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‘Right or wrong the adult should have acted like an adult’: Your views on 12 year old cyclist assaulted by man as she rode on pavementPolice are investigating after a 12 year old girl was knocked off her bike and was thought to be inches from being hit by a moving car12:47, 23 AUG 2017The 12 year old girl was riding her bicycle in High Street, Trumpington, near to the Shell garage (pictured) (Image: Google)

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Readers have slated a man for assaulting a 12 year old girl despite arguments over whether she should have been cycling on the pavement.

Yesterday the News told how police were investigating after a 12 year old girl was knocked off her bike and was thought to be inches from being hit by a moving car.

The victim was riding her bicycle in High Street, Trumpington, near to the Shell filling station, between noon and 1pm on Thursday (August 17) when the man shouted at her about using the pavement.

As she passed he put out his arm, knocking her from the bike. She was not injured and got up and cycled away.

12 year old girl knocked off her bike within inches of moving car

The man is described as white, in his 40s, and of a tall and slim build.

He is thought to have blond or grey short hair and wore jeans, a black jacket possibly Superdry brand and Ugg trainers.

Readers took to social media to share their views on the story.

Commenting on the News’ online story, ‘Gnomeicide’ wrote: “Disgusted by the lot of you who are saying ‘the assault was wrong BUT.’.

“No. No buts, the assault was wrong. Are you seriously telling me that a child not playing in deadly traffic is in any way a vindication, or even a noteworthy consideration to discuss when a grown man assaults her?

“Hang your heads in shame.”

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‘RobinHoot’ said the assault was “a terrible incident which luckily didn’t end up in a tragedy”, while ‘furrybadger’ wrote: “I don’t condone the man’s actions but my sympathy for the ‘victim’ is somewhat limited.

“Cyclists should be on the road, whether the road has a cycle lane or not.”

‘Pecko’ said they would rather a child cycle on the pavement and be safe rather than on a busy road.

‘BobMoore’ also agreed, commenting: “The cyclist was doing nothing wrong. Cyclists are allowed to use pavements if the road is dangerous.

Cyclist brazenly slaps female jogger on evening run and another just minutes later

“This was an assault by an adult on a child doing NOTHING wrong.

“The pavement may not even be a safer option. Pedestrians can suddenly change direction (and aren’t fitted with indicators). People and vehicles can emerge from driveways, footpaths and junctions.

“Cycling on the path you have less time to react to these hazards compared to being on the road, and other road users may not expect cyclists to be using the paths.”
buy ugg slippers 'Right or wrong the adult should have acted like an adult'

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www.ugg Twins’ pitcher Santiago lives a baseball fan’s dream

just hard core, Santiago said. has a presence about him, and you just have too much respect to bother him.

So when he spotted a pair of Pujols autographed spikes at a silent auction in 2014, Santiago jumped at the opportunity. He bid $650, which he considered a lot for someone on minimum salary, but didn come close to the eventual winning bid of $2,500.

The basement of Santiago home in the western suburbs of Phoenix looks like a sports bar on a densely packed Cooperstown starter kit. The length of one room is covered with bats, like a spine supporting the house. A row of football helmets crowns one room, and boxing gloves dangle from a series of hooks. There are baseballs, certainly, but also basketballs and footballs, soccer balls and volleyballs, even a couple of hockey pucks. Each one is autographed by a successful, famous, often championship athlete, most of them inscribed to Santiago personally.

And the jerseys. Oh, the jerseys. Splashy and vibrant and frequently pinstriped, the meticulously framed sportswear blanket the walls of four rooms. They snake down a hallway and up the stairway, and they evoke baseball history in a way that delights their owner. lot of people collect autographed baseballs, or baseball cards, and that cool. That how I started, Santiago said. to me, the jerseys seem more personal. You can picture all these great players wearing them. And they really colorful. And I thought, not have a room at home with all the guys I played with on the wall? Santiago said. So he asked teammates to sign jerseys to him, some with entertaining messages. Crain wrote, crushing that sugar! I guess I ate a lot of candy, Santiago said. soon I had all of my buddies, and I started getting into it. I saved up my meal money and used it to buy other teams jerseys, and when guys would come to town, I run into them in the outfield and say, signing something for me? And everyone said, just send it over to the clubhouse.

The result is a name dropper dream. Mike Trout, Joe Mauer, Josh Hamilton, David Price, Derek Jeter. Miguel Cabrera, whose signature is spiked with Crown / MVP. Andrew McCutchen, Buster Posey, Josh Donaldson yes, if you won an MVP, Santiago wants your jersey. Or even if you haven

Virtually nobody turned him down, but there were some awkward moments. When the Yankees came to town, his Alex Rodriguez jersey hadn arrived, I was going to ask A Rod for a bat. But I faced him the first day and I wound up hitting him, Santiago said. man. So the next day, I ran out on the field, and he was there, and I said, I wasn trying to hit you, bro. And he said, we good. So before he could walk away, I just said, I wanted to ask you if you sign a bat. That was probably a little weird.

Rodriguez obliged, and was probably not surprised when Santiago had another request a couple of years later. He had a Yankees jersey by then but asked Rodriguez to sign a Rangers jersey as well. Except, he accidentally ordered a No. 7 jersey Pudge Rodriguez, not Alex. said, can sign it, Santiago said with a laugh, it not mine.

Santiago baseball memorabilia collection grew, but the rocket fuel for his mini museum was provided by his trade to the Angels for the 2014 season. Southern California venues attract a stream of celebrities, and the team frequently asked them to throw out a ceremonial first pitch. But players are often reluctant to serve as catchers for them.

In all, Santiago said he estimates there are 850 autographed items in his home, including roughly 300 baseball jerseys so many that dozens hang on a rack in one room, like a sporting goods warehouse. There are dozens of basketball and football jerseys Michael Jordan, Tom Brady, LeBron James, Emmitt Smith, the list goes on close to 100 bats, 50 pairs of shoes, and more. It all uncataloged, though his agent keeps suggesting he do an inventory. And no, he doesn know what it all worth, though he concedes, are expensive, even with a [ballplayers discount.

But space, not cost, is the real problem, he said. Which is why the floor is the future, Santiago believes: thick, transparent plexiglass from wall to wall, turning every inch of space underfoot into room for dozens, perhaps hundreds, more uniforms. thinking about it, but you want to make sure before you go digging up your basement, Santiago said. it would look pretty great, wouldn it?
buy ugg slippers Twins' pitcher Santiago lives a baseball fan's dream