor wished him well and said he hoped they work together in the future. When Clooney told Howard he had an audition across town but only had a bike, Howard put Clooney bike in his car and drove the aspiring actor to the other studio, Clooney wrote.

didn get that audition, But I did get the chance to work with him years later. It was an honour, Clooney wrote. his obituary read that he was six foot six, but he was so much taller than that. played Thomas Jefferson on Broadway in a role he reprised in the 1972 film. He won a Tony award for Robert Marasco Catholic boarding school drama Play. making his film debut opposite Liza Minnelli in 1970 Me That You Love Me, Howard films included Her Shoes, Clayton, and last year Jennifer Lawrence starrer, He won an Emmy for his performance in HBO Gardens in 2009.

He was also familiar to viewers of the Screen Actors Guild Awards, providing an update on the union accomplishments during the televised awards ceremony.

Howard was elected SAG president in 2009 and was a catalyst for its 2012 merger with the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists union. Combined, the groups represent 160,000 actors, broadcasters and recording artists.

Howard was the first president of SAG AFTRA and was re elected to the post last year.

was a remarkable leader and his powerful vision for this union was a source of inspiration for all of us, SAG AFTRA executive director David White said in a statement. was an exceptional person and we are deeply saddened by his passing. He had a remarkable career and he never forgot what it was like to be a working performer. Barclay, president of the Directors Guild of America, saluted Howard as an industry leader in working to protect the rights of performers.

strong leadership of SAG AFTRA through the merger was an inspiration to our industry, Barclay said in a statement. all, Ken was a man of integrity, honour, and unmatched spirit. He will be greatly missed. was born Kenneth Joseph Howard Jr. on March 28, 1944, in El Centro, California.

Howard is survived by his wife of 25 years, stuntwoman Linda Fetters Howard.

His first marriage was to actress Louise Sorel. His second wife was Margo Howard, the daughter of advice columnist Ann Landers. He had three adult stepchildren from a previous marriage.
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The low key but public gay wedding of Anglican Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu daughter, herself a reverend canon, has created a conundrum for the church.

Church sources said Archbishop Tutu had not given his public blessing for his daughter wedding to avoid any impression of forcing the hand of the church, where discussions on the same sex marriages of both priests and congregants have been ongoing.

Tutu partner, Professor Marceline van Furth, is the Desmond Tutu chair at Vrije University in the Netherlands, which has been working with the Desmond and Leah Tutu Legacy Foundation on special projects. She is believed to have played a key role in securing a million (R36.62 million) donation to the foundation from a Dutch lottery two years ago.

Anglican Archbishop Thabo Makgoba declined to be interviewed. His office said he was constrained as to what he could discuss publicly, as the issue was a pastoral one involving church members. A decision is expected to be taken towards the end of the year.

The Anglican church is officially opposed to its priests entering into same sex marriages and insists that practising gay clerics remain celibate. The church is now drafting pastoral guidelines for members entering into same sex marriages.

On Friday, British newspapers reported that a conference of Anglican archbishops, bishops and senior leaders from around the world voted to condemn same sex marriage. They also decided to bar the Anglican Church in the US from global church activities because of its accommodating stance on homosexuality.

The Daily Mail reported that the leaders, who met behind closed doors in the UK Canterbury Cathedral, decided to explicitly condemn same sex marriage, saying matrimony should be between man and a woman in faithful, long life union Mail reported that, following the suspension of the US chapter, a task force would be formed to reconcile conflicting views of sexuality in the 85 million strong family of churches.

The role of the clergy in same sex marriages has been a bone of contention in South Africa broader religious fraternity. In November 2015, the Constitutional Court declined to hear a discrimination case brought by Ecclesia de Lange against the Methodist Church, on the grounds of her having no reasonable prospects of success. De Lange challenged her dismissal, meted out after she told her congregation in 2009 that she intended to marry her same sex partner.

Archbishop Tutu has come out in public support of gay marriage and previously said he would refuse to go to a heaven Those close to church affairs told City Press Mpho Tutu marriage had put the church in a tight spot.

is a reverend canon and this has implications for the church. You have to be celibate or unmarried to continue being a [gay] priest in the church. A question is her role in the church as a reverend canon. There is nothing in the church constitution about whether you can marry, said an insider.

This week Tutu told City Press she was ordained in the Episcopal Church in the US and was resident in the Diocese of Washington, DC.

terms of the canon, I must have the approval of my diocesan bishop to marry, which I have, she said.

regard to the Anglican Church, I imagine it will resolve its position on these matters in due course, said Mpho Tutu, who added that she was personally not involved in the discussions the Anglican church was having about its priests in same sex marriages.

She rejected suggestions her marriage did not have her parents blessing, as they had never made public statements on any of their children marriages, this is not a concern to us she confirmed her ageing parents did not attend the ceremony as they were trying to avoid overseas travel. Tutu said her parents would attend an upcoming celebration in Cape Town.

City Press understands this celebration will be held in May at British tycoon Sir Richard Branson wine estate in Franschhoek.

In September, the Anglican church in South Africa is to finalise and adopt pastoral guidelines for members who enter into same sex civil unions.

This emerged in a blog Makgoba wrote in response to an American Anglican priest request for comment on Tutu wedding and the South African Anglican church position.

Makgoba wrote: issues you raise will be addressed within our province at a time appropriate to our processes, and we will communicate any responses we have to our people first.

is sometimes a tendency among our fellow Anglicans in other provinces to use African Christians as proxies in their own culture wars, and I do not want to compound the problem by addressing the issues you raise in the first instance in the British and American church media.
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Turquoise or feroza stone, the beautiful gemstone in a bluish greenish color is one of the most valued gemstones of all times. Feroza stone has become so popular these days that it has gained itself a name in the color sector also. It is associated with the planet Jupiter and is worn by people to strengthen its effects. Jupiter is said to be a symbol of wealth and greatness, it plays a lot of importance in the lives of people so it is said that those who have a weak Jupiter in their birth charts should wear firoza gemstone. People who are in professions such as teaching, writing, research and law must wear firoza gemstone to benefit the most from it.

Turquoise gemstone has a lot of medical and spiritual benefits that help people in becoming a better person. If Jupiter is at a wrong position, a person may suffer from liver and lungs related diseases. It is suggested that one should wear a turquoise stone to gain maximum benefits of Jupiter planet. Turquoise gemstone becomes a protector against evil spirits and bad luck for all those people who have a weak Jupiter in their birth charts. There are numerous benefits of this gemstone and it is not a very inexpensive gemstone, so one should be aware that one is buying only the natural gemstone and not a fake turquoise gemstone.

Turquoise stone price is between Rs. 175 per carat and Rs. 600 per carat in India. Irani feroza stone price is Rs. 700 per carat and this stone should always be given the first preference. Irani feroza stone price is a bit higher than the normal stone but that is because this is considered to be the best gem of all. Firoza ratna price is between Rs 300 per carat and Rs. 600 per carat, which still makes it an affordable gemstone. Depending on the quality of the stone, Firoza ratna price is decided every year. Turquoise stone price is decided every year and one should be aware of the rates so that one doesn get cheated ever.

Feroza stone price depends mainly on whether the stone is American or Iranian and its quality. One can calculate the firoza stone price in ratti by multiplying 0.9 with the price per carat. Turquoise stone effects are so wide and positive that one can never explain it easily. One needs to wear the gemstone in order to experience turquoise stone effects in the best manner and understand the values of the gemstone.
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CHARLOTTETOWN The cradle of Confederation was teeming with smiling faces young and old Monday as Prince William and Kate began their day in Prince Edward Island at the site of the Charlottetown Conference, which laid the foundation for Canada birth. legislature and the site of the historic meeting some 146 years ago that paved the way for Confederation.

A sea of small Canadian flags had gathered beneath slightly overcast skies to catch a glimpse by the time the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge arrived Kate in a cream pencil dress by Sarah Burton at Alexander McQueen, William his traditional blue suit with a burgundy tie.

is quite a moment for Catherine and me to be standing here in the Atlantic Canada, in front of Province House, where Canadian federation was forged, William told the enthusiastic, cheering crowd.

in the crucible of Canadian nationhood, we look forward to meeting many of you. Premier Robert Ghiz introduced William, announcing the establishment of a scholarship fund in the name of the duke and duchess.

have both so looked forward to this day, and discovering more about your beautiful island, William said.

are also delighted that you have chosen to inaugurate a scholarship in our names. Thank you for this wonderful and generous welcome. From there, the duke and duchess split up and began working the crowd, shaking hands with the many spectators pressed up against the barricades along the street, utterly unfazed by the spitting rain that began to fall.

Jennifer Thomson, 26, had a poster saying can I borrow your outfit? think she setting a new fashion trend and I personally love them and would love to wear them, Thomson said.

It was important for the couple to come to Canada, she added. think it will only strengthen the ties between Canada and England and the monarchy. The crowd was almost universally friendly, save for one lone protester toting a small sign that read, are not my prince. Unsympathetic spectators nearby used umbrellas to obscure the sign.

With a gentle rain falling, the duke and duchess climbed aboard their open air landau, a choir singing in the background, for a short procession down crowd lined Great George Street towards the waterfront.

Once there, they took in a brief musical theatre performance of Talking Stick, which tells First Nations stories from across the country, before climbing the stage to greet some of the performers.

That was followed by another mad scrum of hand shaking and picture taking with the legions of fans gathered by the shoreline.

Later Monday, the duke and duchess were to travel by motorcade to Dalvay by the Sea, a scenic resort along the island north shore, where William is scheduled to don a flight suit and take to the air in a Sea King helicopter.
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One of Buffalo’s foremost political and religious leaders launched a new push for employment and economic opportunity on Easter Sunday complete with a unique job fair and an “Opportunity Bus” but apparently learned that many of the jobless either weren’t interested or aren’t churchgoers.

Preaching amid the singing and the dancing before his capacity flock at Kleinhans Music Hall, Common Council President Darius G. Pridgen, senior pastor of True Bethel Baptist Church, emphasized the importance of personal responsibility and empowering people when they’re struggling by helping them find jobs.

Interviewed before the service, he said the key is to “motivate a few thousand people into taking advantage of every advantage that is out there.” He then chided the audience about “the way we spend money, and waste money, and waste opportunity.”

“One of the complaints that I constantly hear on the East Side and in the inner city is the lack of opportunity,” said Pridgen, who represents the Ellicott District on the Council. “I don’t think that there’s a lack of opportunity. I think that there’s a lack of connection to opportunity.”

So, based on the past success of the church’s mobile food truck and clothing van, he unveiled a new multicolored Winnebago stocked with computers and Internet access, which will bring job hunting services to Buffalo neighborhoods in need.

“The church has left the building,” he shouted to the faithful, echoing a theme that is emblazoned on the new van and on black T shirts that were being sold in the lobby. “We are no longer interested in just doing things in the building.”

Pridgen also brought representatives from the Police Department, the Buffalo Employment Training Center, the state Labor Department, an employment agency and the carpenters union to staff information tables and take job applications before, during and after the religious service.

“Because if I help them when they’re broken, they’ll come back when they’re not. You gotta help people when they’re struggling,” Pridgen said of the first ever job fair during his Easter service, an annual nontraditional extravaganza that packs Kleinhans. “If you are unemployed or underemployed, I brought people who are going to connect you, because nobody is going to do for you like you are going to do for you.”

Yet only a small fraction of the large crowd stopped at the tables, and only a few people looked at the new Opportunity Bus, parked just outside the building. Kleinhans, which seats more than 2,800 on two levels, was nearly packed for the service.

Jamella Holmes, 31, of Buffalo, stopped at the Police Department table to get an application for her sister, a practical care aide who is interested in police or correctional officer jobs. She said holding the job fair with the church service, particularly one staffed by members of the African American community, makes it more comfortable for the congregants to come up. “It’s definitely beneficial for the community in general,” she said.

Tracey Todd, 28, of Buffalo, already employed as a manager at People Inc. but interested in “more of a career,” sought out both the Police Department and BETC tables to see what was available in law enforcement and manufacturing. “It’s an opportunity to network and see things you may never even thought of trying,” she said.

That’s just what Demone A. Smith, director of the BETC and a former Council member from the Masten District,
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wanted to hear as he sat at the table, answering questions from people who didn’t know what they wanted to do, or who had criminal convictions or whose kids needed jobs.

“I’m glad I spent my Easter Sunday here helping people. It’s a good cause,” he said. “We try to make sure people are ready to work. We had a lot of people coming and talking.”

Pridgen is known for his highly choreographed and creative services, as well as his economic development efforts on the East Side. His church opened a Subway restaurant on site more than a decade ago, followed by additional locations, and was even featured on an episode of the television show “Undercover Boss.”

Last year, Pridgen kicked off the church’s new food truck, which has since provided more than 5,000 meals, and also launched a new clothing bus, which has given out hats, gloves and shoes “when the temperatures were below 5,” he said.

The new Opportunity Bus carries 10 Dell desktop computers and a copier printer, on two long counters on either side of the carpeted van. True Bethel is paying for the Internet service, gas and insurance, so the cost to anyone using the bus is “zero,” Pridgen said.

Rather, he said, it’s all part of his dual roles as pastor and Council member “in connecting people to jobs and opportunities in the City of Buffalo.”

“We have to continue to push the revitalization that we have seen in downtown Buffalo, the West Side of Buffalo, to all parts of Buffalo,” he explained. “Today is another effort to do that.”

The service itself featured musical and dance pageantry, including a mime performance, an orchestra, and a choir of about 70 people onstage. The full sound system carried their voices throughout the main auditorium, as congregants alternatively sang along, danced or swayed in their seats, clapped and cheered.

And Pridgen’s guest speaker, four time Grammy winning music producer and now reality TV star “Stevie J” Jordan, acknowledged his past failings as a father of five before taking a seat at the keyboard to close out the service.

Jordan, 43, a Utica native and son of a gospel singer, grew up in Rochester and then spent five years honing his musical skills in Buffalo. He said he has worked with artists such as Sean “Puffy” Combs, Jay Z, Mariah Carey, Sting, Michael Jackson and Aretha Franklin. The albums he has produced have sold more than 120 million copies. He’s now starring in the “Love Hip Hop: Atlanta” spinoff “Stevie J Joseline: Go Hollywood” on VH1, and is working on a movie.

“He knows what it is to struggle and work hard,” Pridgen said. “So today’s message is not one of just hope, but is one of help yourselves before waiting on others to help you.”
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ugg boots sale clearance Turning grief over a boatyard death into action in Annapolis

ugg kensington Turning grief over a boatyard death into action in Annapolis

Matthew McHale loaded into his recently purchased Toyota truck and headed into an evening of work.

McHale worked at Prestige Yacht Management in Annapolis. On Nov. 5, 2016, he was tasked with winterizing a few boats. A routine job, he set to work on one of the boats.

Several hours later, McHale was dead. He died from an overexposure to carbon monoxide. When paramedics found him unconscious on the boat, the engines were still running and a strong smell of exhaust was still billowing from the shrink wrapped boat.

McHale’s parents, Aleta and Brian Ball, call it the worst day of their lives.

They have cried, they have prayed and they have cremated their son.

There are no Maryland laws that stipulate an appropriate procedure for winterizing boats. The Ball family is worried their tragedy could happen to someone else’s family.

Now is the time for action.

“He is in an urn sitting on our desk,” Aleta Ball said, fighting back tears. “It’s been the first year so we are trying to make something positive out of something so tragic. Being the sailboat capital of the world, you would think there would be awareness, stickers, pamphlets.”

She said, “I can’t help but thinking, they wouldn’t have him out there doing this if they were aware of some of the dangers.”

The Balls have partnered with state Sen. Ed Reilly, R Crofton, on two pieces of legislation.

One bill would require education and instruction on carbon monoxide safety and poisoning prevention. That legislation also would require placement of carbon monoxide, or CO, warning labels and detection systems on vessels with enclosed accommodation compartments.

If passed, boats failing to meet the criteria could not be operated or sold. Failure also would come with a $1,000 civil penalty fine. The bill also calls for the creation of a brochure discussing the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Reilly’s other bill has been dubbed Matthew’s Law. Its purpose is much simpler: prohibiting businesses from winterizing boats that have already been shrink wrapped. It has been named after McHale due to its specificity.

McHale’s parents are adamant the legislation would help prevent another tragedy.

His death was preventable, Aleta Ball said.

“We want to save lives,” Brian Ball said. “It is such common sense.”

McHale’s deathThere was never a concern among McHale’s family that Nov. 5 and 6, 2016, would turn into the tragedy it did.

McHale recently had bought a boat he planned to live on. He was familiar with boating and engines, having learned mechanic skills at school. He enjoyed helping friends who had engine problems.

His mother called McHale a quiet boy who kept to himself but was a warm presence among the family, which includes an older and younger brother.

So when Annapolis police Lt. Kevin Krauss showed up at the Balls’ door early in the morning flanked by Anne Arundel County police officers, Brian Ball, who answered the door, thought McHale had gotten into trouble.

The officers continued to insist they come inside when the truth began to dawn on him: McHale had died.

He remembered telling the officers, “Please don’t tell my wife her son is dead.”

Krauss stayed with the family for several hours, talking and crying with them.

He has stayed in touch.

“I’ve been on the force for 21 years, I’ve had to make a lot of (death) notifications,” Krauss said. “This one was particularly hard. It could have been prevented if the company had better policies. It makes no sense why you would ever winterize a boat after it was shrink wrapped. It makes no sense to me.”

While talking with the family, Krauss laid out everything that happened.

McHale had been running the engines in the covered boat, as required in the winterizing process. Typically shrink wrap is placed on the boat after the engines have been filled with antifreeze and idled.

After working for a bit, McHale sent text messages to a supervisor that he wasn’t feeling well, Krauss said.
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Saturday, Michelle says she is hoping her best pal, Tasia Veloz, can hang out, spend the night and then take in the big Sunday swimming party at Black Hawk College. It, too, is in honor of Michelle becoming a teenager.

Later Sunday, Michelle will study she has a 4.0 grade point average and practice the flute. She loves playing the flute and hopes someday to be part of the top notch marching band at United Township High School.

Some people may live in fear of Friday the 13th, but Michelle Crosby is having none of it. She won’t play the superstitious game or try to pronounce “friggatriskaidekaphobia,” the fear of Friday the 13th. Life is good on all fronts.

“I’ve had some friends tell me I’m heading for disaster,” said Michelle, courteous to a fault. “It’s my 13th birthday, and it’s on Friday the 13th. I’m not superstitious. I really don’t understand the word and all the bad luck stuff that comes with Friday the 13th. I really haven’t thought about that end of things. It’s my birthday, and I’m excited about turning 13.”

Truth be told, Michelle’s schedule does not permit much time to worry or think about the double 13, so called bad luck combination she’s dealing with today. She has her grades to maintain and must practice the flute. There are commitments as a student council member, and there is swimming. She is practicing and taking extra lessons in hopes of joining the East Moline Swim Club this spring.

“I’m looking forward to today and the weekend,” Michelle said. “There’s a lot going on with my family, my friends and with my birthday. I’m not scared or worried. I wouldn’t know about being superstitious if people wouldn’t have said something to me about the day.”

Michelle, who has her eye on attending the University of Florida and chasing a career as a marine biologist, already has one part of the day out of the way.

“My grandmother Robin bought me one present I really wanted, a new pair of Uggs (boots),” Michelle said. “I already have them, and they are great. But getting to spend the day with my family and friends is enough, really.”
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LOS ANGELES, Calif. Justin Turner savored every last stride as he followed in Kirk Gibson famous footsteps at Dodger Stadium.

The red bearded slugger from Southern California knew all about the history attached to this home run trot.

On the 29th anniversary of Gibson celebrated pinch hit homer that shocked Oakland in the 1988 World Series opener, Turner added another landmark shot to Los Angeles Dodgers post season lore.

Turner hit a three run drive with two outs in the bottom of the ninth inning, and the Dodgers beat the Chicago Cubs 4 1 on Sunday to take a 2 0 lead in the NL Championship Series.

of my earliest baseball memories was being at my grandma house and watching that game in and seeing Gibby hit that homer, said Turner, who wasn quite 4 years old at the time. yeah, it feels pretty cool. I thought about doing the fist pump around the bases, but we wait until we get to the World Series for that, hopefully. dominant Dodgers are two wins away after Turner drove in all four runs in Game 2 to keep Los Angeles unbeaten in the post season.

He delivered a tying single in the fifth before sending a long shot to centre field off John Lackey in the ninth. Completing the poetry of the moment, a fan wearing a blue Dodgers jersey took a few steps onto a walkway and gracefully caught the ball in his glove on the fly. years to the day. It was special. Our guys feel it. generation of Dodgers fans now has its own historic homer, and these Dodgers are growing increasingly confident they can earn their first trip to the World Series since 1988.

Turner got swallowed up at home plate by another pack of ecstatic Dodgers, just as Gibson did. Unlike Gibson, Turner spiked his batting helmet after rounding third, allowing his unruly red hair to go as wild as the crowd.

not to enjoy about it? Turner asked. have an opportunity to bring a championship back to LA. It been a long time. 3 in the best of seven series is Tuesday night at Wrigley Field in Chicago. Midseason acquisition Yu Darvish starts for the Dodgers against Kyle Hendricks.

Yasiel Puig drew his third walk of the game leading off the ninth, and Charlie Culberson bunted him to second. After losing pitcher Brian Duensing struck out pinch hitter Kyle Farmer, Chicago manager Joe Maddon went to the bullpen for the 38 year old Lackey, who pitched on consecutive days for the first time in his 15 year career.

Lackey got the call over All Star closer Wade Davis, and the veteran starter walked Chris Taylor on six tense pitches. Maddon said he wanted to save Davis for a potential save on the road, and Lackey would have pitched the 10th inning as well if the Cubs did not have a lead.

is a really great matchup against Turner, so it just did not work out, Maddon said.

Turner stepped up and ended it with his fourth career playoff homer. After taking a slight free agent discount to stay with the Dodgers last winter, he had another solid season before excelling again in October.

The All Star third baseman is batting .377 with 22 RBIs in his post season career. He is 13 for 18 with runners in scoring position (.722), including 6 for 8 this year.

And after a collective offensive effort drove the Dodgers to a 5 2 win in Game 1, Turner did it all in Game 2. He has 10 RBIs in the Dodgers five post season games, getting five in the playoff opener against Arizona.

Addison Russell homered in the fifth for the Cubs, who are down early in this rematch of the 2016 NLCS. Chicago won that series in six games after splitting the first two.

Dodgers closer Kenley Jansen got the win with a hitless ninth despite hitting Anthony Rizzo on the hand with a one out pitch. That ended the Los Angeles bullpen impressive streak of 22 straight Cubs retired to begin the NLCS, but the Dodgers have thrown eight hitless and scoreless innings of relief in the NLCS.

Jon Lester yielded three hits and five walks while failing to get out of the fifth inning in the shortest start of his long post season career, but the Dodgers couldn take advantage of a rare shaky night by the Cubs star left hander.

Rich Hill struck out eight in five more impressive innings for the Dodgers, but he was pulled for pinch hitter Curtis Granderson in the fifth in a debatable decision by Roberts.

Russell was off to a 4 for 22 start in the post season with nine strikeouts before the slugging shortstop put a leadoff homer into the short porch in left field.

Turner tied it moments later by poking a two out single to right after a leadoff double by Culberson, the Dodgers improbably successful replacement for injured All Star shortstop Corey Seager.

The Dodgers chased Lester with two outs in the fifth, but reliever Carl Edwards Jr. came through after several recent post season struggles, striking out pinch hitter Chase Utley and then pitching a strong sixth.

Lester was the co MVP of last season NLCS, winning Game 5 at Dodger Stadium and yielding two runs over 13 innings in the series. He had nothing near the same success against the Dodgers revamped lineup in this one, issuing four walks in the first four innings and repeatedly escaping jams.

Dodgers third base coach Chris Woodward held up Turner in the third when it appeared he could have scored from first on Cody Bellinger double to the left centre gap.

Javier Baez, the other co MVP of last season NLCS for Chicago, got to third base in the third with one out, but also was stranded.

Cubs: Hendricks dominated Chicago playoff opener with seven scoreless innings against the Nationals, but yielded four runs in four innings during the team wild Game 5 victory in Washington. He is starting on normal rest.

Dodgers: Darvish was outstanding in Game 3 against the Diamondbacks, earning his first career post season victory with seven strikeouts over five innings of two hit ball. He was acquired from Texas precisely for these moments, and he starts on seven days of rest.
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Tom Donnelly, a devoted father of four, avid runner, good friend and running community organizer credited with leading the annual Turkey Trot race to its current popularity including this year’s registration sell out of 14,000 was found dead by his wife in his Buffalo home Saturday evening of an apparent heart attack. He was 61.

Mr. Donnelly, who was one of nine children, was known for his sense of fun and his management abilities.

“He was tireless,” said his older brother, Bill Donnelly. “He did so much for the race. He was always in the media making contacts. For the last decade he worked with the YMCA’s Turkey Trot, founded in 1896 and one of the nation’s oldest road races.

“He’s been running in it since it was just a few hundred runners,” said Bill Donnelly, who remembers introducing his brother to running in 1976. At the time, Tom Donnelly was overweight, out of shape and wanting change.

“I was running marathons and I gave him a pair of my old shoes and he went out and never stopped,” he said.

Mr. Donnelly went on to run marathons, including the Boston Marathon, and had a personal best time of 2 hours,
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35 minutes in the Skylon Marathon that starts in Buffalo and finishes in Canada.

Mr. Donnelly was race director of the Turkey Trot and the Buffalo Marathon. He was president of the Checkers Athletic Club and president of the Western New York Running Hall of Fame.

Mr. Donnelly, who had long been treated for atrial fibrillation, went to the hospital Friday with chest pains. After a day long stay in the hospital during which tests came back negative, he was released. “They tried every thing but could not bring him back,” said Bill Donnelly.

Besides his wife, Mr. Donnelly is survived by his father, William; sons Paul and Patrick; daughters Alison Axtman and Rebecca; sisters Maureen, Kate, Janet, Elizabeth Donnelly Nelson and Margaret; and brothers Bill and Mike. A younger brother, Jimmy, died last year.

Mr. Donnelly was a graduate of Bennett High School and Buffalo State College. Funeral services are being planned.

Bill Donnelly remembered his brother best for how hard they laughed together and for a book of as yet unpublished essays Bill recently wrote about their childhood.

“He was just the funniest person I know. We’d get together and get to laughing so hard. He loved life. He really loved life. He loved his kids so much,” Bill Donnelly said.
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